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Kārakāṁśa is composed of two words – (1) ‘kāraka’ referring to the ātmakāraka specifically and other Charakāraka (temporal significators) as well and (2) ‘aṁśa’ referring to the navāṁśa and other divisional charts. Kārakāṁśa refers to the navāṁśa (and/or other divisional charts) where the ātmakāraka is placed and such a sign is treated as the kārakāṁśa-lagna or seat of the real self, the soul and the first house for determining all things connected to deep inner desires and creation cause itself.


The sign/navāṁśa occupied by the ātmakāraka gives us a clue as to the desire of the ātman and the nature of the ātmakāraka gives us vital information about the nature of the ātman, its spiritual development etc. Some of my experiences are listed below:

  1. If a malefic planet is the ātmakāraka, it indicates a high level of spiritual development whereas a benefic planet as the ātmakāraka indicates a relatively lower level. Example: Rāhu was the ātmakāraka for Srila Prabhupada and Ramakrishna Paramhaṁśa.
  2. The ātmakāraka invariably indicates suffering during its Vimśottari daśā, especially if a malefic. During the Nārāyaṇa daśā of the sign occupied by the ātmakāraka or those aspecting it, great achievements are made. If the native is spiritually inclined then the daśā of the ātmakāraka can be beneficial.
  3. A retrograde ātmakāraka indicates a deep-rooted desire as being the cause of the birth. This has to be seen from the nature of the planet which becomes the AK. For example, if Mars is AK and retrograde, then there is a very strong desire related to succeeding in some battle or competition in this planet and the native will be dragged into innumerable fights and will be fighting all the time. The solution lies in finding the best self defense strategies based on Kārakāṁśa of which, Ahimsa is the greatest. Similarly, if Saturn is the retrograde AK then the desire would manifest in the native doing something related to the elders or old knowledge in new bottles. When retrograde, this desire is very strong and will be the cause of all direction in life. The other signification of Saturn is sorrow and if the native gives sorrow to others, especially elders and those who are like Guru, then know that he is running a bad time and a lot of sorrow is in his destiny (in any case). The best remedy for him would be to develop a stoic attitude towards the acts and words of others and keep prodding in his path. In this manner, the retrogression is to be understood.
  4. Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight.

Planets as ātmakāraka:

1.       Sun as AK indicates the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble.

2.       Moon as AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate.

3.       Mars as AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of Ahimsa.

4.       Mercury as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times.

5.       Jupiter as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children.

6.       Venus as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex/lust.

7.       Saturn as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others.

8.       Rāhu as AK indicates that the native maybe cheated often and will still have to be free from guile and clean hearted.

Ātmakāraka in signs & houses

Jaimini has indicated the results of various navāṁśa for the placement of AK. Read this carefully and make a list for ready reference.

AK in different houses from Lagnāṁśa

(Hint: Count the number of signs from AK to navāṁśa lagna, the number shall indicate the results of the house that shall predominate. check the strength of Karaka of such house; do this exercise both in Rāśi and navāṁśa Chart; Rāśi chart results like that of Sri Krishna & other great persons while navāṁśa for all others.)

  1. If AK is in navāṁśa Lagna, the native belongs to a royal family/ is of noble birth and lineage. If navāṁśa Lagna Lord conjoins AK, then the native, although of humble origin shall rise to a high rank equal to a king. If the AK aspects navāṁśa Lagna, then Royal association shall be present from birth. The natural karaka of 1st house (Sun) should be strong to indicate the extent of Rājayoga.
  2. If AK is in 2nd house, the native shall be very spiritual and a great saint. If Saturn is strong, the renunciation shall be complete whereas if Venus is strong the native shall perform severe austerities.
  3. If AK is in 3rd house, the native shall be rich and successful in many undertakings. He shall be a friend of many powerful people.
  4. If AK is in 4th house the native shall be a Karma Yogi. If the Moon and Jupiter are strong, he shall have fame whereas if the Sun is strong Rajyoga and a strong Saturn indicate a hard working person.
  5. If AK is in 5th house the native is Dharma Parayana i.e. obeys the laws of his dharma diligently and is straightforward. If Sun is strong, he shall have many good yogas. Blessings of his father shall always protect him.
  6. If AK is in 6th house, the native is diseased and troubled. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Nārāyana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  7. If AK is in 7th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and many joys. If Venus is strong, marriage shall be a great blessing.
  8. If AK is in 8th house, the native has many troubles and weaknesses. He is defeated in war. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Nārāyana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  9. If AK is in 9th house, the native is a very pious person and is wealthy and fortunate.
  10. If AK is in 10th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and good home. He shall be a pillar for his family and mother; the Moon in strength shall be an added blessing for this.
  11. If AK is in 11th house, the native shall be brave, successful in war and capable of executing any task. If Mars is strong there shall be Rājayoga.
  12. If AK is in 12th house the native is very rich and blessed by Lakshmi.

