BJP Vajpayee swearing-in 1999

Published in The Times of Astrology, New Delhi. March 2000

As predicted in a previous issue on the Future of India, in spite of the fall of the Government Shri A.B. Vajpayee was, is and will continue to be the P.M. of India during the Narayan Dasa of Pisces (1997 – 2002). However, the fortune of each government is spelt out in the chart drawn for the time it takes an oath. The present Government was sworn in on the 13th of October 1999 (Wednesday) at 10:31′ AM 1ST, at New Delhi.

Longevity OF Government

Method 1
Lagna (Fixed) + Hora Lagna (Fixed) = Short Life
Lagna Lord (Dual) + 8th Lord (Movable) = Short Life
Moon (Fixed)  + Saturn (Movable)   = Middle Life
Net Longevity = Short Life (0 to 20 Months)

General Reading

General reading of the chart shows its strength in the placement of the Sun as Atmakaraka in the 11th house. It is said that such a placement of the Sun is akin to the Kundala (Earrings) of Karna (One of the unsung heroes of Mahabharata and a child of the Sun God). The debilitated ninth lord Moon in Lagna gets Neechabhanga (cancellation of debility) due to the placement of seventh lord (Partners) Venus in a quadrant from both Lagna and the Moon. Thus in its infancy the insiders themselves will cause considerable troubles, but the Government will surly survive and tide over its crises due to the strong position of its partners. The partners are seen from the Darapada , which is in Leo with Venus strongly placed in it and aspected by Mercury (from Libra), Saturn & Jupiter (from Aries) and Ketu (from Capricorn) by Rasi Drishti . The presence of fifth lord (subordinates / Juniors) Jupiter going to the sixth house (enemies) with the debilitated Saturn shows that some politicians like Shri Kalyan Singh who were the juniors of Shri Vajpayee the Prime Minister will becomes enemies. Debilitated Saturn will ensure their political death.

Narayana dasa (versatile Rasi dasa)

The results of the Chart can be inferred from the Narayana Dasa . These are as follows: –

SCORPIO        1999-10-13 TO 1999-10-27 : During the dasa of Scorpio with the debilitated Moon, the Government faced considerable turmoil. Since the Moon is the ninth lord (Dharma / Religious matters) and is also the dispositor of Rahu (cheating) it is most advisable for the ruling party to steer clear of such issues related to ecclesiastical affairs / temples etc. that could threaten its very survival and instead focus on core issues of national development. This is also confirmed by the fact that the Sun is the Atmakaraka. The exact location of Rahu indicating such troubles is in Cancer symbolizing rivers like the Ganges. Since Venus (women) in tenth house (power) causes Neechabhanga the development of women / their representation or empowerment would be considered seriously by the body politic and this will be very beneficial for the Government and the nation.

GEMINI           1999-10-28 TO 1999-12-23 : Gemini is the eighth house ruling destruction of power, diseases, death, debts and troubles. This is an airy sign and is placed in the sixth from Arudha Lagna showing enemies. Towards the end of this period an Indian Airlines flight (Gemini-Airy Sign) was hijacked (6th house from AL-Enemy trouble). The hijackers threatened to kill the hostages (8th House – turmoil, death threat) and some tactical mistakes were made.

CAPRICORN   1999-12-28 TO 2000-04-18 : With the advent of Capricorn dasa on 28 December 1999, the Hijackers/ Terrorists made their first mistake in demanding money whereby they were badly exposed as mercenary killers. Capricorn is the Arudha Lagna with Ketu in it. Ketu in the third from Lagna gives prowess. Thus, the Government proved its prowess in hard bargaining that ultimately resulted in the release of the 150 hostages in exchange for three jailed terrorists. It is noteworthy that one of the released terrorists was a spiritual person/priest. The placement of Rahu in the seventh from AL  and twelfth from A6 and A7 shows a VERY POSITIVE TREND in all politicians, both ruling classes and opposition becoming God fearing and spiritual. Danger of clashes and increase in the terrorist activities is indicated as Ketu is in the Dasa Rasi and Saturn in the fourth. This is very dangerous for territorial integrity. Jupiter in the fourth shows the blessings of the Maharishi’s and the wise one’s in tiding over this crisis. Thus Jupiter in the fourth from the Dasa Rasi shows “New Thinking for National Security” and intelligence. This phase can be tough for the health sector. Danger of a sudden attack (Ketu) or aggression from the neighbour (3rd house) in the western direction (Capricorn) is not ruled out. Moon in the eleventh and Venus in the 8th are surely going to give a fillip to the finances and in spite of all odds, the mood will be upbeat. The people residing in the Hilly regions will be delighted due to some new legislation and laws striving to give them their dues/ statehood.

