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The Parāśara Jyotiṣa course is to be taught in the tradition of Puri, India and includes spiritual instructions to develop the mind in order to grasp the entire subject. The student is to develop a keen understanding of Vedic astrology and will master all the śloka of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra (BPHS). BPHS_Course

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Syllabus The syllabus primarily includes the jyotiṣa classic Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra as available today. The various chapters are grouped into 28 topics to be covered in five years.

# Topic Days # Topic Days
Year-1 Year-2
1 Creation & Incarnations 1 8 Divisional Charts 16
2 Navagraha 6 9 Aprakāśa Graha 4
3 Rāśi 1 10 Ṣaḍbala 6
4 Lagna 4 Year-4
5 Bhāva 6 15 Rājayoga 6
6 Dṛṣṭi 2 16 Dhanayoga 2
7 Birth Circumstances (Janma) 2 17 Longevity 6
Year-3 18 Avasthā 3
11 Āruḍha 6 19 Daśā 6
12 Argalā 4 20 Daśā Results 4
13 Kāraka 8 Year-5
14 Yoga 6 21 Aṣṭakavarga 6
Days refers to the number of contact program  days in India Detailed syllabus will be mailed to the participants 22 Rays (Raśmi) 1
23 Pañca Tattva 2
24 Naṣṭa jātaka 3
25 Stri Jātaka 3
26 Curse & Remedy 4
27 Kala doṣa 2
28 Praśna 3
Description The course for each academic year of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita program shall commence from Makara saṅkrānti (about 15 January) and shall be taught online. The contact course shall be for about 30 days (as required for each year, refer syllabus) in the Himalayas, India during the auspicious Tula māsa (Kārtika Pūrṇimā, Guru Nanak jayanti) Schedule

Year 1 2 3 4 5
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Tithi
Preparatory Lessons 29-Jan 17-Feb 06-Feb 24-Feb 13-Feb
Course Start 15-Mar 03-Apr 22-Mar 10-Apr 30-Mar Chaitra Śukla 1
Online Course End 28-Jul 15-Aug 04-Aug 24-Jul 12-Aug Śrāvaṇa Kṛṣṇa 3
Course days 135 134 135 105 135
Lessons 6 6 6 5 6 Including Preparatory
Contact Class Start 23-Oct 10-Nov 29-Oct 18-Oct 06-Nov Kārtika Pūrṇimā
Contact Course 29 34 31 35 31 Days
Course Ends 21-Nov 14-Dec 29-Nov 22-Nov 07-Dec

Students will not be admitted to subsequent years if they fail to attend the contact course in India. Special allowances can be made for unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the course director.

Information All courses are designed and taught by Pt. Sanjay Rath who will be supported by assistant instructor(s) to help with assignments, calculations etc.

Office: Address: 15B Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi 110060, India Google Maps: ‘Sagittarius Publications’ Phone: +91-11-42430122, +91-11-25727262
Sanjay Rath Email: Skype: sriguruji (India)

Tuition Fees: $700 USD Seven Hundred only The tuition fee can be paid (A) upfront or (B) in 12 equal monthly install ments of $50 each plus $100 at the time of joining

Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course 2015

Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course (Previous Batches)

Devaguru Brhaspati Center

Please download the application form, print and mail to
Sanjay Rath
15B Gangaram Hospital Road
New Delhi 110060
Mobile 9810449850 (Sarbani Rath, Course Administration)
OR email the completed application form with 1 scanned photograph (extra) to


  1. Namaste
    May I know what is the total cost of the course(5 years),in terms of Indian currency?
    Also,are Jaimini teachings included in the course too?

  2. namaste,
    would like to know what procedure do u follow for addmisions, like is it genraly availabe or you decide it by reading and analysing candidates chart. because i have read that one needs to have some indications in the chart to be efficient astrologer. please correct me if wrong.
    thank you.

    1. Its a very long answer. Remember that Jyotisa is a vedanga – one of the six parts of the veda. The veda is for every soul and should not be restricted. Therefore jyotisa is also for all and should not be restricted. To use jyotisa for predictions etc, is hora shastra, and this is used as people benefit. However this is not the real purpose of jyotish.
      Efficient astrologer is one thing but jyoish is another. We will soon be starting *rank basic* classes in Delhi for beginners – the kind of knowledge required to understand our Dharma and be a Hindu …or more correctly Satya Sanatani

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