Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Introduction: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) was the 32nd President of the United Sates of America. FDR was born in Hyde Park, New York at “Springwood”, his family’s country estate. He was related to the President Theodore Roosevelt. His aristocracy is easily seen from the rising Leo ascendant aspected both by the lagna lord Sun and Ātmakāraka Jupiter (Rāśi dristi). A similar situation occurs in the Navāṁśa with lagna lord Mars and A.K. (Jupiter) placed in Lagna – a king is born.
Daśā applicability: There are 3 planets in quadrants to Ascendant and one (Mars) in quadrant to the Moon. The ascendant is stronger and Vimśottari daśā will have to be started from the cusp of the ascendant.

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Chart 17: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Data: January 30, 1882; 20:07’ (4:55’ Zone), 73W59, 40N43
Calculations: Ascendant cusp:  23026’26” Leo in Poorva Phalguni star ruled by Venus.  Poorva Phalguni, the 11th constellation extends from 13020’ – 26040’ Leo.

Balance of Venus daśā = (26040’) – (23026’26”) x20
= 3.2261 x 20 =4.8392
= 4 Years 10 months 2 days 2 hr 30 min (approx).
Ending date of Venus daśā : 1882-1-30-20-07

The exact calculation using 3600 solar year in given  at table
Table 19: FD Roosevelt lagna Vimśottari Daśā

Start End
Daśā Y M D Time Y M D Time
Ven: 1866 12 05 (04:12:26) 1886 12 05 (07:07:56)
Sun: 1886 12 05 (07:07:56) 1892 12 04 (20:11:44)
Moo: 1892 12 04 (20:11:44) 1902 12 06 (09:43:43)
Mar: 1902 12 06 (09:43:43) 1909 12 06 (04:47:27)
Rah: 1909 12 06 (04:47:27) 1927 12 06 (19:33:52)
Jup: 1927 12 06 (19:33:52) 1943 12 06 (21:58:46)
Sat: 1943 12 06 (21:58:46) 1962 12 06 (18:58:11)
Mer: 1962 12 06 (18:58:11) 1979 12 07 (03:38:46)
Ket: 1979 12 07 (03:38:46) 1986 12 06 (22:41:41)

Table 20: Antardaśās in Mars Maha Daśā

Daśā Y M D Time Y M D Time
Mar: 1902 12 06 (09:43:43) 1903 05 01 (22:38:32)
Rah: 1903 05 01 (22:38:32) 1904 05 19 (20:04:26)
Jup: 1904 05 19 (20:04:26) 1905 04 25 (06:53:22)
Sat: 1905 04 25 (06:53:22) 1906 06 04 (23:51:13)
Mer: 1906 06 04 (23:51:13) 1907 06 02 (02:44:04)
Ket: 1907 06 02 (02:44:04) 1907 11 01 (00:07:00)
Ven: 1907 11 01 (00:07:00) 1908 12 29 (12:27:26)
Sun: 1908 12 29 (12:27:26) 1909 05 04 (13:56:01)
Moon 1909 05 04 (13:56:01) 1909 12 06 (04:47:27)

Childhood & Education

FDR was the son of James Roosevelt and his second wife, Sara Delano.  He had no other siblings except a half brother twenty six years elder.  At springwood, he had a privileged but solitary childhood.  The Sun is a loner by nature and its daśā from 1886-92 would have made him lonely.  The eleventh house from Arudha Lagna is conjoined Saturn (debilitated) & Jupiter showing the only, much older, elder brother.

