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Article published in 1997 in the Times of Astrology. Readers will appreciate the accurate prediction about the BJP coming to power during theNārāyaṇa Daśā daśā of Pisces (1997 – 2002). This is exactly what happened and in the net daśā, the BJP lost power.


Indian democracy has been witnessing a turbulent period with hung parliaments and not a single party is able to get absolute majority. Governments have to be made through compromises and understanding with other parties. Given the heterogeneous character of the Indian populace and the fact that almost all parties have exploited the weakness of the voter on caste, creed and feudal lines, this does seem like a fait accompli. However, an examination of the Independence Chart of India (Chart I) not only shows this trend, but also indicates the period of stability in the future which seems to be a natural consequence.

India Independence Chart

The Chart for the Independence of India (15th August 1947, 00 Hrs, Delhi) has Kala Amrita Yoga (KAY). The Kala Sarp/Amrit Yoga can be of two varieties primarily. One that has Rāhu in the lead and Ketu in the tail with all the other planets between them and the other has Ketu in the lead and Rāhu in the tail with all planets in between. The former is very vicious as the direction of the life is determined by the diabolical Rāhu whereas the former is very beneficial as the directions are determined by the mokshkarak Ketu and spiritual quest is the underlying theme behind the chart. In the chart of India, Ketu is in the lead and tremendous hurdles would have to be faced by the nascent India till 43 years of age i.e. 1947-1990. During this period, the underlying theme of spiritual realisation would not be fulfilled, as the country would have to struggle against impossible odds like internal strife and external aggression. The very birth of Independent India was due to the path of Truth (Satyagraha) shown by Mahatma Gandhi and ‘Secularism’, in the Indian context, can never imply ignoring religion. It is only after 43 years that the bondage of the Golden Eagle by the Kala Amrit Yoga would break and the Indians would be required to define the meaning of Secularism for themselves. This implies a lot of soul searching.

The Nārāyaṇa Daśā of India is at Table.1. The first daśā of Taurus with Rāhu in it represents the period of writing (Mercury) of the Constitution, as the Arudha Lagna is Virgo. Rāhu in the ascendant indicates that the work will have knowledge taken from various foreign sources just as Durga, the Ista Devi of Rāhu received weapons from all the Gods. The period would be very difficult and the throne would quiver due to internal strife (Rāhu on the throne) and fire (the Sun aspects Rāhu by Rasi drishti). The partition of India and the riots that followed show the situation.

Table 1: Nārāyaṇa Daśā of Indian Independence
Daśā Period From To Age (Years)
Taurus 2 Aug’1947 1949 2
Sagittarius 10 1949 1959 12
Cancer 12 1959 1971 24
Aquarius 7 1971 1978 31
Virgo 2 1978 1980 33
Aries 2 1980 1982 35
Scorpio 7 1982 1989 42
Gemini 1 1989 1990 43
Capricorn 6 1990 1996 49
Leo 1 1996 1997 50
Pisces 5 1997 2002 55
Libra 9 2002 2011 64

The next daśā of Sagittarius was for a period of ten years and food shortages were felt, as it is the eighth house (seventh from the second house that rules eating or food). However, Jupiter is placed in the sixth house and the Vipareeta Rajyoga functioned helping India to get out of the financial crunch. This was the Nehru era. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru had Jupiter in Sagittarius that destroyed the Kala Yoga in his natal chart to produce the Maha Padma Yoga. Thus, this yoga gave excellent results and showed brilliant economic growth.

The next daśā of Cancer (1959 – 71) is the third house with both benefic and malefic planets in it. Malefics show success in battle while benefic planets show defeat. The combination of the Sun and Saturn in the daśā sign does not augur well for the leader and the nation. Malefics in the daśā sign, its 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th & 12th can be very bad for the nation. Mars in the 12th from the daśā sign shows defeat in war due to the sudden aggression of enemy. The satrupada (A6) of Chart 1 is in Capricorn which happens to be the natal ascendant of China while the sixth house is Libra which has Mars in its trines. The sixth house with a natural benefic again shows defeat in war. In October 1962 during Cancer daśā Libra antardaśā China attacked India and the latter was taken by surprise and defeated.

The next daśā of Aquarius (1971- 78) is of the tenth house. The very sane combination that brought defeat in Cancer was in the sixth house from the daśā sign. Saturn is a Yogakāraka for Taurus Lagna and its placement in the third house results in a powerful Rajyoga showing Parakrama (bravery). Jupiter in the ninth promises good fortune as Mars in the fifth shows swift movement and decisions. The conjunction of Saturn and the Moon popularly called Sani Chandra yoga refers to the chief deity of the Shakti cult – Sri Maha Kali. Smt. Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister of India during this phase was born in Cancer Ascendant with Saturn in it and the Moon in the seventh house in Capricorn. This parivartana yoga between the ascendant and the seventh house lords involving the Moon and Saturn resulted in the powerful Rajyoga (Maha Kali). Thus the Yoga in the Indian Independence Chart automatically brought Smt. Indira Gandhi to power to lead the Nation as Maha Kali. Two wars were fought with Pakistan during this phase and won. Being a malefic sign, the daśā would be bad for economic development and internal security in the second part during which, internal emergency was declared.

The next Nārāyaṇa daśā was Virgo (1978-80) and India witnessed the first change (Mercury) when the Janata Party under Sri Morarji Desai came to power. Virgo has Rāhu in the 9th house and the Planning process with the 5 year plans was replaced by the system of Annual Plans (Mercury believes in quick work and short-term plans). As tenth house from Virgo is Gemini owned by Mercury (Sri Mororji Desai) and conjoined Mars (Sri Devi Lal) and aspected by Jupiter (Choudhry Charan Singh born in Sagittarius ascendant), the Party continued in power but the nation witnessed change of Prime Ministers and some anxiety in the form of unstable governments.

