Bill Clinton

The Stars Show It All

William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III, August 19, 1946) served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.
The chart of President Bill Clinton which has 03.47 AM recorded as the Birth time, has been corrected to 03.44 AM. Note that this is the birth time given by his mother. The important considerations are as follows: –
If the Atmakaraka conjoins the Navamsa Lagna, then the native is born in a Royal family, but if the lord of navamsa Lagna conjoins the Atmakaraka, the native even if born in an ordinary family, will become a King. This and various other considerations have gone into fixing the Lagna of Bill Clinton. Normally I do not like to discuss private matters. However, in view of the Scandal, and the extent of exposure, there is nothing to HIDE!

UPAPADA: The second from Upapada shows the cause of Break and /or disturbance in the marriage. The Upapada of Clinton is in Leo. The second from Upapada is Virgo with the debilitated Venus and Mars showing his sexual connection with other women (Venus) and very passionate encounters…with Mars. The fifth lord Mars shows that the lady will be a subordinate.
TRANSITS: Transit Saturn was in the eighth house from Upapada during this period. This transit is Kantaka for the Upapada.
DARAPADA: The Darapada shows the person/place of this event. This is in Libra with Venus conjoining the tenth lord Mars (Profession or work place). The lord of Darapada is Venus with Mars going to the second from Upapada. Thus there is a definite link between Sex (Darapada) and the tension in marriage (2nd from Upapada). The powerful Sun in Upapada speaks volumes about his wife.
Dasamsa & Vimsottari: Jupiter is placed in the sixth house in D-10 and generates a Vipareeta Rajyoga


  1. Father died about 3 months before his birth: Rahu is in Bhagya Pada (A9) as Venus is debilitated in the third house with Mars. From the ninth house, the 1st and 10th lord is in the eighth and the 8th lord is debilitated- nil longevity. The Sun is also in the 12th house in D-12 chart. Moon placed in the tenth house (2nd from the 9th house of father) is in a debilitated Navamsa.
  2. In his 3rd Year, Mother left to take a nursing course.( Venus-Ketu). The period of planets in the third house can be bad for parents and debilitated Venus is of no help. Malefics in the fifth cause separation from mother. Ketu in the fifth timed the period. In D-12, Ketu is in the Badhaksthana in the 11th house i.e. also 8th from 4th and is also the lord of Badhak for Mother. Why Nursing? Moon is in the fourth house in D-12 showing caring/nursing/hotel etc as the area of work for mother.
  3. Rajyoga: 10th lord aspects 9th and 9th lord aspects 10th house.3rd level of Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga. Saturn in Cancer in Lagna- Rajyoga. Gajakesari Yoga etc. One planet in 2nd and 4th each. Rajyoga that will fructify at a young age.
  4. Arudha Lagna in Libra. Third from AL is Sagittarius aspected by the Debilitated Venus & Mars which are also placed in the third from Lagna. Younger brother was a cocaine addict. In the D-3 chart, Cancer Lagna is an even sign. Count in the reverse for younger co-born. The third in the reverse is Taurus and its lord Venus is placed in the seventh (opposing position) with Rahu and mars in Capricorn showing drug abuse, and many other bad habits weak personality.
  5. Very close to Mother..4th lord in D-12 is placed in Lagna; the Matrupada (A4-Leo) is placed in the 11th from the Arudha Lagna (AL-Libra).
  6. Studied in law school during mars dasa as Mars aspects the ninth house in Rasi Chart and is controlling education in the D-24 Chart. Mars -Saturn saw discontinuity in education as he was expecting to be drafted into the Armed forces for the Vietnam war. Jupiter in the 7th in D-24 made him go out for higher education as Saturn in the Lagna under affliction by the nodes, brought him back home for war effort.
  7. Saptamsa Lagna is Pisces and the fifth lord is placed in Virgo to indicate a daughter as the first child. 2 pregnancies are indicated in the chart and the second could be lost due to the Mercury-Rahu conjunction in the 2nd house in trines to the 6th lord (killer for children) Sun. The Lagna of the children is likely to be from the dominant planets in trine s to the Saptamsa Lagna. Venus in the fifth confirms the Lagna of Chelsea Clinton (Daughter) as Libra a Venusian sign. She was born in Rahu-Saturn-Venus. (Normally Pratyantar will be of a planet in trine to D-7 Lagna or Lagna lord).
  8. Dasamsa: Taurus Lagna with Yogakaraka Saturn in the second and Rahu in the fifth shows his rise to power in Rahu- Saturn (1979-81) as governor of Arkansas. Saturn is a powerful Yogakaraka. His second term was in Rahu Ketu and Rahu Venus.Ketu is in 11th house as Venus is the lagnesh in the 6th- Victorious and powerful.

NOTE: The transit of SATURN over the PAKA LAGNA (sign occupied by the lord of Lagna) is not good while that of JUPITER over the RAJYAPADA (A10 in Aquarius) will surely give temporary relief during its retrogression…. The antardasa of Ketu in Jupiter dasa is till March 1999. Any guesses of what can be expected between January-March 1999.And when it conjoins debilitated Saturn in his tenth house in April 1999! Clinton will come out of the controversy.

The Predictions Were
1. Next election expected on 5.11.96 (Jup-Merc-Sun) He will win. (TRUE)
2.This second term will be very difficult especially during the Guru-Chandala period (Jup-Ketu April.10.1998 to March 16.1999) Loss of reputation as jupiter is in AL having the Papargala of Ketu (5th house rules Love Affairs!!). He will get out of the controversy. (TRUE)
3.Position will improve after that in Jup-Ven till November 16, 2001. Rahu will be routed. Younger co-born problem. Marriage problem.

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