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Arvind KejriwalNowhere in recent history has anyone shaken the establishment more than this man who started life in a middle class family of good ideals as the son of Gobind Ram Kejriwal and Gita Devi, a well-educated and financially well-off couple. The exalted Moon in Lagna promises a good childhood. Further, lagneśa Venus is vargottama in 4th bhāva in digbala promising clean clear direction in life. Its conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter form Mahānta Yoga promising greatness and very clean mind-heart. The gaja-kesari yoga of the Moon exalted in Lagna and Jupiter in 4th bhāva show niśkapaṭa yoga – native is very genuine and of unblemished character. This Mahānta Yoga forming in ārūḍha lagna (AL) shows that he would enjoy a great rājayoga in life. Venus, the 3rd lord from ārūḍha lagna conjoins Jupiter (male) and Mercury (female) showing his younger brother and sister. The Sun will not indicate a sibling or can indicate a lost sibling as it is in saṅkrānti dośa. Note that this saṅkrānti janma dośa is a major flaw in the horoscope which can hit him when he is 50 years of age or after the death of father, whichever is later.


Mechanical Engineer

He followed his father (electrical engineer) to become a mechanical engineer from the prestigious IIT Kharagpur [Mars-Sun to Rāhu-Jup]. Dvādasāṁśa (D12 Chart) has Jupiter in the 9th bhāva in Pisces showing a very good father and from Pisces, Mars (agni, ignis, engineering) is in the 10th bhāva of work – father was a good electrical engineer. Rāhu daśā (1986-2004) gave him a very good start in life as it is the 10th lord in 11th bhāva, and a natural malefic like Rāhu in the house of gains shows someone who achieves by any means – the end result alone matters. However such an evil attitude is blocked by the four planet Mahānta yoga in the 4th bhāva resulting in a very dissatisfied person during Rāhu daśā. After finishing his engineering studies in IIT Kharagpur, he joined Tata Steel in 1989 in Rāhu daśā Jupiter antara. However, he was dissatisfied with the mundane work of an engineer given by Rāhu as the exalted Moon in his lagna will want to work for the society, to be of social service.

In Rāhu daśā Saturn antara (1992) he resigned from the job to study for the Indian Civil Services examination. Saturn as the 10th lord in the 12th bhāva, in debility gives suo-moto viparīta rājayogabut being retrograde it reverses this rājayoga to pravrājya yoga. Again, as the bādhakeśa in the 12th bhāva it is a blessing in disguise as it shows that he will steal the thunder from his boss – he has done so when he started with Team Anna but has gone ahead to form a political party ‘Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’. Yet, it shows the loss of power and moving towards renunciation and spiritual path. It was during this period of Saturn antardaśā that he visited Kolkata and spent time at the Ramakrishna Mission. He also spent time at the Nehru Yuva Kendra, showing inclination towards politics.

IRS Service

In dasāṁśa (D10 Chart), Mars in the 6th bhāva gave him the first career direction as an engineer, but its debility failed to sustain his interest. Mercury as the 5th lord (authority) in the 10th bhāva (throne) would give him the second career direction. Mercury rules accountants and since he was seeking a job in the Civil Services, it could give him the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) which has so much to do with accounts and balance sheets. In Rāhu daśā Mercury antardaśā (1995) he joined the IRS.

Getting into the Civil Services is very tough but getting out can be a terrible experience. Consider this – at an average about 600,000 extremely well educated applicants take the preliminary examination. Of these about 10,000 make the first cut to the main examination. Of these about 500 get selected and among these about 250 belong to the general category. Success rate for a general category candidate is 0.04% – that is a really tough competition. There’s a joke among those struggling for this examination – “if you have an enemy just advise him to take the Civil Services. There’s a 99.96% chance that he will ruin his life trying to get in till he is too old and defeated to do anything else”. Now when you try to leave the civil services, the worst thing one can do is to talk about it to a colleague. Your boss get’s to know of it and they will find one excuse or another to ensure that you cannot leave. I never understood why this attitude. Arvind Kejriwal also went through such an experience when he tried to leave by initially taking study leave in Rāhu daśā Venus antara Saturn pratyantara (note Saturn again) in 2000. After his study leave he returned to IRS service in Mars antardaśā in 2003. Thereafter he worked during Mars antara for about a year and half.

