Vaishnava Nakshatra Devata


The vaishnava of Jagannath worship the nakshatra devata at the time of Ratha Yatra. These devata are associated with the chariots of the three deities of the simhasana i.e. the three chariots. Other details can be learnt from the traditional writings on Jagannath Mahaprabhu.

Today we take the initiative to openly introduce these 27 nakshatra devata to the vedic astrologers.

  • You will appreciate that the devata of the chariot of Balabhadra Deva are from the family of Rudra, the deity who destroys the tamas energy.
  • The devata of the chariot of Subhadra Devi, the sister of Krishna and wife of Arjuna Pandava, are forms of Shakti. Dhakti/Durga/Mother fully replaces Brahma as the creative power of the universe. In fact She is Brahmamayi, the creative principle.
  • The devata of the chariot of Jagannath Mahaprabhu are some principal forms of Vishnu.

Please go through all these 27 devata and familiarize yourself with their forms, nature and principal mantra.

Bhū-Loka Tamas
# Name Ratha Yatra Jyotiṣa
1 Aśvinī Gaṇeśa Dasra
2 Bharaṇī Kārtikeya Yama
3 Kṛttikā Sarva-maṅgala Agni
4 Rohini Pralambarī Brahma
5 Mrigasīra Halayudha Moon
6 Ārdrā Mṛtyuṅjaya Rudra
7 Punarvasu Natāmvara Aditi
8 Puṣyā Mukteśvara Bṛhaspati
9 Aslesa Śeṣadeva Sarpa
Bhuva-Loka Rajas
# Name Ratha Yatra Jyotiṣa
10 Maghā Chaṇḍi Pitṛ
11 Pūrva Phalgunī Chāmuṇḍā Bhaga
12 Uttara Phalgunī Ugratārā Aryaman
13 Hasta Banadurgā Savitur
14 Chitra Śūlidurgā Tvastr
15 Svātī Varāhī Vāyu
16 Viśākhā Śyāmākālī Indragni
17 Anurādhā Maṅgalā Mitra
18 Jyeshtha Vimalā Indra
Svarga-Loka Sattva
# Name Ratha Yatra Jyotiṣa
19 Mula Panchamukha Mahavira Nirriti
20 Pūrva Āshādhā Harihara Apah
21 Uttara Āṣāḍhā Madhusudana Vishva
22 Śrāvaṇa Giri Goverdhan dhāri Vishnu
23 Dhaniṣṭhā Pāṇḍu Narasingha Vasu
24 Shatabhisha Chintamani Krishna Varuna
25 Pūrva Bhādrapadā Nārāyaṇa Ajaikapada
26 Uttara Bhādrapadā Chatra Bhaṅga Rāvaṇa Ahirbudhnya
27 Revati Rama-Hanuman Pushan

Janma Nakshatra

The first step is to know your janma nakshatra devata. The position of the Moon in the sky at the moment of your birth is your janma nakshatra. As taught in the Bhagavat Gita, it is a chariot of the Gods that delivered you into this world. There is a lot more than this simplistic usage, but this is a fine beginning.

Illustration: Sri Narendra Modi, India Prime Minister, was born in Anuradha Nakshatra. You can read Moo 7-54 Anr in chart where Anr is Anuradha. This is specifically mentioned in the Panchanga Nakshatra 17 Anuradha

Anuradha is part of the Subhadra Devi Chariot and the specific power of Shakti is named Maṅgalā. She is an extremely powerful devi and the principal shakti of Vedanga Jyotisha [Anuradha is in 8th bhava of natural Zodiac in Scorpio]. Sri Achyutananda did the crow meditation under water in the pond outside the Kakatpur mangala temple for his Jyotish siddhi. The crow (family of Raven) is associated with Agni tattva and so is Maṅgalā, the shakti associated with protection and strength, the feminine -Mars.

Worship of this Janma Nakshatra devata is essential for protection and long life. Ideally you should find the mantra for your Janma Nakshatra devata.

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  1. Hari Om sir

    How do I know the devata name or mantra to my nakshatra ..(Moon nakshatra).
    Hasta. Gayatri mantra only for initiated Brahmanas as far as I know.
    What is Jupiter and Saturn on same degree retrograde? Any remedy please.
    Hari Aum !

  2. Dear all those who are having problems in viewing the Third Column of the Table i.e. Swarga Loka …… I too faced difficulty in viewing the same over the Desk Top … But I could select the table … Copy it …. paste it on a separate page and was able to read it !!

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  4. pranam sir, the last column of the nakshatra devathas, displayed above, is not visible, it is superimposed by the website content in the right side. sri gurubhyo namaha.

  5. Dear Sanjayji,

    What is Crow meditation? How did Sri Achyutananda das performed this meditation under water for his Jyotish Siddhi? Is this meditation related to his janma nakshatra Mrigashira?

    Does worshipping to Vaishnava Devata Nakshatra has anything to do with one’s profession?

    Kindly enlighten.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishant Mehta

  6. Thank you very much sir though I want to bring to your notice that the table is not visible fully to us, even if one tilts the phone in portrait mode(horizontally)

  7. Om gurave namah , my moon is in 2nd house and nakshatra is Swati – Maa varahi , please would you mind telling me the mantra please ? I didnt find it in Vedic remedies book

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