Dreams: Lord Kṛṣṇa Teachings

krishna_alilai Extracts from Brahmavaivarta Purāṇa

Auspicious dreams

Nanda asked :

1.          Tell me, O Lord, which sort of dreams gives happiness and merit to the seer and produces good results.

Śrī Kṛṣṇa replied :

2-3.       My father! The Sāmaveda is regarded an authority in all matters. Now, please listen to me discussing the auspicious dreams that always give meritorious results, as described in the Puṇya Kāṇḍa of Kanva recension of the Sāmaveda.

4.          Man attains the merit of a dip in the holy Ganges if he hears the description of dreams that yield various pious results.

5-6.       Dreams of the first quarter (Yama or Prahara) of the night show results in a year, of the second quarter in eight months, of the third in three months, of the fourth in a fortnight, of the dawn in ten days. Dreams of early morning meet immediate results if the seer wakes up after the dream.

7.          A dream dreamt by a person mentally anxious or physically sick, becomes futile.

8.          Dreams seen by a man sick, frightened, naked, with disheveled hair or smeared with excreta, become futile.

9.          A dream becomes futile if the dreamer falls asleep again after the dream or due to his utter foolishness discloses it to some body else during the same night.

10.        The disclosure of his dream to one hailing from Kaśyapa clan brings about danger, that of his dream to one distressed, distress and that of his dream to a vile person, disease to the dreamer.

11-12.   (He) contracts fright by disclosing the dream to an enemy, quarrel by doing it to a fool (or an illiterate person), loss of wealth by doing the same to a woman; he gets into fear from thieves if he discloses it at night, bereavement if, while drowsy, but attains desired object if he discloses the dream to a learned man. But, O Nanda, dreams though good should not be disclosed to a person who belongs to the Kaśyapa lineage even if he is learned.

13-14.   A man receives wealth if he (in his dream) rides an ox, an elephant or a horse, or climbs up a tree or a mountain or eats or wails. He gets filed rich in harvest if he receives a lyre (VINA) in dream.

15. He gets wealth if he is injured with weapons or smeared with excrement or blood or suffers from boils or biting of worms.

15.        He gets wealth if he is injured with weapons or smeared with excrement or blood or suffers from boils or biting of worms.

16-17.   He receives favourable news and immense wealth if he performs the following in dream: viz. incest, wedding, drinking of semen mixed with urine, entering a city (at night) or hell and drinking of blood mixed with urine or nectar.

18-20.   Fame and vast wealth will be attained by one who sees in dream the following : an elephant, a king, gold, an ox, a cow, a lamp, food, fruits, flowers, a maiden, an umbrella, a chariot, a flat, or his relatives. He gets fortune if he sees (in a dream) a pitcher full of water, a twice born person (i.e., a Brāhmaṇa, a kṣatriya or a vaiśya), fire, flowers, betel, a temple, white, Paddy, a dagger or a public woman. He also gets merit and wealth if he sees (in a dream) cow milk or clarified butter (ghṛta)

21.        He will definitely become a king if he enjoys curd, milk, ghee, honey, sweets or sunned rice from a leaf of lotus plant in dream.

22.        A man will attain desired objects, receive pleasant news and much money if he partakes of meat of birds of human beings in dreams.

23.        He will get the same results (as described in the preceding verse) he if walks along a road with an umbrella or a pair of shoes or a sharp edged sword, in his dream.

24.        One becomes very prominent if he swims with the help of a raft in dream and the dreaming of a tree bearing fruits leads one to attainment of wealth.

25.        One who is bitten by a white snake in his right hand (in dream) gets very soon a modest and sweet-tongued wife.

26.        Dream of a mare, a hen, a female curlew gives a wife and that of being chained gives good renown.

27.        One attains wealth if he sees himself to be bitten by a snake in dream and gets rid of diseases if he sees the sun or the moon in his dream.

28.        He who partakes in dream rice with curd or porridge from withered leaf of the lotus plant on the bank of a river or a lack becomes a king.

