Yemen Horoscope

The Republic of Yemen was formed on 22 May 1990 when the two Yemens (North and South) united as Republic of Yemen with Mr Saleh as president, as the Soviet bloc imploded. However the tension between former states endured as their fundamental differences had not been ironed out. The unification chart is given below
Yemen Unification


The strength of a nation to stay united is seen from the fourth house. In this chart the fourth house Scorpio has two lords – Ketu which is very badly places in the 12th house of losses and breakdowns and Mars placed in the 7th house of death, in marana karaka sthana. Both lords are not in a good position to protect the new nation. To add to the woes, the planets ruling the two factions of Yemen – North ‘Mercury’ and South ‘Mars’ are not in balance. Mercury is sitting with the Moon in the ninth house of good fortune thinking it has just won a lottery ticket while Mars is about to get extinct being in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 7th house.

The Narayana Dasha shows the trends and tensions unfolding in the destiny of this. Trea Aquarius as the first house and study planet positions to know the trend.

Aquarius Dasha 1990-91: While the first dasha of Aquarius with Mars showed the formation, it was for a short duration of one year only. The people were still very confused about the new state of affairs (Mars in Lagna with lagnesa Saturn in 12th house) there are signs of simmering anger.

Cancer Dasha 1991-94: Ketu is in the 12th house in Cancer and Moon ruling food is in badhaka sthana. In 1992 Food price riots in major towns shook the tender fabric of unity. The North-South divide starts showing cracks and in August 1993, Vice-President Ali Salim al-Baid withdraws to Aden, alleging that south is being marginalised and southerners are being attacked by northerners. Mars ruling the ‘South’ is sitting at the door (7H) and will compel defeated leaders of the South-Yemen to flee in fear.

Sagittarius Dasha 1994-2000: Jupiter, the lord is in Mrtyu-pada indicating that the time has come for the unification to die. But since it is Jupiter, the giver of life, this will not happen. In 1994 May-July, just as Sagittarius Dasha started, Al-Baid declared independence of Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen). Northern forces (Mercury) captured Aden and once again southern leaders (Mars) fled abroad (Mars in 7H) and were sentenced to death in absentia.

In the meantime they have a new neighbor Eritrea, which was formed in 1993 and joined the United Nations. In 1995 Yemen and Eritrea clashed over disputed Hanish Islands in Red Sea. Jupiter favours Yemen being in the 11th house and aspects the 3rd house of neighbors. The battles continued till 1998 until they got tired and listened to the United Nations where International arbitration panel awarded the Greater Hanish island to Yemen and divided other smaller islands between the two countries. Yemen was also fortunate during this period as Eritrea found a new enemy to fight and focused its attention in the new Eritrean-Ethiopian border clashes which turned into a full-scale from 1998-2000 killing about 70,000 people. The beneficial effects of Jupiter aspecting its own sign Sagittarius were felt in the last part of Sagittarius Dasha.

Taurus Dasha 2000-11: The Sun is in Taurus showing a new beginning and an effort to establish governance, law and order. Saturn and Rahu are in badhaka rasi (Capricorn) from Taurus showing the head of a very dangerous snake that breathes the poison of hatred, shall rise. In October 2000, the US naval vessel USS Cole was damaged in Al-Qaeda suicide attack in Aden. Seventeen US personnel were killed. It was the first antardasa of Pisces (May 2000 – Apr 2001) with Venus in Pisces showing a sailing vessel. The aspect of Saturn on Pisces in the 8th house shows the suicidal attack and damage.

In the same antardasa in Feb 2001 violence erupted to the run-up to disputed municipal polls and referendum and back extension to presidential term and powers. The perception was of a failed democracy. Whenever the 10th lord in a mundane chart, is in a dusthana, democracy gets reduced to kleptocracy due to the corruption of the leaders. Tenth bhava shows leaders and the placement of its lord shows their character. An exalted 10th lord shows some good ideals but the 8th house – definitely corrupt.

In 2002 February under Aquarius antardasa with MKS Mars (flee, expel, leave…), Yemen expelled more than a hundred foreign Islamic clerics in it’s crackdown on Al-Qaeda. The reaction happened in the next antardasa of Capricorn with the Rahu-Saturn combination. In Oct 2002 Al-Qaeda attacked and badly damaged oil supertanker MV Limburg in Gulf of Aden, killing one and injuring 12 crew members and costing Yemen huge in lost port revenues.

It was only in Scorpio antardasa, the 4th house of Home, with Mars in MKS and Ketu in 12H getting activated that the North-South divide became intense. In June-Aug 2004, hundreds died as troops battled Shia insurgency led by Hussein al-Houthi in the north. In September Hussein al-Houthi was killed by government troops and later in 2005 March, hundreds again died when the Houthi clased with the troops in revenge for the killing of their leader. Fighting continues with various terror acts till 2007 June when rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi accepted a ceasefire. But the problem is that these leaders cannot control the madness they unleash and the very next month a suicide bomber attacked a tourist convoy killing eight Spaniards and two Yemenis in the province of Marib. By the time Taurus dasha came to a close in 2011, Yemen had become a battleground and a pit of scorpions where people had total distrust for each other and stung at the slightest provocation. The poison of the badhaka sign from dasha rasi was too strong to quench.

yemen_houthi_controlLibra Dasha 2011-17: Libra with the Upapada (UL) is the seat of marriage between the North-South Yemen and it is also conjoined the satrupada (A6), the seat of the enemy. Put the words together and it sounds like “sleeping with the enemy”.  The problem in Yemem is that everyone is fighting everyone. BBC gives a nice picture.

  • The Houthis: Zaidi Shia-led rebels from the north, who seized control of Sanaa last year and have since been expanding their control
  • President Hadi: Fled to Saudi Arabia after rebel forces advanced on his stronghold in the southern city of Aden
  • AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula): Seen by the US as the most dangerous offshoot of al-Qaeda, AQAP opposes both the Houthis and President Hadi.
  • Islamic State: A Yemeni affiliate of IS has recently emerged, which seeks to eclipse AQAP

The fourth bhava from dasha sign has Rahu and Saturn showing that Yemen has become a land haunted by the ghosts of doom. The snake which had slid inside Yemen during the Taurus dasha has nested and is laying eggs. Foreign countries have started to battle openly in Yemen with Saudi Arabia sending troops to battle the Houthi who are supported by Iran.

There is no final result in sight no matter what each side is saying. The Saudi’s cannot afford to fail and Iran will not stop supporting the Houthi who are hell bent on getting a ‘corruption-free government’. They all say that, and when they get power, their own corruption and nepotism knows no bounds.

My only advise to all Asians and foreigners is to get out of Yemen and stay out until 2017. Libra dasha is going to prove to be terrible. It may seem as though the entry of Jupiter into Leo (Summer 2015-16) will bring a lull in the fighting but this only reduce the intensity before the real challenges of 2016-17. Indians who have been working in Yemen should look for job alternative and if they really want to get back, wait and watch till after May 2017.

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