123 thoughts on “Atmakaraka & Karakamsa

  1. Pranam sir,
    My atmakarak is venus placed in 1st house of Capricorn rashi conjunction with JupiterR, mars and sun….d1 and d9 lagna lord saturnR conjunction with moon in 3rd house of navansha….
    Will I ever get married or would I have normal married life….
    Please reply

    1. depends on the lagna. assuming makara lagna, the 1L-Sa +7L-Mo yuti mina rashi will give marriage. but it is delayed due to Sat and the denial part is from debility of JupR. that retro Jup makes you think yes and no, regarding marriage. This guru dosha must be removed with dakshinamurti mantra. start from thursday. If Jup is combust, do mantra with wet single sari in bedroom after bath.

  2. Hello sir,
    I am Sonu. I have watched all of your and Visti ji’s lectures in Youtube and I have found out that I have a lot of curses in my chart and chart is very complicated and hard to read for armature like me . I am hoping you could give some mantras that can help me deal with the curses and problems in my life, for that I am sharing some details. also the details are 100% accurate time was noted by my mother.
    D1 Lagna Capricorn 8’58.
    1st H -Ketu(19’09) ,
    4th H- Jup(10’27,GK) + Moon(15’19,MK) + Sat(22’46,AK)
    7th H-Mer(Retro)(4’53,DK) + Rahu(19’09,PIK) + Sun(17’52,BK)
    8th H-Venus(Retr0)(10’42,PK)
    10th H-Mars(19’19,AMK)
    I am particularly concerned about the curse mentioned by Visti Ji which is Keu being aspected by malefices as it is the curse of the Rishi’s. I have all malefics aspecting ketu. so please guide me sanjay ji.
    Thankyou .

    1. Only Lord Shiva can help. All malefics in kendra = sarpa yoga. Broken by Jup in gajakesari. Do panchaksari ॐ नमः शिवाय 10 mala everyday and life will change. all curses will finish

  3. Namaskar Sanjay ji,

    I have retrograde Mercury as atmakaraka with almost 28 deg
    In my D1 (Scorpio Asc) Mercury is placed in 3rd house along with Ketu, and is also lord of my 8th house (Bhavat Bhavam)
    In my D9 (Capricorn Asc) Mercury is placed in 9th house (Virgo)
    Looking at all these aspects, I feel Mercury is very important planet, currently I am running on Saturn Mahadasha and next Mahadasha is Mercury

    My Question is what is Mercury asking me to accomplish? or what I should be doing to make the best out of this combination?

    Thank you in advance for your kind reply

  4. Hi
    Thank you so much for imparting & sharing your knowledge:)
    I am cancer ascendant in the D1, AK Saturn in 7th house conjunct with sun- aspected by retrograde Jupiter from 3rd house. DK mercury in 8th(combust)

    In D9 ascendant is saggitarius, AK moves to Virgo and is conjunct with moon in 10th house. Moon is at a higher degree. DK is in ascendant. Jupiter exalted in 8th.

    What are the AK & DK indicating?

    Thank you:)

  5. Pranam Sir,
    My Atmakaraka is Jupiter in 1st house in capricorn lagna (parivartana with saturn in pisces 3rd house). It moves to 2nd house in bhava chakra. It’s in 7th house in pisces navamsa.
    My question is, in this case, the 8th from AK (if we consider jupiter in 2nd house instead of 1st) is 9th house. As you had mentioned AK will avoid 6,8,12th from itself.. But I don’t understand how that would relate to Ju? Why would Jupiter not want the native to focus on the dharma(8th house from Ju itself would be 9th)
    Please kindly clarify if possible.
    Charan Sparsh

    1. problem starts by moving Jupiter into the second house in the first place. Don’t use chakit chakra with AK or Karaka Lagna. Ak is a lagna in itself and has the highest ego in the chart. everyone else hangs around him and not vice versa. If AK does not like lagna, the lagna suffers…like that
      in your case the dusthana from AK are the 6H, 8H and 12H …not the 9th house for sure

  6. Dear Sanjay,

    What if AK (moon) in the 8th house (Scorpio) in navamsa, but conjoin navamsa lagna lord (Mars) there ?

    The contradictory results are seen from this: AK is 8 th from navamsa lagna which indicates much sorrow, but simultaneously conjoins navamsa Lagna lord which indicates a rise in life.

    Would be very grateful for your answer.


  7. Hello Mr Sanjay Rath,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just wanted to clarify, when you say, “Count the number of signs from AK to navāṁśa lagna” to determine the AK in different houses.. is it for example; AK falls in 6th house of navamsa chart, do we count from 6th house clockwise direction to it is 8th house?

