Flight MH370 Disaster

MH370picMalaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing over the South China Sea on Saturday morning (8 Mar, 2014). The Boeing 777-200 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at 12:41 a.m. Saturday. It was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 am the same day, after a 2,700-mile journey. Around 1:30 am, air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur, lost contact with the plane as it was flying over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. MH370 with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. It was cruising at 35,000 feet and the skies were clear. Besides, no distress signal was deployed.

First Post15 Mar
Even after three days there is no information on the missing flight MH370. In the age of information, not having answers instantly is feels horrible. But this is not the first time such a thing has happened. There are all sorts of stories afloat about terrorists but nothing of that sort seems to have happened. The vedic chart drawn for the moment of take-off for flight MH370 resembles another one – Air France Flight 447 (abbreviated AF447).

AF447 was a scheduled international flight from Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. On 1 Jun 2009, the Airbus A330-203 airliner serving the flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the deaths of all 216 passengers and 12 aircrew. The accident was the deadliest in the history of Air France. Details of AF447

Did not crash on water

Various Theories are doing the rounds, particularly about the flight falling into the ocean as tiny objects are found on the sea. Oil slicks, stretching for metres in the South China Sea, gave the first glimpse of hope followed by the spotting of an orange object and then a door! But one by one, all that has been dismissed.

Jyotiṣa Rules

For a natural disaster, the rajas planets Venus and Mercury must be afflicted by Mars. Further, for a flight (vehicle), chara rāśi (movable signs) are expected.

  • MH370: Venus and Mercury are together in Capricorn (chara rāśi) having the graha dṛṣṭi of Mars from Libra
  • AF447: Venus and Mercury are together in Aries (chara rāśi) with Mars

The violence comes from storm clouds or water elements (ruled by Venus) if Mars is in Venus navāṁśa, else it is from earth movement (ruled by Mercury) if in Mercury navāṁśa. Mars would need a solar trigger.

  • MH370: Mars is in Libra (Ve) navāṁśa aspected by exalted Sun in Aries navāṁśa
  • AF447: Mars is in Taurus (Ve) navāṁśa conjoined the Sun

Having confirmed that there was a natural disaster happening (of some sort), we need to check failure of the machine-energy system. For this, the Sun must be effectively blocked by a malefic. From Sūrya Lagna, Rāhu must be ill placed and also aspect the Sun. Rāhu is always looking to destroy the Sun by its conjunctions and aspects. Jupiter can intervene and save but then the negative must he higher to confirm that the machine-energy system failed.

  • MH370: Sun in Aquarius with Rāhu in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th house from it in Libra. Jupiter does aspect Rāhu to try to save the machine but the conjunction of Saturn and Mars shows that the evil is much greater.
  • AF447: Sun in Taurus with Rāhu in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th house from it in Capricorn. There is no saving grace of any benefic planet.

Now that we know that it was a natural disaster like a terrible electrical storm that demolished the aircraft, we need to check for survivors. For this we need to examine Jupiter, the saviour of the human race. We also need to see the position of Ketu, the significator of the vertical (aerial) direction. These should neither be ill placed, weak nor beaten up to save some lives.

  • MH370: Both Jupiter and Ketu in duṣthāna. Jupiter is in the 8th house while Ketu is in the 6th house. Involvement of 8th house shows few survivors or none at all.
  • AF447: Both Jupiter and Ketu in duṣthāna. Jupiter is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 3rd house while Ketu is in the 8th house. Involvement of 8th house shows few survivors or none at all.

No terrorist attack

Based on the unknown identities of two passengers, it was speculated that they were terrorists who had purchased ‘one-way’ tickets together for travel to Amsterdam, Europe via Beijing using stolen passports. This happens all the time in this part of the world. Even authorities in the airports are known to tear away visa pages from passports for the black market where these fetch good money from desperate immigrant seekers. People thought it was the ‘toothpaste’ bomb. Honestly, if toothpaste is going to be used for terror bombs, then most of us will have to go back to using dantoon (neem sticks that are chewed to create a brush at one end).

Finally, the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade (CMB for short) realised, a little too late, that it’s a good time for some media attention and claimed it did the terror job. The encrypted Hushmail message stated “you kill one of our clan – we kill 100 of yours as pay back” referring to a 29-people stabbing incident at the train station in Kunming, China. It is very unlikely that one of them could have jumped 35,000 feet in the air and stabbed the aircraft with his knife! Those things happen only in Chinese Kung-Fu movies.