LEO                 2000-04-28 TO 2000-09-28 : Venus in the sign is indicative of better and stronger supporters as well as the fact the trouble due to enemies will crop up. The bills concerning empowerment of women due to Venus in the 10th house will be passed and Indian politics will take a different color due to the higher participation of the fair sex. Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the Darapada and Satrupada  (A6) show that some enemies will become friends and some friends will be come enemies. The Government will be very successful in parliament and will receive the admiration of all for its excellent performance in external affairs and national defense strategies. Child and women welfare activities will receive a boost and better clothes and living standards will be the focus of the new era. Trade and commerce may receive some bad news from the international community, but India will be slow to react. New Cars maybe introduced in the market and some new laws for enforcing discipline among the teachers for higher learning. There will be significant advance in traditional learning and Astrology etc. This will mark the beginning of the Golden Era of letters for India, which in the years to come will see India emerge as a major center for learning. Rahu in the 12th shows that some secret enemies will continue to lurk, but there will be peace and harmony due to the strength of the coalition and Venus. The Government will get a NEW LIFE. A very beneficial phase for health sector.

PISCES           2000-10-12 TO 2001-03-15 : This is a beneficial sign, but the third from the Arudha Lagna threatening premature end to the Government. Debilitated Saturn in the second shows a sudden loss in finance due to unscrupulous persons as Jupiter tries to stop the outflow/ losses. Rahu in the fifth shows unrest among the masses and Mars in the sky augurs evil for a leader. It rules violence and good is hard to predict. IT IS ADVISED THAT MRITUNJAYA MANTRA BE RECITED 8000 TIMES IN 40 DAYS (I.E 2 ROSARY OF 108 BEADS PER DAY) ALONG WITH RUDRABHISHEK ON THE FIRST DAY OF COMMENCEMENT OF JAPA.

LIBRA 2001-03-29  TO 2001-08-15 : If the Government survives the backstab of the Narayana Pisces Dasa (WHICH IS VERY UNLIKELY), then this period of the beneficial Libra with Mercury in it, Venus in the 11th showing great gains from partnerships and Jupiter in the seventh showing good fortune shall prove to be a boon. Industrial Policy maybe liberalized further to allow the agriculture to grow with modern technology and funds. Agriculture based Industries are likely to be out of much control and new regulations for the market and telecommunications are likely to be brought up. The Housing sector is going to jump and construction of multi-storey apartments and buildings is likely to take a lot of pressure from land and local travel. The Money markets are going to skyrocket. Excellent for finance.

TAURUS          2001-08-28  TO 2001-10-09 : A rather happy phase with the Government making many gains in Public Image due to its aggressive stand and strong and clear views on National security. Speculation gains as the bulls have their bite. New weapons and armaments for the armed forces; higher spending will be seen in all sectors and there will be many positive things about this period. Neighbours like Pakistan will surely be CUT TO SIZE. Mars in the 8th and Rahu in the third does show wrong movements by the enemy, but Venus in the fourth is like Mata Bhavani standing up to protect India. New strides in science & technology will mark a feather in the cap due to Mercury in the sixth.

SAGITTARIUS            2001-10-12 TO 2001-12-07 : Mars in this sign does not auger well as the woes of Rahu in the eighth threaten stability. A lot of intrigue is in the air.

CANCER          2001-12-12 TO 2002-03-20 : This is likely to be the last phase as it has Rahu, the master of intrigues in it and aspects the Mrityupada (A8) in Aquarius.


1.       The Muhurta chosen for the swearing-in of the Government is really terrible as nothing seems to have been learnt from the past when a similar debilitated Moon in the seventh caused a premature end. In Muhurta, it is very important that the Moon is strong as it wards off all threats of premature end due to the blessings of Lord Shiva.

2.       The life of the present Government is likely to end between 10- 15 months unless remedial measures are seriously undertaken. If this is done as outlined above, then this can stretch till March 2002 at the most, but not beyond.

3.       In a subsequent article we shall discuss about the successor of this Government as the fifth lord with debilitated Saturn in retrogression does not show Vajpayee-ji coming back to power. Perhaps he may renounce politics or perhaps his health will need more attention. One thing is sure that his security will have to be strengthened as Rahu in the eighth house in his natal chart threatens danger from terrorists. May Jagannath Mahaprabhu keep him well.

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