But with the advent of Jupiter daśā (2004) it was clear that he would move to another career and again went on a long 18 month leave. In February 2006 (Jup-Jup-Moon period), he resigned from his position of Joint Commissioner of Income Tax of New Delhi and joined Team Anna (Anna Hazare) but had to fight a protracted battle with the department for many years till his final release in 2011 after paying his leave salary back to the government. While most of his supporters say that this was a means to malign him, his detractors question his intentions – if he is so righteous about government money, then why did he not payback his salary on his own accord. Why did it have to go to this extent? This is the saṅkrānti dośa of the Sun – money matters come under suspicion as the Sun is also the lord of the Sun sign and suffers this great weakness. But during the daśā of Jupiter this weakness is unlikely to manifest.


The upapada (UL) is in Cancer in the 12th bhāva from the ārūḍha lagna (AL) and Venus. The 7th lord Mars is in the 3rd bhāva showing a love-marriage but it is in debility and gets nicabhañga rājayoga due to the exalted Moon. It is likely that the first proposal would not materialise into marriage and that marriage will be with the second proposal. The functional UL should be taken as Aquarius (8th from the original UL), lets mark this as UL2. Since this UL2 is in the 10th bhāva, he is married to a colleague in the Indian Revenue Service, Sunita Kejriwal.

The fifth lord Mercury is in Leo in rāśi and in Gemini in navāṁśa indicating two children (Leo 5 – Gemini 3 = 2).

Politics of Reform

There is no doubt that in modern India, Kejriwal has been a major agent of change and reform. He is well-known for his role in drafting a proposed Jan Lokpal Bill and his efforts to bring and implement the Right to Information (RTI) act at the grassroots level. All this happened during the course of Jupiter daśā when he received numerous awards and recognitions.

Major Awards

  1. Jupiter daśā Start (2004-2006)
  1. Jupiter daśā Mercury antara

What blocks the top seat?

To achieve the top slot in any political situation, the support of Rāhu is required and this is one thing that is going against him as Rāhu does not directly associate with the amātyakāraka (AmK) Venus. There is indirect association as the dispositor of Rāhu, Jupiter is conjoined Venus. Therefore during Jupiter daśā this association of Rāhu and AmK Venus is activated leading to various sudden rise and growth in the political arena. Particularly during the current period of Jupiter daśā Venus antardaśā this action of Rāhu is reinforced and he succeeds in his political début in New Delhi. In any case this is the dvi-guru yoga occurring in Pūrva Phālguṇī nakṣatra, the janma nakṣatra of Jupiter.

The weakness of the Sun, which is also the lord of the Sun sign, in saṅkrānti dośa leads to denial of the top slot. This is a recurring phenomenon in his life when he missed the top IAS and had to settle for the next level IRS job. Once again in the Delhi State elections he missed being the top party with the BJP leading with 32 seats and he had to settle with 28 seats. His achievement is stupendous given the fact that this is the very first election that his AA-Party ever fought. Yet he refuses to form the government with the support of the Congress (I) being fully aware that any such relationship can completely erode his credibility. Question is whether he has the capacity to face another election, and what happens if that too is going to be a hung assembly with none of the parties getting a majority nor any of them willing to play ball with each other.


It is for this very reason that we had been advocating the case of a two-party political system so that the nation is saved the turmoil of having to face such strange combinations of parties forming government as well as the trouble of hung parliament or state assemblies forcing expensive elections that demand huge manpower and cost. Government can form two lead groups – ‘A’ and ‘B’ and all political parties have to declare which one they belong to before the start of the elections. Of course it is not as simple as this, but there must be a good way out of such a mess where we have election fever for four months, and then again at the end of it we realise the medicine does not work and then there is again going to be high election fever for another six months. When is Delhi going to get well and working?

Arvind Kejriwal is running a fantastic daśā of Jupiter-Venus combine and the transit Saturn is in the 6th from lagna and 3rd from ārūḍha lagna. Such goodies never last forever. Change is inevitable and in October 2014 Saturn moves on to the fourth from ārūḍha and 7th from janma rāśi … that’s something worth considering. Secondly, the antardaśā of the Sun (saṅkrānti dośa) starts in 2015. But till then and even during the next elections in 2014, he will surely make a great dent in Indian politics throwing the BJP and Congress into complete disarray. In fact, if Kejriwal chooses to take on Narendra Modi in Gujarat, he can give a deadly battle and can even emerge victorious! Don’t underestimate the great stars favouring him right now.

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  1. AAP data is available on some Astro websites. I do not know, how accurate it is. Arvind Kejriwal’s data is same as what you have used. He seems to be going very strong. Now that Delhi elections are over, can you enlighten us on Bihar election.

  2. If someone’s Rashi chart shows Jupiter sitting in Pisces in Lagna and it shows Jupiter sitting in Cancer ( exalted ) in D-60, does it show advancement of real knowledge in the present birth..?