Anyway, the chart does not indicate a terror attack although Mars is involved with two other malefics in the 12th house (foreign travel). Mars will protect his home, the ascendant which simply means that it would put up a good fight against Rāhu and Saturn.


Having ruled out terror and such things, the two options are whether (A) the natural disaster (Mras afflicts Mercury, Venus) like storm or some electric spark in the high altitude was the chief cause or (B) whether a mechanical fault (Sun-Rahu) was the chief cause.

Most reports are that the weather was good but that’s never sufficient to confirm local activity on the spot. While the natural trigger was minimal as Mars is also Lagna lord for MH370 Chart, it was the chief cause for AF470 as it was the 12th Lord. Either way, none seem to have survived (C) Ketu and Jupiter in dusthana

Praśna Mārga states that the disturbances in a journey are to be studied from the 7th bhāva.

The 7th house is Taurus and is vargottama indicating great strength, and that was the only thing which troubled me as a vargottama lagna has the power to protect. But the 7th bhāva has the rāśi dṛṣṭi of Saturn, Rāhu and Mars, all retrograde. Further, the 7th lord Venus (both rāśi and aṁśa) is placed in Capricorn and is involved in a parivartana yoga with Saturn. Therefore, instead of Venus, Saturn will be indicating the disturbances in the journey. Saturn is with Mars and Rāhu indicating the deaths of the passengers and a deadly end to the journey. That was the basis of the prediction made in the article. The exalted Moon in the 7th bhāva is also the bādhakeśa and under the aspect of Mars is going to form Rudra yoga.
A closer look at the navamśa shows a pāpa kartari yoga on the 7th bhāva caused by Sun, Saturn and a debilitated Ketu.

Recent Report on Flight Path
The latest reports on the flight path indicate a retrograde behaviour where, instead of flying north towards Beijing, the aircraft reversed and the final direction it chose to fly was South-West which is ruled by Rāhu. It is now clear that among the 3 planets – Saturn, Mars and Rāhu, the latter decided the flight path reversal. Saturn has the parivartana with Venus and planets conjoining are Mars and Rāhu. Among the two, Rāhu is the one afflicting as Mars is lagneśa. Besides, Rāhu has higher longitude.
Khareśa: Rāhu is Khareśa of the chart as it lords the 4th bhāva from navamśa lagna. It afflicts the lagneśa Mars as well as the functional controller of the journey viz. Saturn. Rāhu is also debilitated in Sagittarius navamśa which specifically indicates “fall from a height”.

The Guardian reports “According to two US officials who spoke to ABC News, the 777’s data reporting system was shut down at 1.07am, while the transponder – which sends back information to civilian radar regarding performance, location and altitude – was turned off at 1.21am.”
The scheduled journey was 5h49’ and the compressed Vimśottari daśā is given below:
Vimśottari Mahā Daśā (Using local Malaysia time)

Moon: 2014-03-08 (12:34:18 am) – 2014-03-08 (1:01:45 am)
Mars: 2014-03-08 (1:01:45 am) – 2014-03-08 (1:20:58 am) → Data Reporting system shut at 1:07’am
Rah: 2014-03-08 (1:20:58 am) – 2014-03-08 (2:10:22 am) → Transponder shut, flight turned SW
Jup: 2014-03-08 (2:10:22 am) – 2014-03-08 (2:54:17 am) → Flight seen in radar
Sat: 2014-03-08 (2:54:17 am) – 2014-03-08 (3:46:27 am) → Journey ends?
Merc: 2014-03-08 (3:46:27 am) – 2014-03-08 (4:33:07 am)
Ket: 2014-03-08 (4:33:07 am) – 2014-03-08 (4:52:20 am)
Ven: 2014-03-08 (4:52:20 am) – 2014-03-08 (5:47:14 am)
Sun: 2014-03-08 (5:47:14 am) – 2014-03-08 (6:03:42 am)
The last known position of MH370 was at 1.21am when the transponder was shut off at 35,000 feet roughly 90 miles off the east coast of Malaysia, as the Boeing MH370 with 239 people on board made its way towards Vietnam, en route to Beijing. This was a minute after the period of Rāhu started. It was during this period of Rāhu that the flight was turned in the South-Western direction.
From there, plot indications show the plane zigzagged towards the Thai island of Phuket and then, at 2.15am, when the period of Jupiter started, MH370 either (A) continued on northwest route which would lead it towards the Andaman Islands and perhaps onward to Europe OR (B) further south. Malaysian military officials have previously confirmed that an aircraft that could be MH370 was last seen on military radar at 2.15am some 200 miles off Malaysia’s west coast. It is noteworthy that the missing flight was suddenly seen when Jupiter’s period started.