29.        He, who sees (in dream) a leech, a scorpion, or a snake, gets wealth, a son, victory and renown.

30.        He, who is injured in dream by horned or fanged animals, boars or monkeys, definitely becomes a king and gets vast wealth.

31.        One gets vast wealth by seeing, in dream, fish meat, pearl, conch-shell, sandal or diamond.

32.        Wealth is obtained as a result of seeing in dream, wine, blood, gold and excrement and victory is achieved by seeing an image or a symbolic representation of Siva (Siva linga)

33.        One, who sees in dream a mango or a marmelos tree bearing flowers and fruits, gets wealth. He also gets wealth, intellect and prosperity if he sees burning flames in a dream.

34.        Wealth is obtained by seeing the fruit of Amalaki or haritaki (embolic myrobalan) and lotus flower in a dream. A man gets whatever he sees in a dream offered to him by deities, Brāhmaṇas, cows, the manes or monks.

35.        One attains prosperity and happiness by embracing, in a dream a woman wearing white clothes and white garlands and white unguents.

36.        He, who embraces a woman clothed and garlanded in yellow, attains prosperity and happiness. (welfare.)

37. The dreaming of all white objects excepting ashes, bones and cotton is auspicious; while that of black objects excepting a cow, an elephant, a deity and a Brāhmaṇa is inauspicious.

38. One, who finds in a dream a celestial woman or a Brāhmaṇa lady with a smiling face and jewelry on to enter into his apartment gets good friends.

39.        Goddess Durgā herself is pleased with him who enjoys in dream the pleasure of a Brāhmaṇa, a Brāhmaṇa lady, a deity, a celestial maiden, a girl of eight wearing ornaments studded with jewels.

40. He, to whom a pleased Brāhmaṇa or a smiling Brāhmaṇa lady offers in dream a fruit, gets a male-child.

41. O Nanda ! He, who is blessed by a Brāhmaṇa in dream, gets the results of that blessing and definitely obtains riches.

42-43.   One, who sees (in dream) a contented Brāhmaṇa entering his house, is blessed with the entrance of Nārāyaṇa, Siva and Brahma to his house and obtains vast property, renown and welfare, he also gathers bliss, name and fame at every step.

44. If one chances to get Surabhi in dream, he obtains landed property and a devoted wife.

45. It is ascertained in the Vedas that one who is lifted by an elephant with its trunk and placed on its own head, becomes a king.

46. O Nanda ! he, whom a pleased Brāhmaṇa embraces in dream, no doubt, becomes pious and fortunate.

47. The virtuous man, who receives an offer of flowers from a Brāhmaṇa in dream, becomes victorious, renowned, rich and happy.

48. Seeing sacred places, palatial buildings, jewels and houses in dream, a man becomes victorious, rich and fortunate to have bathing in holy places.

49. He, who gives in dream a pitcher filled with water to any body, gets a male-child and property.

50. He, who finds in dream a handsome lady entering his house taking measuring vessels and Kudava and Adhaka gets riches.

51. O Nanda ! he, to whose house a celestial woman comes and relieves herself, receives wealth and gets rid of poverty.

52. He, who sees in dream Sambhu with Parvati or Narayana with Laksmi or a Brāhmaṇa with his wife, entering his house (attains prosperity in every sphere of life).

53. He, to whom a Brāhmaṇa or a Brāhmaṇa lady offers paddy or a handful of flowers, gets prosperity in every sphere.

54. He, who receives a sting of pearls, a garland (of flowers), Sandal wood (in dream), O Nanda, from the hands of a Brāhmaṇa, gets, wealth and becomes happy in every respect.

55. He, who receives yellow ochre, flag, turmeric, sugar-cane and boiled rice in dream, obtain all-round prosperity.

56. He, on whose head, a Brāhmaṇa or a  Brāhmaṇa lady holds an umbrella or scatters white paddy in dream, will become a king.

57. If a person in white garland and in white unguents in dream partakes curd and porridge (rice boiled in milk) on a chariot, he becomes a king.

58. He, to whom, a Brāhmaṇa or a Brāhmaṇa lady offers nectar, curd or an award in dream will without fail become a king or attain kingly prosperity.