  3. If this kind of politics continues in our country, where people win election by giving freebies (free water, free electricity, free wifi etc), then i think all predictions will go wrong. I think we need to credit to Shani, which is lord of Kejriwal’s 10th house. Sanjay Bhai, please tell something about future of AAP & Kejriwal from here. Looks AAP will replace congress.

  4. I was great follower of astrology, until i witnessed spiritual manifestations which had no mention in any purana or veda nor heard in 5000 to 10000 years, The quest to uncover the truth only made me to understand that Jyotir Vidya deals with the planetory reflections which are coming constantly to our mother earth, but the origin of these reflections and energy pattern are not generated from those planets, Those ibrations come as cosmic radiations from ten fundamental universal sources, these centres of cosmic radiations which affect our solar system are much beyond and above the solar system. The science of astrology deals with intra planetory vibrations where as the science of Tantra evaluates the extra planetory cosmic sources. Hence it can be concluded that where astrology stops there Tantra begins. The great Devi Chakra as ruled by Dasa Mahavidya power has those capacities as to change the planetary discord because the not living entity like planets are only active through those cosmic powers. What Mr. Kejriwal need to get his Kundalini Shakti awakend and mediatate on Devi Chakra with Pancadasi jagrit mantra iniated by a Sidha Guru…We have seen disciples who have achieved great heights in spirituality in just 2-3 years to an extent that that they all have outgrown the effect of theory of karma and none of astrologer predictions are coming correct……..Your views.

  5. sir,
    This Rahu in lagana. I have seen people with rahu in 1st house in both lagan and navamsa chart.
    I have noticed them. is there really a cure or a good substantial improvement possible with such charts? I would love to read your readings on Bharat’s future. Love this country. Painful to see people only interested in satiating there material desires. Loosing touch with real heritage. Words
    like culture, religion, are so much manipulated by and for politics.

    1. Durgati is the curse, Durga is the path to the cure.
      ह्रीं ह्रीं जयदुर्गे घनश्यामा
      hrīṁ hrīṁ jayadurge ghanaśyāmā

  6. respected Guru ji,
    can we take it this way- greed in masses for benefits and maya/falsehood and manipulations on part of political leaders who are able to keep on making false promises to retain or regain power ? I was just discussing the same thing with someone and felt that our political leaders are placing more importance on kootneeti than rajyaneeti, the focus is more on subduing enemies and less on administration.thats why they keep on dividing society in name of caste religion or gender.even in todays date our political leaders talk of empowerment of particular sections of society and not of citizens as such.
    I think somewhere in some lecture you said that gayatri should be played in government offices to curb corruption,today i understand your logic behind saying so.
    I shall be looking forward to your article.
    with regards.

  7. Respected Sanjay Ji and other respected members,
    as you have drawn the problems in the chart, please suggest – if anything can be done to overcome these.
    AK will not make any effort to correct these but in benefit of the country if anything we can do to save our own future – it will be great : if we can get your thoughts on this ?

    1. Will write about Future of India soon. But I have mentioned in various forums that the period from 2012-2022 is a Period of Corrections. We have to correct all the wrongs we have done between 1947-50, at the time of Independence. It is a time of introspection. Unfortunately instead of thinking, we Indians have chosen the *bhoga path* – eat ghee even if we have to die in debt! That’s the effect on Rahu on the people and no government can fulfill the belly of Rahu. So just blaming Governments is not solution. Today we blame Congress and tomorrow we will blame BJP. But the false promises are what we Indians are falling for because of our own greed. That is the real Rahu – all those false promises.

      “Correct the system, don’t make false promises; why did you stop the reforms? We had chosen to take the suffering necessary to correct the system. Why did you let us down?” – We should be saying this to the politicians.

  8. Once Transit Venus becomes direct, AK lost his raj yoga. His 6th / 8th lord opposition in transit triggered it – once transit moon crossed Venus axis. In d9 Venus was conj Sun too then. His donations levels are reducing heavily from 40 lakhs per day to 3 lakhs per day.
    Once Transit Mars is retro in virgo and saturn in tula – AK is expected to lose his steam and his political adventure will be exposed and be reduced to spent force. With Transit retrogression of saturn – he is unlikely to be a major force for next 5-6 months. So even with favourable media for delhi assembly elections and 2014 loksabha – AAP will not be able to fare well.
    His 4th house of public support – is vulnerable to dasha of 6/8 lords placement there and makes him lesser reliable leader too.

  9. Analysis is good, would like to know does chart has capabilities to change, improve the system for betterment OR as mentioned above gandanta etc may be a block in country’s progression…..