Hand of Nature
We cannot ignore the natural elements indicated by Mercury and Venus in chara rāśi having the dṛṣṭi of Mars.
There is no further information at to the time of end of this journey. Where would the aircraft be between 2:54’am to 3:46’am? That’s the question which if answered, should be able to locate the flight.
What is most disturbing is the role of the Sun which is the lord of the tenth house showing the boss or controller of the flight. The Sun is in the 6th bhāva from Ārūḍha Lagna and is also in a navamśa ruled by Mars, which points a finger at the pilots. The 3rd and 8th bhāva from ārūḍha lagna is either ruled by Ketu or has Ketu in it showing the accident as the final report is likely to say.

  1. No. it’s not pilot suicide! Such theories are quite baseless.
  2. It could be a hijacking as is indicated by the malefic Saturn and Rahu and Mars
  3. But that is not why the disaster happened which is likely to have killed everyone. There was the hand of the elements and it was a watery grave. Honestly I don’t know why they are looking in the Andaman Islands. They should spend the time looking in the water.
  4. I have always maintained that the passengers were death (or at least unconscious) when the final end happened. So it was painless. Point is what caused this state – I don’t know as yet.

33 thoughts on “Flight MH370 Disaster

  1. Its been 5 years now. MH370 was kidnapped by American forces and taken to military base in the Pacific. A male passenger who had hidden his iPhone in rear hole pinged GPS and sent other info.
    There is ample evidence supporting the ‘fact’.

  2. || व्यं व्यासदेवाय नमः ||
    Dear Guruji,
    Two Questions,
    1) What is the karmic reason for this?. Once you said the kendras indicate Kya, Kyun, Kaisa, Achha Hua? (The What, Why, How and whether it was good or bad) from Lagna, 10th, 7th and 4th. So here 10th lord is Sun aspected by Rahu, Should I understand a political motive?
    2)Why is it taking so long to determine the plan is no-more?. I see that Arudha is much stronger than lagna. Arudha Lagna is having Jupiter in Kendra and most importantly Venus, Mercury and moon in trines to arudha. Moon and Venus (The symbol mirror) kaaraka for Arudha are in trines. The Arudha is much more stronger than lagna so the “Maya” that the flight is still existing is troubling all the relatives of the passengers?.
    Warm Regards,
    Sanjay P

    1. No such possibility. Read the detailed predictions. Finally the Malaysian President has also confirmed everything that was stated in the article on the very day of the crisis. Yu see jyotish helps to get results so fast which is confirmed after millions of dollars are spent.

  3. hello sir,

    from web i got nations malysia chart as follows is it correct. am using jhora 7.6 sout style vedic chart. and as per this its rahu md-rahu antar dasa. kindly give me chart of malysia.

    Natal Chart

    Date: September 16, 1963
    Time: 12:00:00 am
    Time Zone: 8:00:00 (East of GMT)
    Place: 102 E 02′ 00″, 5 N 47′ 00″
    Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
    Lunar Yr-Mo: Shobhana – Bhadrapada
    Tithi: Krishna Trayodasi (Ju) (14.34% left)
    Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)
    Nakshatra: Magha (Ke) (77.31% left)


  4. sir, 2 more latest findings

    1)Intruder inside captains Den or pilots place-
    12:26: The New York Times’ Matthew Wald and Michael Schmidt
    quote officials saying that instead of manually operating the plane’s controls, whoever altered flight MH370’s path typed seven or eight keystrokes into a computer on a knee-high pedestal between the captain and the first officer. You can read their story here – Lost Jet’s Path Seen as Altered via Computer.
    2)One way ticket-
    BBC News website reader
    texts: Every passenger should be more thoroughly checked, especially if they purchase one way tickets in cash… This must be treated as a threat to world security as I am sure it is.