In the Siddhamsa, (D-24 chart) the nodes are in the fourth house and the sun is inimically placed in the sixth from then in debility.  Thus like most of the old-money Hudson valley aristocratic children, his early education was at home with private tutors.  Reckoned from Taurus, (house of formal school education), Moon is in the second having Subha Argala (unobstructed as no planet is in the 12th house)  and Jupiter is also placed in 11th house (Subha Argala) unobstructed by any planet in 3rd house.  Argala is being reckoned from concerned Bhava].  Thus, during Moon daśā Jupiter antardaśā [14yrs age] his formal education started at Groton School (prestigious boys boarding school in Massachusetts).  After four years in Moon daśā Ketu antardaśā  he finished schooling (1900) and went to Harvard, where in 1903 he was granted B.A. degree. College education is examined from the ninth house and in the Siddhamsa (D-24 chart) Venus, the ninth lord conjoins the Moon promising continuity and graduation during the Moon daśā. With the  advent of Mars daśā FDR (in 1903) went to the Columbia University Law School.  Mars has Argala (being in the 2nd ) on the 9th house and also aspects the 9th Lord Venus with its special 8th house aspect.  Thus Mars daśā also promises higher education. The subject (beyond college is seen from the second house i.e. 6th house (upachaya growth) from ninth house just as the 9th house (college) is the sixth house (in upachaya-natural growth) from the 4th house (school).  Note that this concept of natural growth at every sixth house is based on Brahma and Brahma daśā (Jaimini).  Jupiter is the lord of the second house and is placed in it.  Jupiter also aspect the daśā lord Mars.  Thus during Mars daśā (1902 Dec to 1999 Dec) higher learning in Law is promised.

End of Education is seen in the tenth house as it is the maraka (Killer) for both 4th & 9th houses (being 7th from 4th house and 2nd from 9th house).  Mars is also placed in the 10th house and is the tenth lord thereby indicating end of education during its daśā.  Mercury the 8th lord conjoins Mars in the tenth hose and will do its bidding.  Thus, during Mars daśā Mercury antardaśā FDR left Columbia Law School with out taking a degree (note Mercury is 8th Lord and will not confer recognition/degree). However, he passed the New York Bar examination in 1907 and joined a law firm to start his career.

Marriage & Spouse


The Upapada (UL) is in Taurus and its Lord Venus is in the sixth house from Lagna (Marana Karaka sthana).  The Upapada shows the state & status of the family of spouse as well as the well being of marriage.  Since Venus is placed in such a deadly house, it deals a death blow to the parents of spouse thereby confirming that his spouse would be an orphan at the time of their marriage.  Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884.  She had a difficult childhood after losing her mother when she was eight years and although spirituous. Unstable and alcoholic father when she was ten years old.  However, the conjunction of the Sun with the Lord of Upapada made FDR related to about 11 previous Presidents of the US, both by birth and marriage.

In the Navāṁśa, treat the sign occupied by the 7th Lord/7th house as Lagna of spouse for timing event. Venus is the 7th Lord and is placed in strength in Taurus along with Vargottama Ketu.  Spouse shall be very determined and a noble person blessed with great qualities of head and heart.  The aspect of Saturn on this Venus & Ketu generates a Tapaswi yoga (i.e. one who will single mindedly strive to attain impossible objectives).  The fourth house from Taurus is Leo and will indicate Eleanor’s mother (i.e. FDR’s mother-in-law).   Sun is the lord of this sign and is well placed in the eleventh from it.  The sun is not inclined to kill.  Moon as 12th Lord from Leo is placed in the 7th from it qualifying as Maraka.  Thus, with the advent of Moon daśā, in Moon antardaśā, Eleanor’s mother died.  Similarly for father-in-law of FDR, the ninth Lord from Venus is Saturn (Lord of Capricorn) and is placed in 4th house showing a weak father.  Moon is the lord of the 7th house from Capricorn and is placed in Aquarius 2nd house thereby qualifying as killer.  Rāhu, the co-lord of 2nd house Aquarius is in debility[1] and is conjoined badhakesh Mars in badhak sign (for Capricorn, a movable sign, the fixed sign in the eleventh (Scorpio) is badhak-sign of obstruction).  Conjunction of  Jupiter with Rāhu does not provide relief for Capricorn as Jupiter lords the malefic 3 & 12 houses.  Thus, in Moon daśā Rāhu antardaśā Eleanor’s father (i.e. FDR’s father-in-law) expired.

