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Standard 60min

Recommended Dakshina (Cost): US$ 270
Standard Futurology US$ 270
Vedic Futurology discussion with Pt. Sanjay Rath. Telephone or Personal meeting. Digital recordings emailed same day.
For Appointment Contact: sarbanirath@me.com
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Phone Numbers
Phone Numbers to call for Vedic Futurology Appointment
America:+1-(650)-209-4770 (CA)
India:+91-11-45048762 (Delhi)
Europe: +44-020-7617-7373 (UK)
Please do not call without prior appointment
Appointment: +91-9810449850 appointment@srath.com, sarbanirath@me.com
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Standard Futurology Info
The standard futurology is what everyone opts for and includes birth chart analysis or initial consultation.

Short Consult 30m

Quick India 30-minute Consultation
Cost: ₹ 12,000 → ₹ 9,000

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Please do not call without prior appointment
Appointment: WhatsApp +91-9818593935 sanjayrath@gmail.com
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About Vinayana
It provides insight into karmic patterns and advises on remedial measures to mitigate negative influences. You can choose to focus on any one major area of life as this is a short reading.