Kumara Purnima

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For the people of Puri the most important festival of Kumara Purnima is celebrated in Ashvina Purnima as the day of enlightenment of Sri Kartikeya » becomes Kumara Kartikeya, the great teacher and Guru of Maharsi Pippalada. This Purima gives Lagna suddhi. Women celebrate this to get good and handsome husband.

Morning ritual is ‘Anjula Teka: Wear new clothes and offer a palmful of prasad including khai (puffed rice), janhi (striped gourd), cucumber, banana, coconut, betel nut to Surya – this is called Anjuli

Evening ritual is Chandra Puja: Anjuli is offered to Chandra, Moon god (same as morning). Additionally the Chandra Cakata is offered to the Moon. If the girls will see clear moon and offer ‘Chanda Chakata’, they will get a young and strong husband. They use Khai, Ukhuda, jiggery, sugarcane, banana, Chhena (cottage cheese) and talasaja to prepare the prasad. The prasad on a plate in the shape of half moon and then offered to the moon god.

  • This is a very powerful remedy for Marriage. If a married women does this, husband becomes strong and free from disease. Children are very strong
  • Men worship Karikeya in addition to participating in the Anjali and Chakata
  • Warriors worship weapons, students worship their Asana

There are many mantras of Kumara Kartikeya. Choose one
तच्च शक्तिविषयं रक्तम्। वैष्णवं पीतम्। शैवे श्वेतं ग्राह्यम्॥
tacca śaktiviṣayaṁ raktam | vaiṣṇavaṁ pītam | śaive śvetaṁ grāhyam ||
Shakta wear blood red, vaishnava wear yellow and Shaiva wear white.

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