    1. Very unfortunately, the gandanta will also have its effects. His contribution to the national thinking on correction of system will be substantial (it is called viloma Chandra gati) and he will focus hard on the social life, a clean life. But he will always have problems from those who are closest to his heart. Like the recent Law Minister of Delhi Problem …

      1. Sir, Whats going on in delhi? CM’s resignation?
        is there anything to do with mars transit?should we take it as positive or negative?
        any chances of him coming back in power of any sorts?

  10. You said “His achievement is stupendous given the fact that this is the very first election that his AA-Party ever fought. Yet he refuses to form the government with the support of the Congress (I) being fully aware that any such relationship can completely erode his credibility.”
    Now that he has formed alliance with Congress(I) in your own words it is fair to say that he has had no credibility. I think the article though technical quite impressive has failed to analyze native. Because author instead of looking at the chart of an invisible man is looking at the chart of man from whom he is already quite impressed so involuntarily is interpreting or seeing what he wants to see. We value the degrees and other accolades so much it just diminishes the capacity to see which otherwise are quite obvious. On the same note here IIT and IAS culture impressions come right out through the article. Whereas why we value it (IIs) so much, is just because in warrants a comparatively good living in otherwise resource deprived nation.
    If one could evaluate the native’s action unbiased with some depth it could have yielded all that what author has missed even with help of Jyotish. No matter what tools we use we always spill our own color on the landscape of analysis. (1) Just one quality that native has never burnt bridges whenever he makes a move he first makes sure he has something to fall back to, is good enough to figure out he is not what his alter ego believes he is. This quality to fall back is completely missing in genuine sacrificing mindset. As native now is in a jungle with Indara and the greed and fear unrelentingly dancing right in front of him; his twin self will eventually come out which might amaze him more than it will amaze others. I think your prediction about end of his career is correct though I think age of 50 is little too late.
    It’s just my humble analysis of your article. I respect you for your expertise in Jyotish and try follow techniques but my understanding is Jamini’s jyotish is not all that great. I am a Jyotish enthusiast no way can match your knowledge. I wrote this because I think one biggest hindrance in making right prediction not outside but one’s own self.


    1. Well, planets in upachaya and lords do give every human being the options where the human being decides. Jupiter and Venus are also lords of Upachayas. In the decision to have the power as Delhi CM, his choice of Congress was expected and I did win a private challenge on this. But it was a wrong decision. He should have backed out – time will prove these words to be correct.
      Kaushal, you see when I use the word Career, I use it not just for politics but also for social activism. He will continue, like so many do, but till 50 years. Politically, after the rains, the Sharad ritu will spell the impending trouble and from 2015 it will be quite tough.
      We Indians want stability and respect change, but with Dharma – that is something he must accept. He cannot continue to ignore Dharma (Sun)

      1. Dear Sanjay Bhai

        Assuming chart is correct, AK’s fame and impact will take serious U – Turn with changes in transit movements of Dasha Lords (Venus and Guru) and then Mars over natal ketu; and finally – retrogression of shani in 6th house from March. Of course, once shani moves into vrischaka – he will be spent force in Indian Politics (perhaps some revival when rahu transits in leo ).
        He is trying very hard to get out of power for any lame reason, but unfortunately – is not. I will not be surprised if few more rebels in AAP with venus becoming direct in next few days.

  11. Pranam sanjay rath ji,
    Beautiful analysis, very informative postmortem study of a horoscope.

    I see he will be stepping into LE-SC narayana dasha of d-1 by 2014-aug, which are le-4th-the power house , 7th again a power giving house-both these houses are aspected by GL-ghati lagna the lagna plays a vital role in giving the power
    In narayana dasha of d-10-he will be stepping into LE-LI-BY 2014 AUG-WHERE le Has GL AND SUN FOR POLITICS (7TH HOUSE-power giving house) li been aspected by GL AND SUN.

    based on narayana dasha it seems a great phase coming up for him, whats your say on this sir.

  12. Dear Sanjayji

    Thanks for your reply

    With due regards I beg to differ.

    If Rashi chart itself is wrong, navamsha chart being correct has no meaning.

    If some astrologer (with navamsha chart showing him to be an astrologer) publishes his own chart claiming it to be your chart, will it be correct..

    A person’s physique is not judged from navamsha, it is always from Rashi chart.

    and Taurus Lagna + Leo Sun is a far cry from what Arvind Kejriwal’s body type is.


  13. Seems a wrong chart has been taken.

    His personailty does not look like an exalted Moon in ascendent.

    and he doesnt look like a Taurus Lagna native at all.

    Another factor of physique is Sun and he is certainly not a Leo Sun type person with strong build.