59. That virtuous man, to whom a Brāhmaṇa gives a book in dream, becomes a world-renowned great poet and vastly learned man.

60. If a woman teaches some body in dream just like a mother, then the taught becomes a peerless scholar like the son of goddess Sarsvati herself.

61. If a Brāhmaṇa teaches somebody in a dream with paternal care, and gives him a book, with affection in dream, the latter becomes similar to the former (i.e. in respect of learning)

62. One who gets a book on the way or anywhere else in dream, becomes learned, renowned and famous in the world.

63. One, who receives initiation with Mahāmantra from a Brāhmaṇa or a Brāhmaṇa lady becomes wise, wealthy, accomplished and intelligent.

64. One to whom a Brāhmaṇa offers an incantation or a stone image of some god, gains saintly attainment (siddhi) in the same.

65. He, who is dream bows down to multitude or Brāhmaṇas and Brāhmaṇa ladies and receives their blessings, becomes an emperor or a learned poet.

66. He, to whom a contended Brāhmaṇa makes a gift of a piece of land with white paddy in dream, becomes the lord of the earth.

67. If a Brāhmaṇa takes some body in a chariot and shows him different strata of heaven in dream, the seer gets an enhanced life and wealth.

68. If a Brāhmaṇa or a Brāhmaṇa lady being pleased, gives a daughter to any body (in marriage in dream) the recipient becomes king with fabulous riches.

69. One attains prosperity by seeing in dream a lake, a sea, a river, a white snake or a white mountain.

70. One attains long life, by seeing in a dream, a dead body, becomes, free from malady by seeing in a dream a diseased person, becomes happy at the sight of a happy man.

71. He, who dreams that a heavenly or beautiful woman is telling him, “Please be my husband,” and does not fall asleep again after this dream, becomes a king without fail.

72. A man attains renown by seeing in dream, a girl, a string of crystal beads, a rainbow and white clouds.

73. He, whom a Brāhmaṇa tells in dream, “Be my servant”, becomes a devotee of Lord Vishnu, having attained perfect devotion.

74-75    Wise men who know the secret of dreams say that dreaming a Brāhmaṇa lady, Lakshmi, Durgā, Sarasvatī, Rādhikā, in the guise of a cow-girl, a boy in the guise of cow-herd is auspicious.

76. O Nanda ! I have described the auspicious and meritorious dreams to you. If you are to know more about dreams I shall described more for your information.


1.          A dream becomes futile if the dreamer sleeps again after it. Hence, one should sleep again if one has a bad dream.

2.          Nanda said, “O Lord” ! I have listened to your description of good dreams, now please tell me about the bad ones. Then the Lord said unto him,, “Now you hear the same”.

3.          The Lord said, “If anybody in dream bursts into a jovial laugher, witnesses marriage, dance, music or sees his tutelary deity, he is certainly in danger.”

4.          He, who in dream, gnashes his teeth or sees some body wandering, suffers loss of health, or falls a victim to physical diseases.

5.          Death is certain to him who anointed with oil travels in dream towards the southern direction, on the back of a mule, or a camel or a buffalo.

6.          One has to experience great difficulties if he sees in dream, lime, china-rose, asoka, oleander flower, oil and salt.

7.          He, who sees in dream a naked, dark-complexioned sudra widow, with nose cut off, or a kapardaka (small shell called cowrie) or a palm fruit, comes to grief (aspirations are dashed).

8.          Seeing an angry Brāhmaṇa or an angry Brāhmaṇa lady in dream one becomes endangered and the goddess of fortune is sure to quit his house.

9.          One gets sorrow by seeing in dream a wild flower, a red flower, a palasa tree in blossom, cotton or white cloth.

10.        Dreams of a woman singing, laughing and clad in black or a widow of dark complexion are fatal to the dreamer.

11.        The dwelling land of a person who dreams gods dancing, singing, laughing and making flapping sounds with their arms (in challenge) or running, is destroyed.

12.        One lives only for ten months after the dream of one’s eating vomited matters, urine, excrements, brass, silver or gold.

