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Extract from Sanjay Rath’s Book “Narayana Dasa”

Dr Karan Singh (ex-Maharaja of Kashmir) Born on 9th March, 1931 at 5:46’ PM GMT; Cannes, France; (7E01’, 43N33’)
Born heir apparent (Yuvaraj) to Maharaja Hari Singh and Maharani Tara Devi of Jammu and Kashmir. In 1949 his father Maharaja Hari Singh at the intervention of Jawaharlal Nehru appointed him Regent, and thereafter he was continuously head of Jammu & Kashmir for a further eighteen years. Initially as Regent up to 1952, then as elected Sadar-i-Riyasat from 1952 to 1965, and finally as Governor from 1965 to 1967. In 1967 he was inducted into the Union Cabinet and, at thirty-six, was the youngest person ever to become a Central Cabinet Minister in India. On this appointment, he resigned his governorship and was elected to Parliament. He was Member of Parliament for the next eighteen years and held several major Cabinet posts. His was a unique instance of the last representative of the old order becoming, by the will of the people, the first representative of the new. Let us examine these two important phases using the Narayana dasa and Dasa Pravesh Chakra.

Table 23: Karan Singh Narayana dasa
Stronger planets and signs: Saturn and Mars; Li, Sc, Sg, Cn, Aq and Pi.

Dasa Period Age From To
Aquarius 02 2 1931-03-09 1933-03-09
Cancer 07 9 1933-03-09 1940-03-08
Sagittarius 06 15 1940-03-08 1946-03-09
Taurus 08 23 1946-03-09 1954-03-09
Libra 03 26 1954-03-09 1957-03-09
Pisces 09 35 1957-03-09 1966-03-09
Leo 06 41 1966-03-09 1972-03-08
Capricorn 01 42 1972-03-08 1973-03-08
Gemini 08 50 1973-03-08 1981-03-08
Scorpio 07 57 1981-03-08 1988-03-08
Aries 02 59 1988-03-08 1990-03-09
Virgo 07 66 1990-03-09 1997-03-08
Narayana Dasa: Second Cycle
Aquarius 10 76 1997-03-08 2007-03-09
Cancer 05 81 2007-03-09 2012-03-08
Sagittarius 06 87 2012-03-08 2018-03-08
Taurus 04 91 2018-03-08 2022-03-08
Libra 09 100 2022-03-08 2031-03-08
Pisces 03 103 2031-03-08 2034-03-08

The two phases are (a) Political life in Kashmir covered by the Narayana Dasa of Taurus, Libra and Pisces from 1946 to 1966 and (b) the political life in Delhi covered by the Narayana Dasa of Leo, Capricorn and Gemini from 1966 to 1981.
Chart 20: Dasa Pravesh Chakra (Taurus Narayana Dasa)

Chart 17 is the Varsha Pravesh Chart for the year 1946 when Taurus Narayana Dasa begins. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and is placed in the 11th house from Lagna (Cancer) and 10th house (Success) from the birth Lagna Leo. This is a very auspicious occasion promising rise and gain of power and position. The Lord of the Dasa sign is Venus which is also exalted in the ninth house, but is conjoined debilitated Mercury. There is a Parivartana (exchange) Rajyoga involving the 4th and 9th houses as Jupiter and Venus exchange signs. It is also noteworthy that this Parivartana involves the ninth house (father) on the one hand and the 4th house (Kingdom-Kashmir), Hora Lagna (HL-Wealth) and Ghatika Lagna (GL-Power) on the other hand showing radical changes in these areas. Jupiter is placed in the eighth from its sign thereby destroying it (i.e. Pisces is the Pachak[1]-inimical sign for Jupiter). The placement of the Sun in the eighth house also forebodes evil for father who may have to lose everything and could be banished as the Sun is aspected by Rahu and its dispositor is in the 12th house.

The placement of Rahu in the 12th house with other malefics Mars and Saturn is very bad for health indicating hospitalization, troubles in legs (Saturn aspects 9th house) and surgery (Mars). As pointed out earlier, planets in the 4th or 2nd house (and its trines) would give results early whereas those in the 7th or 9th house (and its trines) would give results towards the later part. The evils indicated by the Sun, Mars, Rahu and Saturn as well as the destruction of the ninth house shown by Jupiter were to function immediately whereas the Rajyoga indicated by Venus and Moon and troubles of Mercury were to function later.

Keeping this in view, analyse the Narayana Dasa in the birth chart (Chart-16). Venus is the Lord of Taurus and is also the Chara Pitri Karaka (father). Being placed in the 6th house from the natal ascendant, it becomes Marana Karaka[2] indicating destruction of fathers position. The dasa started (1946) with a serious hip bone related problem that made movement impossible besides the traumatic situation where Kashmir was attacked by marauding hordes from the Pakistan border. The family had to flee Srinagar and his father lost control over the kingdom.