Coming back to the issue of marriage, the seventh Lord of Rāśi Chart, Saturn is placed in the ninth house is debility but with Jupiter (a great benefic for Leo) showing that marriage can be related to higher studies (9th house) as well as love/romance (Jupiter-5th Lord).  The Lord of seventh house from Venus is Moon, which is placed in a mercurial sign (relative-Eleanor was fifth cousin of FDR) and conjoined Mars.  They met at Harvard and in the fall of 1902 towards the end of Moon daśā they came closer.  It was only after the advent of Mars daśā that FDR proposed (1903).  Mars is also the Chara Darakaraka.  In the Navāṁśa, Venus, Ketu, Jupiter, Mars and Rāhu conjoin/aspect the seventh house.  Jupiter is the Ātmakāraka and is placed in Navāṁśa Lagna promising aristocracy and very high connections.  On 17 March 1905, in Mars daśā Jupiter antardaśā they were married.  The bride was given away by Theodore Roosevelt, the then President of USA (1901-09).  Jupiter transited over natal 7th Lord Saturn, as transit Saturn in Aquarius aspected its natal position.


FDR Family 1919Within 11 years of marriage Eleanor delivered six children, five of who survived infancy. Physical ability is seen from A3 or A9 (Arudha pada of 3 & 9 houses, whichever is stronger). A3 is in Capricorn conjoined the Sun & Venus whereas A9 is not conjoined any planet.  Sustenance of pregnancy is seen from AS3 or AS9 (Arudha pada of the 3 or 9 houses from Sun, whichever is stronger). AS3 is the pada of Pisces which is in Taurus with Ketu and AS9 is the pada of Virgo which is in Cancer.  Neither of AS3 or AS9 are in shastastaka (mutual 6/8 position) from Sun nor are they conjoined Mercury & Venus.  Hence physical ability to procreate and spiritual ability to sustain pregnancy is confirmed.

Capricorn Lagna in Saptamsa indicates reverse reckoning of children (i.e. individual pregnancies are to be counted in the reverse direction).  The fifth house counted in the reverse is Virgo and Mercury (its lord) in debility indicates a daughter. First daughter Anna was born in 1906 in Mars daśā, Mercury antardaśā.

The next child (3rd from Virgo in reverse i.e. Cancer) would not have happened as Rāhu-Ketu axis along Leo-Aquarius cuts the movement.  However since the Moon (Lord of Cancer) joins Jupiter, the effect of the nodes is defeated to give a son (Jupiter). The second child James was born in Mars daśā-Ketu antardaśā (1907).  Ketu is in Rohini Nakṣatra (ruled by the Moon) and is neither conjoined nor aspected by any of the Graha in Rāśi chart.  Thus, Ketu will give the results of the Moon (which is the Lord of second pregnancy. This clearly and correctly times the second child as well.

The next pregnancy is seen from Taurus (3rd from Cancer in reverse count). Its Lord Venus is placed in a fruitful sign in Libra.  Both in the Rāśi & Saptamsa chart Rāhu aspects Venus with ¾ sight (3rd house aspect) and has unobstructed Argala on Venus.  During Rāhu daśā Rāhu antardaśā the third child Elliot was born (1910).

The next pregnancy is seen from Pisces (3rd from Taurus in reverse count).  Its Lord Jupiter conjoins the Moon to form Gajakesari Yoga.  Gajakesari yoga, untainted, normally indicates the birth of a fortunate son and Franklin D. Jr. was born in Rāhu daśā Jupiter antardaśā Mars Pratyantar (17 August 1914).  Moon was in Gemini in quadrant to natal saptamsa Moon (Virgo).