  5. sir, Casting new time same date horoscope for mh370
    1) mar 8, 2014, 8.11 am the ascendent shifted to pisces. Pisces is watery sign so over indian ocean is correct
    2) Australia and madagascar are visible parts of place in indian ocean
    Sagittarius geography: Arabia, Australia, Avignon (France), Branford (England), Chile, Cologne (Germany), Czechoslovakia, Cape Finisterre (Spain), Provence in Spain, Hungary, Madagascar, Moravia, Naples (Italy), Narbonne (France), Nottingham (England), France Provence, Sheffield (England), Singapore, Slavonia, Spain, Stuttgart (Germany), Sunderland (England), Toledo (Ohio), Toronto (Ontario), Tuscany (Italy), upper rooms, upstairs.
    3) Direction of pisces is north. Transit sun is in pisces and sun direction is east. So next search
    4) area is north-east of indian ocean. am overlapping the charts of mar8, 2014 , 8 11 to present dates chart so it can give hint, becasue on mar 8 sun was still in aquarius
    5) how about outer planets neptune and uranus it can say something

  6. sir,
    want to know the vimshotari dasa am not getting same timeline.
    what changes u did to achieve it. because ketu represents transponder so ketu period shud be going somewhere


  7. sir,
    1) in shadbala all planets are strong except mercury
    2) SAV of lagna is 36 more than 6, 8, 12 house(29,26,27)
    3) BAV of other planets is also fairly good.

    how to apply these points to any prasna

  8. 1) so ur point ‘What is most disturbing is the role of the Sun which is the lord of the tenth house showing the boss or controller of the flight. The Sun is in the 6th bhāva from Ārūḍha Lagna and is also in a navamśa ruled by Mars, which points a finger at the pilots.’
    1) in rasi sun aspects his own house even though he is in enemies house so its a plus point1.
    2) in navasma its exalted sun indicates will power that shows pilot was staying positive but maybe angry.
    3) 6th house from AL even though is enemy house, its house of competition, so it indicates struggle or competition to sustain
    4) sun is nakshtra of jupiter pbha. is u notice the stellar of each planet its amazing
    a) sat vishaka- jupiter nak
    b) mars chitta-mars nak
    c) rahu in swathi-rahu
    d) ven in uta-shada sun
    e) mer in dhan mars
    5) now sun has moved to pisces so it can give further info.
    6) ur point ‘I have always maintained that the passengers were death (or at least unconscious) when the final end happened. So it was painless. Point is what caused this state – I don’t know as yet.’ this place u can get some details

    Based on this directive, he told the Singapore daily that he theorised the missing MH370 might have experienced the same issue leading to a breakdown in all satellite communications. The aircraft also might have experienced a slow decompression leaving the passengers unconscious and pilots disoriented leading to their failure to put on the oxygen masks until it was too late. He also said that the Boeing 777 does not deploy the oxygen masks until it reaches an altitude of 13,500 feet. As it was a late night flight, the passengers would already have been sleeping and did not realise the oxygen deprivation.

    Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/world/live-australia-takes-charge-of-southern-vector-of-search-for-mh370-1424627.html?utm_source=ref_article

    1. I do not agree with your observation. Sun is very diabolical in this chart. I have been suspecting foul play by the ‘boss of the flight’ for many days and then voiced this. Later on 15th evening or 16th morning, the US has found some evidence. Recently further revelations have come from Malaysian Government. You can read about it.

      I have maintained that point for a long time now – about unconscious, dead by the time they hit the water. I think they all (at least most) almost died when the flight fell from illegal 55,000 feet in one minute. Read about that. So I was right about Rahu in Sagittarius navamsha. Lets wait for other revelations

  9. sir, i found some info kindly verify and post or dont post but correct me
    happana prasna shastra by prof b surya narain rao
    points return of traveller/time limit/ etc
    1) return of traveler gone to distant country predicted by planets in 2nd, 3rd, 5th house from prana lalgna
    2) benfics in these houses predict traveller will return
    3) venus, jupiter speedy return if posited
    4) speedy and safe return- if planets in 6th oor 7th , guru in kendra, and budha or sukra in kona
    5) return with honor- moon in 8th house and kendras free from evil planets
    6) bondage-beatings- if lagna falls in pristodaya aspected by malefics then bondage
    7) time limit for return- no of days which is indicated by interval between lagna nad next planet to it, multiplied by no of dwadsa, rasi or 12. if planet is retro he will start after that no of days
    scorpio lagna , next planet is in capricorn so interval is 3, multiply by 12 i.e 3*12=36
    , in one article same point the author said exclude lagna so in that case 12*2=24 days

