Obama Wins Re-Election

President Obama won a second term in the White House Tuesday night, Fox News projects, overcoming concerns about the fragile economic recovery to edge out Republican nominee Mitt Romney. As races continued to be called well into the morning, it appeared that the balance of power in Washington could remain the same. Republican kept their majority in the House, while Democrats fended off a series of challenges to their majority in the Senate.

This was expected by almost all the vedic astrologers,except a handful few. You can read my predictions at https://srath.com/celebrity/barak-obama/ where we mentioned “But then by the same argument, Saturn should be giving the rājayoga of Jupiter plus its own power, and Saturn daśā starts only in July 2012. Till then Obama has to deal with a terrible Rāhu spoiling the rājayoga of Jupiter by pāpa-argalā (8th house from Jupiter) as well as pāpa-argalā on Moon (4th house). In any case we can say that the exalted Moon brings the blessings of Kṛṣṇa promising huge popularity and success in destroying enemies (Osama Bin Laden for example)”

The news reports ascribe his victory to the handling of Osama as well as the Car Industry, while we say its the powerful Saturn in Capricorn. Its vayu tattva – the power of the wind god! Well did the storm Sandy that ripped through the east coast of the US have nothing to do in helping the Americans make up their minds? It did, and thats the truth. They realised that the US is in a crisis situation and for this, Barrack Obama is their best bet.

2 thoughts on “Obama Wins Re-Election

  1. Namaste. One of the daughter’s of Obama is called “Sasha”. Isn’t it a surprising coincidence — a Sasha MPY person names his daughter “Sasha”? Or, did he consult a Vedic Jyotish Vidwan when she was born?

    In any case, I admire deep insights provided in the article.

    I am also wondering, whether the Gochar [Uccha Shani in Tula — in karma (10th) sthaan from Makar lagna] having graha drishthi from 5th house Guru. At the same time Moon from own house and Guru from Vrishabh having 7th and 9th drishthi (respectively) on Makar (lagna) as the announce of Obama’s win was roughly arrived at 10:22PM on 6th November while his camp is in Chicago. Thanks for clarifying.

    1. Transit Saturn in the 6H from natal Moon made the difference. Its a difficult time personally for him as Saturn is in 10H from Lagna and there will be many many challenges. The aftermath of the storm Sandy will throw up many challenges and much work has to be done.
      And yes, his daughter is very lucky for him…thanks for that brilliant point.

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