The next pregnancy is seen from Capricorn (3rd from Pisces in reverse count).  Its Lord Saturn conjoins Mars to indicate yet another son John who was born in Rāhu daśā Saturn antardaśā Venus Pratyantar (13 March 1916).  Unlike the Gajakesari (Moon & Jupiter) yoga which saw both the 2nd & 4th pregnancies fructify and survive,  this combination of Saturn & Mars will  result in either the 5th pregnancy (Capricorn-Saturn) or sixth pregnancy (Scorpio-Mars) surviving.  Thus, the one child dies in infancy and five children  survived.  It is noteworthy that even in this case, the Moon (Janma Rāśi of John) was in Gemini in quadrant to the natal saptamsa Moon of FDR (Virgo).

Table 21:Antardaśās in Rāhu Maha daśā

Daśā Y M D Time Y M D Time
Rah: 1909 12 06 (04:47:27) 1912 08 18 (20:46:32)
Jup: 1912 08 18 (20:46:32) 1915 01 10 (20:06:52)
Sat: 1915 01 10 (20:06:52) 1917 11 18 (11:21:54)
Mer: 1917 11 18 (11:21:54) 1920 06 04 (13:57:10)
Ket: 1920 06 04 (13:57:10) 1921 06 23 (16:27:01)
Ven: 1921 06 23 (16:27:01) 1924 06 23 (10:46:41)
Sun: 1924 06 23 (10:46:41) 1925 05 17 (02:35:25)
Moo: 1925 05 17 (02:35:25) 1926 11 18 (18:46:40)
Mar: 1926 11 18 (18:46:40) 1927 12 06 (19:33:52)


Abandoning his law degree in spring of 1907 after passing New York state bar examination, FDR took up a job with the Wall Street law firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn.  FDR found the work tedious and chafed under the routine. (1907-1910). The tenth lard from the natal Moon sign is Pisces and its lord Jupiter is not only the Ātmakāraka (King of the chart), but is also placed in the Royal sign Aries, in the ninth house ruling law and governance.  A political career was his destiny and that too the highest as Jupiter, in addition, is the Lord  of 1st & 10th houses in daśāmsa (D-10 Chart) and sits in the throne in the tenth house.  However, during the Mars daśā (Mars is placed in debility in daśāmsa) he had to serve.  With the advent of Rāhu daśā in 1910 his political career surfaced.  Rāhu is placed in debility in the fourth house and malefics debilitated in Kendra shall give  Rajyoga.  However such a rise will see a very difficult situation which the person will be expected to tide over.  Rāhu is vargottama and is inclined to do good politically as it is in the ninth house in daśāmsa (D-10 chart) aspecting both the Sun & Jupiter.  From the Rāśi chart, Rāhu is actually giving the results of Yogakaraka Mars (its dispositor) in the absence of planetary full aspects on it.

In Political horoscopes, especially when the nodes are in quadrants, one half of their daśā is beneficial.  The trend can be divided into two part-one starting from Rāhu daśā Rāhu antardaśā to the Ketu antardaśā, and the other from Ketu antardaśā to the end.  The first phase Rāhu to Ketu [1909 Dec – 1920 June]  saw him rise while the second phase Ketu to end [1920-June – 1927 December] was political  hibernation and rejuvenation.  Rāhu placed in the ninth house (seniors, established practices) in the Daśāmsa chart-made him rebel  against the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine which was running New York at that time.  Although Rāhu did make him a New York (1910) he lost the battle against Tammany Hall (Rāhu debilitated in sixth from AL-the corrupt ones win).  He was reelected as senator in 1912 in Jupiter antardaśā and this time, thanks to the A.K. states of Jupiter in 11th house from A.L. & 9th house from Lagna, he supported hood row Wilson (New Jersey) for the Democratic presidential nomination again opposing the Tammany Hall.  This time Jupiter secured a clear  victory for President Wilson and he humbled Tammany hall.  Although bedridden with Typhoid (Jupiter in 8th Lord), he was reelected state senator.

The great Jupiter (President Wilson)  made him the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1913-1920) a position that catapulted him into political  limelight and gave the opportunity to win friends throughout the USA especially Washington .  An important lesson learnt during these  years  was the “wisdom of political  compromise”, especially with Tammany Hall.  His landmark achievement was the North Sea in barrage that finally defeated the German U-boats (submarines) in world war – I (Mars in AL with Moon – famous warrior)

Although he had changed considerably and matured politically, he lost the Vice Presidential election in 1920 and spent a decade in private life (1920-27 : the second phase of Rāhu daśā). He formed a law firm and became Vice President of Fidelity & Deposit company of Maryland, a surety bond firm.

