Makara Sankranti 2022

What a Feeling

Did you also feel the powerful energy of Bagala Ma yesterday. Such a powerful energy this time. Narayana is surely coming to protect this world – finally this COVID will end. Without Bagala Ma, Narayana will not come. She is that most powerful Vaishnavi Shakti. In Puri we call Her baaTa-maNgalA as She clears the way for entry. She has many other names as mAtR-shakti of different regions (every nation like Kalinga is divided into 16 sub-regions based on 16 sanskrit vowels that manfest everything)

1. Mangala of Kakatpur,
2. Viraja of Jajpur
3. Sarala of Jhankad
4. Bhagavati of Banpur
5. Harachandi of Puri
6. Ramachandi of Konark
7. Charchika of Banki
8. Bag Devi of Kulad
9. Stambeswari of Aska
10. Hingula of Talcher
11. Narayani of Khalikote
12. Tara Tareni of Ganjam
13. Bhattarika of Badamba
14. Barunei of Khurda
15. Chandi of Cuttack
16. Samaleswari of Sambalpur

This is very different from tantrayana of Sapta Matrika of Puri, Jajpur, Belakhandi, Titilagarh, Khiching, Dharmasala, Kundeswar and Seragarh or the chausaThi (64) Yoginis at Puri, Hirapur, Ranipur – Jhariyal and Sambalpur
Just as Narayana, the director of the devas in their day time – comes from Capricorn, the Makara maasa, Shankara, the protector of the devas in their night, comes through Cancer.
[see I am not saying Vishnu, because Vishnu is everywhere – that’s Jagannath, no need to come and go.
Without feet He travels everywhere
Without hands He does everything
Without eyes He sees everyone
that’s Jagannath]

Sankranti 2022 Chart

Sun will always be at 0-deg Cp in this chart. So what matters is the Moon. Look at the nighty battle between Lord Krishna [Moon exalted in Rohini] and Takshaka Naga [Rahu in Krittika aspected by Mars from Scorpio]. Such a mighty Moon has the full support of the Brahmana singing powerful mantra from Satabhisaj [Jup-Shtabhisaj nakshatra]. And the Gajakeshari of Yadu vansha shall slay this COVID asura this year. We shall be free!

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