    Also, with Rahu as atmakaraka, I saw one of your seminars posted on youtube and I am grateful for them doing so as I live in an isolated part of this world with very little legitimate facilities teaching jyotish.

    My AK is exalted in taurus in the 6th house of the rasi chart and you talked about listening to the atmakaraka. how would I go about in doing so? and do you have any book suggestions to study this subject?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. In that example with AK in 6H, the count from AK to Lagna is “8”
      Lets get it straight – who is the boss here? AK is the Boss, so what matters is how he see’s you, the new manifested being, this new organic-suit you wear and call body. Does he like it or hate it, is he comfortable and snug or is wriggling inside?

  8. Mars is atmakaraka and both vargotamma and yogakaraka and occupy 12& 6 th house in d1 and d 9 ….
    What would be seen ?
    I’m monk and teaching Gita and have constant transformation energy’s

  9. Sir,
    I have recently heard your two lectures on Atmakaraka.
    I have Mercury as Armakaraka in conjuction with Venus in 10th house with Piesces Ascendant. Both are in 5th house in Dhanu in Navmansh chart. Jupiter is in 4th house there.
    Who is my Ishtdevata Planet?
    Jupiter being in 12th in Navmansh Chart or Venus being conjuct with Atmakaraka?
    Both Mercury and Venus are vargottam.
    Also want to consult you.

  10. Namaste respected Pandiji

    Your Articles on astrology is very informative article and thank you for such rare information.
    I have consulted many astrologers and some says my birth chart is very special good for research.

    Birth Time: 1977 March 24th – 14. Hours 46. Minutes and Seconds 30 pm – Colombo (Sri Lanka)

    I am a Cancer Ascendant. In my birth chart Atmakaraka (AK) is Venus and Venus is Vargottama and Exalted in Rash Chart (in 9th House- Pisces) and also Exalted Navamsa Chart (in 04th House- Pisces) Venus also retrograde.
    (Venus vargottam in D1, D9, D6, D7, D8, D11, D16, D20, D27 and D81 Varga Charts)

    In Rashi Chart Exalted Venus in in 9th House – Pisces with Mercury (debilitated) and Sun and some says it is Neecha Banga Raja Yoga. (Vimsopaka Bala of Venus – Dasa Varga 14.25 (71%) and Shodasa Varga 13.48 (67%) and Vaiseshikamsa Bala – Dasa Varga – 6 (Paravata) and Shodasa Varga – 9 (Poornachandra) Venus – Avastha is KAUTHUKA.

    I’m a Cancer Ascendant. In my Birth Chart, Retrograde SATURN in Ascendant of all Varga Charts (D 1 to D 16 and also in D 81, D108, D144, D 150 charts) Therefore Saturn which repeats across all of 16 Parashari varga.

    In Rashi Chart (D 1) Saturn is in Lagna – Cancer and Saturn in Navamsa (D 9) in Sagittarius.
    Saturn (Vimsopaka Bala of Venus Dasa Varga 9.9 (50%) and Shodasa Varga 10.75 (54%) and Vaiseshikamsa Bala – Dasa Varga – 4 (Gopura) and Shodasa Varga – 5 (Kanduka) – Saturn Avastha is KAUTHUKA.

    I am a Cancer Ascendant and Moon also exalted (Degree 2 in Taurus with Jupiter) Moon Astakavarga 7 and (Vimsopaka Bala – Dasa Varga 14.45 (72%) and Shodasa Varga 14.90 (75%) and Vaiseshikamsa Bala – Dasa Varga – 7 (Devaloka) and Shodasa Varga – 9 (Poornachandra) Moon – Avastha is KAUTHUKA.

    Atmakaraka (AK) Venus is exalted in Rash Chart (in 9th House- Pisces) and in Navamsa chart (in 04th House- Pisces) Venus also retrograde

    As Saturn is in Ascendant of all Varga charts also retrograde. is it special or have any Good or Bad effects in my life?
    How above will effect on my life & whether above is good for spiritual advancement.

    Panditji, requesting your guidance and I’m utterly confused of above and I pray for your reply.

    MY EMAIL –

    Thank you
    Kind regards

  11. sir what would be inference of parivartan between Mercury (AK)-2nd house lord and Saturn AmK 9th house lord for taurus ascendant? here capricorn is Arudhalagna

      1. Namaste Sir
        I have watched your videos about atmakaraka in youtube
        Very clear explanation as always
        My atmakaraka planet is mars in Libra vishakha pada 3
        Along with Venus and rahu
        Since one year from mars dasha
        Facing a lot of health and relationship issues
        Do conjunctions effect atmakaraka ?

  12. Hello sir, I am virgo ascendent. Sun as atmakaraka. Sun is placed in Sagittarius in 6th house of D9 chart.and amatyakaraka in 8th house in Aquarius.
    Who is my ista devata?
    What my atmakaraka is indicating?

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