Table 22: Antardaśās in Jupiter Mahadaśā

Daśā Y M D Time Y M D Time
Jup 1927 12 06 (19:33:52) 1930 01 22 (11:14:34)
Sat 1930 01 22 (11:14:34) 1932 08 06 (11:54:04)
Mer 1932 08 06 (11:54:04) 1934 11 12 (21:01:28)
Ket: 1934 11 12 (21:01:28) 1935 10 20 (03:38:38)
Ven: 1935 10 20 (03:38:38) 1938 06 17 (17:59:22)
Sun: 1938 06 17 (17:59:22) 1939 04 04 (12:58:42)
Moon 1939 04 04 (12:58:42) 1940 08 06 (13:01:51)
Mar 1940 08 06 (13:01:51) 1941 07 12 (16:27:22)
Rah 1941 07 12 (16:27:22) 1943 12 06 (21:58:46)

With the advent of Jupiter daśā, he had a convincing victory  and became the Governor of New York. (1928).  Inspite of the great depression, his dynamism  & vision  saw his reelection in 1930 by a huge historic margin.  While Jupiter and Saturn antardaśā in the most beneficial Jupiter daśā gave him the Governorship, Mercury was sure to crown him.

Mercury is the Gnati Karaka and will ensure his victory.  It is involved in Srimanta Yoga as the Lord of wealth (2nd house) placed in 7th house.  It is also a Raja Yogada as it owns the Ghatika Lagna, is placed in Horā Lagna and is in the 7th house from Lagna (Just like Jupiter who occurs the 7th house from GL and aspects both HL and Lagna). Thus, Jupiter daśā Mercury antardaśā held the highest promise in this chart. In the daśāmsa Mercury has neechabhanga in Lagna as Jupiter is in great strength as Lagna & 10th Lord in 10th house.  He not only competed but also became the President of USA in Jupiter daśā Mercury antardaśā [March 4, 1933: Inauguration].  He was reelected as President in Jupiter-Venus antar [1936], and was again reelected in Jupiter-Mars [1940] Despite the nations misgivings (Rāhu) due to his health, in Jupiter daśā Rāhu antar, yet he won due to the strategic placement and blessings of Jupiter in this chart.  The various institutions and legislations that make the USA the Super power of the world owe their  inception to this Jupiter daśā of FDR.


Crippling disease

FDR in Wheelchair

On 10, August 1921 he was struck with polio that ultimately crippled him below the waist.  Rāhu is in debility in the 6th house from AL and aspects Pisces the 8th house by Graha dristi.  Rāhu also aspects the debilitated malefic Saturn in the ninth house (Controller of legs-Jaimini Sutra) by Rāśi dristi. Venus is in Marana Karaka sthana.  Thus in Rāhu daśā, Venus antar &  Venus pratyantar the deadly crippling disease struck.  The transit chart – shows Jupiter in the malefic 3rd house from natal Moon & AL.  While Venus is over natal Moon.  Transit Moon is in Scorpio over natal Rāhu as the Rāhu & Saturn conjoin in Virgo and Saturn aspects AL (Kantaka).  The noteworthy  point is that natal Roga Sham (Disease point) is Scorpio 309’, conjoined Rāhu.

In the Trimsamsa chart (used to determine evils), Venus conjoins Rāhu in Pisces. Pisces is the eighth house in the natal chart and the nodes afflicting Venus threaten a permanent incurable disease as the Sun, the natural Deha karaka (significator of the body) is also ill placed in this sign.