Aries Daśā (1980-82) followed this brief spell of Virgo daśā and Smt. Indira Gandhi returned to power in the 1980 general elections. Aries is a very malefic sign in the 12th house and is aspected by Ketu by sign sight. This shows the birth of terrorism and the disruptive anti-national forces came into being. The next daśā of Scorpio has Ketu in it showing that the terrorists would be making headlines and holding the nation to ransom. Many lives would be lost due to Mars in the eighth house from the daśā sign. Ketu in the daśā sign and Jupiter in the twelfth house shows that working under immense pressure some very short sighted decisions would have been made for which Mrs Sonia Gandhi has recently apologized to the Sikh Community (Guru followers – Jupiter). This violent Scorpio daśā of the seventh house (māraka) saw Smt. Indira Gandhi falling to the guns of the terrorists in October 1984 as Sri Rajiv Gandhi (Born in Leo ascendant: Leo is in the tenth house from Scorpio the daśā sign) took over the reigns of the government and was in power in the general elections. The next daśā of Gemini, a Mercurial sign showed the return of the Janata Party, but the presence of Mars in the daśā sign threatened fire hazards and internal troubles besides showing a change of Prime Ministers (Sri Chandrasekhar who replaced Sri V.P.Singh was born in Aries Ascendant). Thus, the entire phase from Nārāyaṇa Aries daśā to Nārāyaṇa Gemini daśā (1980 – 90) was dominated by Mars.

The next Nārāyaṇa daśā of Capricorn (1990- 96) was of the ninth house and like Aquarius, its lord Saturn is strong in Cancer involved in yoga. Being the daśā of the ninth house it promised good fortune in the beginning and during the second part, the tenacious crocodile representing Yama dharmaraja (the God of Death – Saturn) caused a number of Political deaths and a number of politicians were exposed and their reputation was in the mud. Capricorn brings in stability as the daśā is for six years and Sri Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister for the entire period following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Sri Narasimha Rao was born in Virgo ascendant and Capricorn dasāṁśa . Peace returned to the land as terrorism in Punjab and the NE was dealt in a most democratic manner (Saturn) and excellent long term liberal policies (Jupiter in the tenth house) affecting the economy (Jupiter) business and commerce (Libra in the tenth house) were initiated.

The next Nārāyaṇa daśā of Leo (1996 – 97) has Rāhu in the tenth house showing that the power to rule would be drawn from a number of sources and the nation witnessed a hung parliament where the anti-Jupiter forces got together to form the government (Rāhu is always anti- Jupiter). Scheming (Rāhu) was the order of the day and since Leo is in the bādhaka from the sixth house, the Government servants were disgruntled about the pay commission recommendations. The parallel Black Money economy caused by Mars in the second house was effectively reduced by Rāhu (causes Kuja sthambana) in the 12th house from Mars whereby, a novel scheme of taxation was introduced to convert black money to white money by paying a nominal tax. The first Prime Minister was provided by Venus the lord of the tenth house from Leo while the next Prime Minister was provided by Rāhu (exalted: very cultured intellectual and diplomat). Thus, Shri I.K.Gujral replaced Shri Devegowda.

The next daśā of Pisces (1997 – 2002) is of a Jupiterian sign. Pisces is symbolised by the Lotus and the BJP having the lotus for its symbol is expected to come to power. The tenth house from Pisces is Sagittarius (Dharma) and a moral code shall be established during this phase. People will become more God fearing and shall extol the traditional values and culture of India. The liberal policies initiated during Capricorn daśā when Jupiter was in the tenth house shall begin to give fruits, as Pisces is the eleventh house of the Chart. A number of temples, churches etc. shall be built and there will be communal harmony, as the dominating influence of Jupiter shall bring peace to the land. Rāhu in the third from the daśā sign shows that the nation will acquire powerful weapons like the Nuclear Bomb and other arsenal for its armed forces. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) in the fifth house promise illumination to the youth and the education system will undergo a dramatic change where learning will be valued and national literacy would be enhanced in leaps and bounds. Jupiter in the eighth house is very good for the finances and the nation will gradually move towards freedom from debt. However, Saturn in the fifth house threatens some health problems and extra effort would be required to curb AIDS hepatitis etc. Mars in the fourth house (Home) is yet another evil placement and the extra efforts would be necessary.


Pisces is symbolised by the Lotus and the BJP having the lotus for its symbol again became the largest party in the 1998 general elections. The tenth house from Pisces is aspected by Mars and Shri A.B. Vajpayee (born in Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio dasāṁśa became the Prime Minister). The planetary placement indicates the portfolio of the Ministers. The Prime Minister is seen in the tenth house. This is vacant and aspected strongly by Mars (Sri Vajpayee) is the PM. The fourth house (Home Affairs) has Mars in it and Sri L.K.Advani born in Scorpio ascendant is the Home Minister. The powerful Kali Yoga of Saturn and the Moon dominate the fifth house of education, culture and youth. Sri Murli Manohar Joshi born in the intellectual Aquarius ascendant is the Minister for Human Resources Development. Since this daśā is for five years, in spite of all odds, the lotus (BJP) will bloom for this period. The aspect of Mars on the tenth house and its placement in the Bādhaka sign from the tenth house could be bad for the health of top politicians/leaders.

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  1. what is the future of india in terms of education,space research, technological advancement, military, aero products, vedic respects, religion, military conflicts, problems from pakistan(will pak surrenders to india and assembles later?) and china?
    so much of resources are being wasted and not utilized, so much of money is spend in buying military and technological hardware, why india is not making progress when compared to western and few other eastern advanced countries?
    when will india free from all bondages and become super power?

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