    He is clearly is Capricorn Sun type person with lean and slender physique.

    This is per his date of birth – 2 February 1972 as given on IBN news channel today.

    His birth time is not given but planetary placement on this date much better describe him than the chart given on your site.

    Please check your source.


  14. Dear Sanjayji

    For Surya Gandantha natives, is the Sun lordship a problem or the vara lordship a problem?

    Whom should we propitiate? Sun or Mercury?


    1. There are two separate problems involved.
      Gandanta problem requires very serious Gandanta remedy else it will cause a destruction which has no end.
      Sankranti dosha problem is also serious but it is basically financial and also to some extent health related. This requires the Weekday Lord Mercury to be taken into consideration.
      One position but two problems.

  15. Some very basic observations

    1. Moon within 6 degrees of highest exaltation which is significant
    2. Sankranti dosha is worse as it is Magha Gandaanta as well – Magha rules blessings of elders (Pitris) – expect Anna to distance even more from Kejariwal, even attack him during Sun Antardasha
    3. Rahu in 12th house in Pisces – foreign and unknown sources of income. Dispositor Jupiter is close to graha yuddha (scholars will say just outside of 1 degree of Venus) with Lagnesha so foreign income will cast some pressure on personal status and clean image – part of Kaala Amrita Yoga as well
    4. 9th lord and A9 both show Debilitated Saturn in Ashwini and its dispositor Mars is in Pushya (Nourishment)- Guru who would sit down in one place and fast again and again and use it as a weapon (Ketu in 6th from A9 an L9) and event resist taking in food in order to influence (debilitated Mars is more passive aggressive than direct confrontation) the masses.
    5. Don’t forget the Paapa Kartaari around the 4th house – even the best of yogas are destroyed by the Paapa Kartaari – eventually the house of cards will fall
    6. As per Phaladeepika – 10th lord in dusthana and aspected by graha dristi by malefic is Duryoga – native will satisfy own hunger and live in far off places – expect Kejariwal to be away from public spotlight. Shani Mahadasha looking difficult.



  16. Guruji have you noticed vaisheshikamsa count of Sun in Shodash Varga.The count is 14(alternate hora)or 15(traditional 2 signs hora).i.e Indraasanaamsa or Golokaamsa..Seen this from varga chakra book penned by you.This is exceptional being quadrant lord..I Have seen this in Sir Aurobindo Ghosh chart He too had extraordinary sun.It made him yogi in jail

  17. Respected Shree Rathji,
    Please add few words regarding Saturn Mahadasha of Arvind K. , which will start from Auguest 2020.

    Planet Shadbala In rupas % Strength IshtaPhala KashtaPhala

    Saturn 356.20 5.94 118.73 10.89 46.59

    Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
    Saturn (R) – GK 2 Ar 03′ 09.14″ Aswi 1 Ar Ar

    Will time be not so smooth for him, or obstacles be much more?
    Vinay Kashyap

  18. Excellent Article Sanjay Bhai.

    Elections (loksabha as well as re-election in Delhi) will be held now around May 2014 and saturn will be retrograde. So could this be difficult time in terms of success for him, like he is seeing it now?
    Also its AD lord Venus will be retro and for few months, could this also hurt his campaign and roadmap. Being 8th lord, is venus capable of giving him Raj Yoga as well as reversals with this retrograde motion ?

    Unfortunately Mars, Venus, Guru and Saturn will change their motions in next few months; and even with very good dasha, could this put a road block?

    IMO – his chart is more of an activist than of a politician.

    Request Sanjay Bhai for his views on the above.

    regards, Prafulla

    1. Thats right Prafulla. He is a social activist who is the harbinger of change and in that area of work, he has been very successful. That’s the Ketu in 10th house in the dasamsha (D10) chart. Politics is different. It’s about governance and order and about meeting the balance between social and economic change as well as stability. I think he is a very good man – and that is troubling as I wonder to what extent he can deliver the promises. And what happens if he fails to deliver, then the good work he was doing as an activist can also be lost.
      With Jupiter as Atmakaraka, at some stage the native feels – ‘I am God. I am the doer’ and this is the Achilles’s heel, his weak-point and can bring him down.

      1. Many thanks Sanjay ji.

        How about retrogression of Shani / Venus / Mars in next few months? Will it hurt Arvind Kejriwal or help him?

        My limited knowledge do suggest that – these may hurt him – and more so for venus being dispositor of transit shani and AD lord.

        regards, Prafulla

  19. Dear sanjay,
    Excellent analysis and bold predictions indeed.
    Congratulation for efforts to read future of indian democracy through the chart of a visionary.Also found new observation about sankranti dosa in this write up.

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