13.        His death is impending to him who embraces a woman in black cloth, garlands and toilets, in dream.

14.        His death also is impending, who gets in a dream, a dead child, the head, or a string of human bones of a king or any one else.

14.        To see in dream human bones leads to various affections and dangers according to Western interpreters.

15.        Ailment is impending to him who finds himself anointed with ghee (clarified butter), milk, honey, butter milk or molasses.

16         His death too is impending, who awakes from a dream after getting alone in a chariot drawn by mules or camels.

17.        Maladies are sure to befall him who embraces in dream a woman in red clothes, garlands and toilets.

18.        He, who dreams of cut-off hair and nails, extinguished charcoal, or a funeral pile full of ashes, dies very soon.

19.        Distress positively comes to him who dreams of cremation ground, dry wood, grass, iron and blackish ink.

20.        He, who finds in dresole of a wooden sandal, dreadfully red garland, grains of bean (masa), lentil (masura) and kidney beans (mudga) suffers from immediate eruption of boils.

21.        Ailments are sure to him who dreams of thorns, vultures, crows, bears, monkeys, mules or pus and dirt of human body.

22-23.   One suffers from calamities as a result of seeing in dream, a broken vessel, a wound, a sudra, a patient suffering from ulceros proriasis, a piece of red cloth, a person with matted hair, a lion, a pig, a buffalo, deep darkness, an awful car crass and male or female organ.

24.        Death is impending on him, who finds in dream an ugly looking and shabbily clad ‘mleccha’ or a messenger of Yama (the king of the dead) hold a pasa weapon in his hand.

25.        A person finds himself  in distress as a result of receiving farewell in dream from an angry Brāhmaṇa or Brāhmaṇa lady, boy or girl, son or daughter.

26.        Death is sure to him, who sees in dream, black flowers, a garland of black flowers, an armed soldier and an ugly looking mleccha woman.

27.        One, who sees in dream playing on various musical instruments, dancing, singing, a musician clad in red, a jovial beating of ‘mṛdañga’ surely experiences sorrows.

28.        A dreamer of the dead body of a dead person dies. Brother’s death happens to him, who catches fish or the like, in dream.

29.        Death is the result of a dream of a spirit assuming a beheaded body, a person with indecently disheveled hair or one dancing rapidly.

30.        His days are numbered, who is embraced in a dream by a dead male or female, or a dreadful mleccha with dark complexion.

31.        One suffers from financial loss or gets physical diseases as a result of losing teeth or hair in  dream.

32.        Troubles from the king befall him, who is, in dream, chased by a horned or fanged animal or by boys or men.

33.        Sorrow befalls a man, as a result of a dream of a tree cut-down or about to fall, hail, husk, a razor, red hot cinder or a shower of ashes.

34.        Sorrow befalls him too, who witnesses in dream the fall of a house or a mountain, a dreadful comet or the broken trunk of a tree.

35         Distress is sure to him who finds himself, in dream, falling from a chariot, a house, a mountain, a tree, a cow, an elephant, a house or a mule.

36.        Death is inevitable to come to those who in dream fall from a height into a funeral pile full of ashes and cinder, or a pit filled with salt (or fuller’s earth) or on a heap of lime.

37.        He, from whose head an umbrella is forcibly removed by a rogue in dream, suffers the death of his father, or preceptor or king.

38.        Laksmi, the goddess of fortune, leaves him, who finds, in dream, Surabhi leaving his house along with her calf, being frightened.

39.        Death is inevitable to him who finds himself to be carried away being tied with ropes, by the messengers of Yama, (the king of the Hades) or by foreigners.

40.        He, who is angrily cursed, in a dream by an astrologer, a Brāhmaṇa lady or his spiritual guide, will certainly be endangered.

41.        Death is inevitable to him also on whose body falls in dream a crow, a dog, or a bear with a motive to harm him.