  10. Guruji

    In the no game we find that Saturn the No(8) is playing a important role

    Like: 35,000 feet=8
    2:15 AM last seen on radar=8
    Day was saturday=saturn
    First departure:12:41=8

    Uma shanker achanta

    1. sir,
      Plane mh370 path based on direction using signs. Every 2 hrs lagna changes, so in ur chart keep changing every 2hrs observe the lagna changing signs and apply direction those signs represent. Need zodiac rulership for each country and its place to spot the plane
      1) scorpio-north- 12. 41 departure
      2) sagitarius-east – 2.15 am. Plane loses radar and radio contact in place kota bharu east of malysian town,
      3) Capricorn-south- 4.05 am plane is here
      4) Aquarius-west 6.00 am plane here
      5) Pisces- north 8.11 report says it was last in indian ocean
      6) So inside malysia I need now zodiac wise place/city names

  11. “Om Namah Shivay”
    It is a very good analysis but even if the logic is right then why only MH370 had to face disaster as there were few other flights on the same route which flew from KL airport with the time difference of 5min to 30 mins. The law of Jyotish should have impected same on other flights as well?

    Just Curios
    Thank you

    1. Kay, that’s known from finer time divisional charts like Navamsa, Trimsamsa and Shastiamsa. I was giving the starting point – the Rasi chart itself. The Trimsamsa (D30S) changes in 1 minute 2 seconds and so does the Shastiamsa.

    2. 1) Mars represent South Direction and Saturn Indicate West; & Rahu represent South-west, hence South- west direction will be severely affected. so accordingly these countries will get affected North America, South America, Gulf countries, Pacific ocean, Europe region, Australia will be severely affected.
      a) as many planets are clustered in airy tatwa which represents WEST and mars(West)/sat(West)/rahu(SW) are planet for disaster. just checking if kuala lampur flights fall in this range or area
      b) am basically trying to understand the direction of these planets, airy tatwa direction and finding the countries map direction , apply why this particular flight from departure point.
      2) ascendent scorpio is the plane if we assume and its lord gone to 12house again direction south-SW. Also its watery sign and deep water, so islands which have these charectersitics i took.
      3) Scorpio geography: Algeria, Baltimore (Maryland), Bavaria, Catalonia (Spain), Dover (England), Fez (Morocco), Frankfurt (Germany), Ghent (Belgium), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Hull (England), Judea, Korea, Liverpool (England), Messina (Sicily), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Morocco, New Orleans (Louisiana), Newcastle (England), Norway, Paraguay, Queensland (Australia), St. John’s (Newfoundland), Stockport (England), Syria, South Africa, Washington D.C., Worthing (England).
      4) Zaharie Ahmad Shah was the pilot on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing; Fariq Abdul Hamid was the co-pilot. rahu men.Shah joined the airline in 1981 and has 18,365 hours of flight experience. He’s a 53-year-old Malaysian resident. Hamid is also a Malaysian. The 27-year-old joined the airline in 2007. so keeping age of pilot sun can be the pilot, moon copilot i suppose
      5) now to add all this and come to conclusion=???
      pls help

    3. sir, how to find out change in route or direction by a vehicle,boat, air craft. can retro planets explain this we have 2 retro planets sat, mars so in WEST some clue can be gotten. rahu can give another hint to locate rahuian region. scorpio is deep water with animal kingdom ruled by scorpio. as these planets are in libra sign can we look into libra ruling geographical area WEST or SW

    4. sir,
      y MH370 was that days tragic target by fate is the question.
      1) The route of plane will give answer to it. any plane in south,west, SouthWest direction can be narrowed first.
      2) libra sign geographical spot gives 2nd hint to reduce the probability
      3) no of passengers china
      Libra geography: Antwerp (Belgium), Argentina, Austria, land bordering the Caspian Sea, CHINA, Copenhagen (Denmark), upper Egypt, Frankfurt (Germany), Fribourg (Switzerland), parts of India near CHINA, Indo China, Japan, Johannesburg (South Africa), Leeds (England), Lisbon (Portugal), Livonia, Nottingham (England), Savoy, Siberia, Tibet, upper airy rooms, Vienna (Austria).
      4) In satellite images we can get the different flight routes with map which will narrow down to y MH370 route.
      5) rahuian pilot is another parameter in astrology which cant be overlooked.

