Medinī Jyotiṣa

मेदिनी ज्योतिष is called Mundane Astrology

The word mundane means ① lacking interest or excitement; dull → ‘boring, humdrum existence’, ② of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one. The Shinto and Hindu believe that spirits of the dead can act on the mundane world, these are the pitṛs. Astrology of this earth and solely with a focus on material life on earth, dealing with large groups of people in an institution or country – is called mundane astrology. It is defined as the astrology of worldly events, in contrast to the astrology of the individual: used especially in interpretations and forecasts involving politics, the stock market, weather, and disasters.

Astrology is normally viewed as having four directions. These are –

  • जातक Jātaka: Natal (genethliacal or horoscopy); genethliac m. relating to nativities or birthdays: showing position and influence of stars at one’s birth.
  • मेदिनी Medinī: Mundane (political, weather phenomena, nations etc.)
  • मुहूर्त Muhurta: Electional Astrology; Choosing opportune time for various activities
  • प्रश्न Praśna: Horary Astrology; Answering Queries based on chart of meeting or query to the divine.

Medinī Jyotiṣa (mundane astrology) deals with analysis of planets and signs in the charts of

  1. देशःNation » Country chart; dominant natural sign of the land within the boundaries of a nation. For example, England
  2. नगर, नगरी nagara, nagarī: City, Town, Village
  3. संगठन saṅgaṭhan: Organizations
  4. निगम nigam: Corporations
  5. व्यवसाय vyavasāya: Business
  6. वातावरण‌ vātāvaraṇa: Weather, Climate (वायुमंडल vāyu-maṇḍala)

And a host of other subjects dealt with in detail in the Bṛhat Saṁhitā by Varāhamihira.

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