Saturn, the Atmakaraka (self) is placed in the 8th house (disease) from Taurus and is also in the 12th house (foreign land) from the Paka Rasi[3]. Jupiter is placed in the second house from the Dasa Rasi and besides halving Subha Argala (beneficial intervention on the Deha-body) it also aspects the Atmakaraka promising cure from all ills. Mars aspects Taurus (Deha-body) showing surgery, accidents etc. The hip problem became very serious as he became immobile. He had to be taken to the USA for medical intervention and landed there in Gemini Antardasa on 31 December 1947 (Jupiter is in Gemini). He was operated on 7 July 1948 in Narayana dasa Taurus Aries antardasa, and finally after almost two years involving surgery, plaster and other treatment reached home in February 1949.

By then, to his dismay, his father had been effectively sidetracked and Sheik Abdullah was calling the shots in Jammu & Kashmir. Taurus is the tenth house showing initiation of Career. It houses the Arudha Lagna and has the Moon placed in the 7th from it promising excellent career growth and fame. Pisces is the eighth house (inheritance) and has Rahu the Gnati Karaka (also called Satru Karaka) placed in it. Being the 11th from Dasa Rasi, the enemies signified by Rahu were sure to gain the better of him during this dasa and during Taurus Dasa Pisces Antardasa, his father was eased out (banished) from the State of J&K. A peculiar situation developed due to the compromise when on 20th June 1949 his father left for Bombay (on exile), he flew to Jammu as the Regent and his mother left for Kasauli. This clearly shows that the master of intrigues (Rahu) had been successful in his machinations and through a no-win situation Dr Karan Singh had been catapulted as the de-facto ruler of J&K. He was later elected Sadar-i-Riyasat in Taurus dasa Libra antardasa and maintained the position throughout Libra Dasa and a major portion of Pisces dasa until he became Governor in Pisces Dasa Taurus antardasa.

The Bhoga Rasi for Taurus Dasa is Virgo with Ketu placed in it. Thus, the influence of Venus and Ketu promise marriage in this Dasa. It maybe noted that since the GL & HL are in the 1st & 7th houses, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn qualify as Yogada. The seventh house from Lagna is Aquarius aspected by the Darakaraka Mars. The seventh Lord from Venus (Naisargika Kalatrakaraka) is Moon, which is placed in Scorpio. He was married in Taurus Dasa, Aquarius Antardasa and Scorpio Pratyantar dasa on 5 March 1950. Although the wedding was fixed for January, it had to be postponed due to an accident where his leg sustained multiple fractures and the hipbone had broken. It maybe noted the Mars is the Darakaraka and when the event of marriage is at hand, its natural traits would be evident.

The second political phase from 1966 coincides exactly with the advent of the Leo Narayana Dasa. The Dasa Pravesh chakra for Leo Narayana dasa is given in Chart-18.

Chart 21: Dasa Pravesh Chakra for Leo Narayana dasa

Leo Lagna rises with the advent of Leo Narayana Dasa and this is the Janma Lagna showing tremendous personal power and political rise. The Lord of the Dasa Rasi, Sun is placed in a Kendra and conjoined its dispositor Saturn in the Hora Lagna (Wealth) and aspects the Ghatika Lagna (Power & Position) in Cancer. The main difference between Chart-17 and Chart-18 is the placement of the Moon and its dispositor Venus. Whereas in Chart-17 these factors were well placed from Lagna showing that he would enjoy the Rajyoga in his hometown, in Chart-18 their placement in Panapara shows that the Rajyoga promised would be outside the hometown. With the advent of Leo Dasa, he left Kashmir and came to Delhi to be the youngest Cabinet Minister in 1967. He was elected soon thereafter to the Lok Sabha from the Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency in Jammu and Kashmir on behalf of the Indian National Congress by an overwhelming majority and was re-elected from there in 1971, 1977 and 1980. The accuracy of the Narayana dasa in timing his changes is unmatched by any other Dasa. He was assigned the portfolio of Tourism and Civil Aviation, which he held for six years and where he created a marked impact by his vision and dynamism. This coincided with the six years of Leo Narayana dasa, which is aspected by Venus from Capricorn. Venus rules travels and hospitality and thus clearly indicates his portfolio. Even in the Dasa Pravesh chart, the Lagna is aspected by Venus, which is also the dispositor of the Moon (focus of the Mind).

With the advent of Gemini Narayana Dasa which is aspected by Saturn (disease) as the 6th (disease) and 7th Lord (sex/family planning) in 1973 he moved to the Ministry of Health and Family Planning. Family Planning emerged is major national commitment after he announced the National Population Policy in 1976. In 1979 he assumed the portfolio of Education and Culture which were more in line with the activities of Mercury the Lord of Gemini. Thus, the importance of using the Dasa Pravesh Chakra to pinpoint the exact change and its nature has been shown in these examples.

[1] refer Appendix-1 for Pachak-Adi relationship.
[2] Refer Rule 12 in this chapter.
[3] Capricorn occupied by the lord of the dasa Rasi Venus, is the Paka Rasi

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