      1. The aircraft had a problem over the ocean, so you are beating about the bush … how will the list of countries and their *land* location help?

  12. sir, would like to know the signification of each house like which house represent plane, which pilot, which crew, which one is passenger etc. when u have lot of vakra planets prediction is tough. can role of panchange thithi, karna, yoga etc help in understanding chart better, if so how sir.


    1. sir, not sure of this kindly cross verify
      Chart-house Represents:
      ASC, 1st House, ruler by sign and planets therein The VEHICLE (car, boat, plane, etc.)
      IC, 4th House, etc. The DEPARTURE (location, conditions, etc.)
      DSC, 7th House, etc. Body of the journey, flight, etc.
      MC, 10th House, etc. The DESTINATION (location, conditions, etc.)
      The SUN The PILOT or Driver
      MERCURY & 6th House The CREW

  13. sir, the parameters used are as follows;
    • Mars being fiery planet represent fire and Saturn & Rahu represents Air and its conjunction leads to.
    • The afflicting planet in most cases is Mars signifying explosion, accident and fire.
    • Saturn as airy planet also has a role in air mishaps.
    1. Major Accidents / War like situation ,2. Mass Killings.,3. Terrorist Attack.,4. Fire accidents.,
    5. Plane crash, 6. Volcano or Earth quake etc.

    • Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature.• The 3rd house in the Natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is Gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to Gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents.
    • If moon is transiting in the stars associated with the above points and is devoid of positive influence of Jupiter at the time of mishap, the fatalities are certain.
    • Saturnine connection to Mercury or moon is also seen in most air mishaps denoting ahazard in the air.
    • The 5 upagrahas will be in malefic connections or in malefic houses particularly in 8th and 12th from accident time lagna
    • The accident time lagna will be in malefic drekkanas. The affliction caused to Drekkanalagna and its lord determines the severity of the accident and the death toll. SO ACCIDENT IS MAJOR BUT IS THERE mitigating factor Jupiter is left me thinking

    1. These are very general parameters and used as a basis for all kinds of accidents, not just aircraft. So, have you analysed these parameters in say both the charts and checked how many of them are actually right?
      Secondly are you going to consider (a) start of journey or (b) time of accident? Please think about these and then analyse the charts giving the standard dictum you have quoted.

  14. || Om Gurave Namah ||
    Dear Guruji,
    Can the dasha be compressed to say 6 hours, the duration of the flight, for timing?. Then at the commencement of Rahu Mahadasa the plane disappeared. I am sure there must be some Hora or some other types of progressions also which could be used.
    The question is basically can dasas be compressed to such small amount? Whats the limit to compression.
    Sanjay P

    Vimsottari Dasa:
    Maha Dasas:
    Moon: 2014-03-08 (0:33:43) – 2014-03-08 (1:03:43)
    Mars: 2014-03-08 (1:03:43) – 2014-03-08 (1:24:43)
    Rah: 2014-03-08 (1:24:43) – 2014-03-08 (2:18:42)
    Jup: 2014-03-08 (2:18:42) – 2014-03-08 (3:06:42)
    Sat: 2014-03-08 (3:06:42) – 2014-03-08 (4:03:42)
    Merc: 2014-03-08 (4:03:42) – 2014-03-08 (4:54:42)
    Ket: 2014-03-08 (4:54:42) – 2014-03-08 (5:15:42)
    Ven: 2014-03-08 (5:15:42) – 2014-03-08 (6:15:43)
    Sun: 2014-03-08 (6:15:43) – 2014-03-08 (6:33:43)

    1. Sanjay P, yes there must be some dasha for these fine timings. Compressing Vimshottari to the exact flight duration maybe one of the ways as suggested by you

  15. Dear guruji,
    Although newspaper carried comparison of facts related to Flight number MH370 and AF 447 in an article titled” Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and Crash of Air France Flight 447 that killed All on Board: Parallels and Differences” , but your article is superb for it teaches how to go about such mysterious happening in study of astrology.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  16. Dear Guruji, as usual, wonderful article and logic. It has been since found out that one the passenger with a false ID is an young Iranian (19 years old) planning to seek asylum in Germany. So the terror attack theory is losing ground.

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