Author: Sanjay Rath

Vimśottari Daśā

A study of the finest udu dasa system taught by Parasara and other authors of classical jyotish literature. Let us pray to Sarasvati with the following Sarasvati Gāyatri Mantra from the Rig Veda (Mandala-1.Hymn-3.Mantra-10) before starting the lesson.
पावका नः सरस्वती वाजेभिर्वाजिनीवती। यज्ञं वष्टु धीया वसुः॥
pāvakā naḥ sarasvatī vājebhirvājinīvatī| yajñaṁ vaṣṭu dhīyā vasuḥ||
Word meanings
Sarasvatī: derived from ‘Sarasah’ meaning (a) full of Rasa or nectar (Sa+Rasa). There are seven Rasa’s which lead to the physical creation of all beings. These seven Rasa are the Lords of the saptāṁśa (one-seventh division) of a sign.

Bhavāni Aṣṭakam

॥ भवान्यष्टकम्‌॥
|| bhavānyaṣṭakam ||

न तातो न माता न बन्धुर्न दाता न पुत्रो न पुत्री न भृत्यो न भर्ता।
न जाया न विद्या न वृत्तिर्ममैव गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि॥ १॥
na tāto na mātā na bandhurna dātā na putro na putrī na bhṛtyo na bhartā |
na jāyā na vidyā na vṛttirmamaiva gatistvaṁ gatistvaṁ tvamekā bhavāni || 1||

भवाब्धावपारे महादुःखभीरु पपात प्रकामी प्रलोभी प्रमत्तः।
कुसंसारपाशप्रबद्धः सदाहं  गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि॥ २॥
bhavābdhāvapāre mahāduḥkhabhīru papāta prakāmī pralobhī pramattaḥ |
kusaṁsārapāśaprabaddhaḥ sadāhaṁ  gatistvaṁ gatistvaṁ tvamekā bhavāni || 2||

न जानामि दानं न च ध्यानयोगं न जानामि तन्त्रं न च स्तोत्रमन्त्रम्‌।

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Paper on Relationships presented in SJC, USA 2005
Before venturing into delineating relationships between two individuals or group dynamics, we need to understand the meaning of ‘sambandha’ and its various connotations. Thereafter, we shall examine the Jyotisha principles concerning people and houses, and finally we shall examine the relationships, both natural and temporal as well as its manifestation, meaning and implications. Vedic remedial measures will be touched, if time permits.
Sambandha defined
The word sambandha in Sanskrit means binding or joining, a close connection or union or association, conjunction, inherence, connection with or relation to.

Nakshatra Articles

Nakshatra Articles includes a list of articles indicated by the nakshatra which shows that which tends to florish under the shakti of the nakshatra. For example any mantra started under Krittika nakshatra is bound to succeed and this becomes a favorite nakshatra of the Brahmana. Later we also understand that Agni, the deity (devata) of Krittika nakshatra is the Brahmana guru and giver of Gayatri mantra which easily explains the reasons for any and evey mantra succeeding in this nakshatra. Another list shows the birth nakshatra of the planets.
More details of their use is given in Pt.