Pañca Mālikā 2022

Ākāśa Pañca Mālikā

Ākāśa means sky and pañca means five. We are not going into the esoteric details of five-pointed star now. Just notice that since Sunday 19 June 2022, a beautiful pañca-rāśi graha mālikā yoga forms from Aquarius to Gemini. The Yoga starts with Saturn in Aquarius in the first degree (uccha navāṁśa) showing Brahmarṣi and it ends with Mitra Āditya heralding the return of Jagannāth. This pañca-mālikā ends exactly on the twelfth day on 30 June 2022 on Āsāḍha Śukla pratipāda. And exactly the next day on 1 July 2022 the mighty Lord Jagannāth ‘Ratha Yatra’ festival begins.

Is this just a coincidence? For a few years now the people of Odisha have not been able to conduct the annual snāna yatra (bathing of Jagannāth). In this festival Jagannāth is bathed (abhiṣeka) with 108 pots of water and various incantations to cleanse the world of its sins and forgive mankind for their misdemeanour. Due to the absence of this annual cleansing, the world has steeped into depravity and terrible sins are being committed and humans are suffering and dying.

But this year, the Odiya people broke the covid fears and conducted the snāna festival. This ākāśa-pañca-mālikā yoga started exactly FIVE (5) days after Deva Snāna Pūrnimā (which was on 14 June 2022) when Jagannāth takes His annual cleansing before coming to earth-plane on 1 July 2022 (Āsāḍha Śukla Dvitīya)

Benediction after Ratha Yatra

The first and foremost important expectation is the cessation of war and deaths in the Slavic regions.

The ice-caps in the Arctic and Antarctic regions will stop melting at the rapid rate and the global melting of icecaps should cease. If it reverses for a few years, it should be seen as a miracle.

The planet has been experiencing great heating and this causes humans to also get all heated up and charged. Humans and animals lose their discretion and patience. Hopefully humans will become more tolerant of each other and other creatures as well.

Time [experience] will also slow down. It simply means you take a little more time with your coffee and glance into the tall mountains a little bit longer. You soak in the calmness of the tall pines a wee bit longer that makes the mind a little more calmer – and so much more sane. Yes welcome back sanity.

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