The End

FDR Funeral Procession

Not getting into details of World War-II, suffice is to say that Jupiter & Saturn conjoined in Satru pada (A6) and aspecting the 3rd house (place of death) from AL indicate that both the native and his enemy (read Adolf Hitler) shall be killed.  It is noteworthy that both Roosevelt and Hitler died within weeks  of each other.

The door that ushers in a new birth reopens at the time of death.  Roosevelt was born in Venus daśā Saturn antar and died in Saturn daśā, Saturn  antar and Venus pratyantar. Note the position of Venus in Marana Karak house as its disposition Saturn is in debility in badhak sign.  Both Saturn and Venus aspect Leo by Rāśi drishti.  On April 12, 1945 (just weeks before the German surrender) FDR collapsed and died of cerebral hemorrhage.  In addition to the above note the position of Sun in Gemini navāṁśa clearly pointing at heart related problems.

Transits: Saturn & Rāhu transit AL (at the time of polio affliction they were together and Saturn aspected AL)  Jupiter is in the 3rd from AL in Leo; Sun is in trine to 7th house (stronger between 1 & 7 house, from Mrityu pada (A8).

Incident: A portrait (Venus) of his (Leo the 3rd from AL is natal Lagna) was being made.  When a planet (Venus in this case)  is the Marana Karaka Sthana, activities pertaining to the self related to such a planet for bode evil.

On March 29, 1945, Roosevelt went to Warm Springs to rest before his anticipated appearance at the founding conference of the United Nations. He had high hopes for the conference, and was even considering resigning from the presidency to become the first Secretary General of the United Nations.

On the afternoon of April 12, Roosevelt said, “I have a terrific pain in the back of my head.” He then slumped forward in his chair, unconscious, and was carried into his bedroom. The president’s attending cardiologist, Dr. Howard Bruenn, diagnosed a massive cerebral hemorrhage (stroke). At 3:35 p.m. that day, Roosevelt died. As Allen Drury later said, “so ended an era, and so began another.” After Roosevelt’s death an editorial by The New York Times declared, “Men will thank God on their knees a hundred years from now that Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the White House”. At the time he collapsed, Roosevelt had been sitting for a portrait painting by the artist Elizabeth Shoumatoff, known as the famous Unfinished Portrait of FDR.

In his later years at the White House, Roosevelt was increasingly overworked and his daughter Anna Roosevelt Boettiger had moved in to provide her father companionship and support. Anna had also arranged for her father to meet with his former mistress, the now widowed Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd. Shoumatoff, who maintained close friendships with both Roosevelt and Mercer, rushed Mercer away to avoid negative publicity and implications of infidelity. When Eleanor heard about her husband’s death, she was also faced with the news that Anna had been arranging these meetings with Mercer and that Mercer had been with Franklin when he died.

On the morning of April 13, Roosevelt’s body was placed in a flag-draped coffin and loaded onto the presidential train. After a White House funeral on April 14, Roosevelt was transported back to Hyde Park by train, guarded by four servicemen from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. As was his wish, Roosevelt was buried in the Rose Garden of the Springwood estate, the Roosevelt family home in Hyde Park on April 15. Eleanor, who died in November 1962, was buried next to him. Roosevelt’s death was met with shock and grief across the U.S. and around the world. His declining health had not been known to the general public. Roosevelt had been president for more than 12 years, longer than any other person, and had led the country through some of its greatest crises to the impending defeat of Nazi Germany and to within sight of the defeat of Japan as well. Less than a month after his death, on May 8, came the moment Roosevelt fought for: V-E Day. President Harry Truman, who turned 61 that day, dedicated V-E Day and its celebrations to Roosevelt’s memory, as well as keeping the flags across the U.S. at half-staff for the remainder of the 30-day mourning period to pay tribute to Roosevelt’s commitment to ending the war in Europe.

Roosevelt’s death spared him the monumental decision on whether to use the atom bomb, which now fell to President Truman. Many factors influenced Truman’s decision, including the advice of political and military leaders, an American public that was eager for an end to the war, and the possibility of a quick victory over Japan.

[1] for longevity related matters consider Scorpio as the sign of debility of Rahu

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