42.        He, who is chased, in dream, by angry buffaloes, bears, camels, hogs, or donkeys, will surely fall ill.

47 thoughts on “Dreams: Lord Kṛṣṇa Teachings

  1. Hello uncle pranam,
    I had a dream where some Saadhu was saying to me ‘can u give me some tea’ at around 4:45 am
    I panicked and got up and then in about 5-10 min again went back to sleep.
    What does it mean. Really worried.

    1. no problem. if you wake up and then sleep again, that dream in defunct. सपना बेकार हो गया। अब दरनेकी कोई बात नहीं

  2. Respected Sanjay Ji:
    I once dreamed of a Christian priest (I’m a Western man) on a church roof with a girl trying to rescue her. However, when she takes his hand, she is shown as possessed by an evil spirit or demon. At those moments, a very giant Lord Hanuman appears flying and saves the priest from de demon. Dear Sanjay, can you give me a light? I was born in Hanuuman jayanti, but I don’t worship him (I have Mars as yogakaraka in Aries next to the sun in the 9th house. My lagna is Leo and my moon is Libra in Swati. Does this have to do with Hanuman?)

    1. It does. 9H is the house of dreams and you had a ‘dream diksha’ from Hanuman. The Priest is the exalted Sun in 9H in badhaka rasi, which is you. The girl is the Rahu energy of the badhaka rasi (Your arudha badhaka is Mercury – little Girl). Mars in Ar is the dharma lord Hanuman. Giant Hanuman is the time when He is going to jump into Lanka. Read that part of Ramayana. Later get a mantra for the Vayu rupa of Hanuman

  3. I just woke up seeing a snake like thing in my dreams which was moving fast and in the dream it hopped onto my body. But the strange part is in my dream the snake hopped onto my brother then it hopped onto me. Also in the dream I get hurt by the skin of the snake like the. It didn’t bite but the skin of snake hurts me and my brother and we apply some village medicine/searching for it.
    Also this isn’t the first time I am seeing a snake.. Last month and before that as well I dreamt of a snake randomly appearing and going in my dream that time it was just seeing a snake in the dream..this is repeatedly happening and I completely remember the dream fully which is again strange..

      1. I saw a sick cow. A person who was taking care of the cow teaches me how to take care of this sick cow. The cow seems to be old with one eye in distress due to old age and also the cow has some skin issues.

  4. Pranam Sir
    I saw a Black King Cobra with Bright White Serpant Sign (Like Naag Devata in Shiva Temples have – Inverted U shape Kundala). He appeared on a Window in my room where I was with my Old Father. But I only saw him in Big Size. He was trying to enter in to Window but felt back out of Window like someone who was trying to climb on Window but slipped.

    What is the meaning of it?

  5. Hi sir,
    I had a dream in which a yogini had told me to practice vertical jumping and given me surya mantra to chant twice daily. She told me few calculations about sun positions at which time chant the mantra but I don’t remember it. I don’t recall who the yogini is. I didn’t think about any such mantras before going to sleep. Before I woke up I was chanting the mantra unconsciously. I used to do suryanamaskar every day but stopped few months back. What is the meaning of this dream? Should I start chanting the mantra given to me? Pls guide me.

    1. You have received svapna diksha. Please start chanting the mantra and restart your surya namaskar.
      Vertical jumping is not physical external – it is jumping of the kundalini

  6. Namaste ji, Aj mene raat 3am ko bichoo ki bahat sare Bache ka sapna dekha,, and again unki maa Matlab bada bichoo ka sapna dekha or o phir mera pehena hua dress se nikalte hue or they are black and head is slight red,, so I wakeup and again sleep after one hour, so I just want to know what is the meaning of that dream?

  7. Hello sir,
    I’ve been having dreams of Lord Shiva giving me some message, guiding me, questioning, testing and blessing me since a year. Last morning I had a dream of Trimurthis in my house and I touched lord Shiva’s feet, they blessed me. As soon as they left everything went dark and ghost started hurting me in my house. Does this convey any meaning?

  8. In the morning I dreamed that my brother is dead, my father had killed him as he was drunk. He was guilty.
    Dream time morning 4 :15 to 5 a.m

  9. namaste sir,can anyone help me. i just had a dream of having lion in my society injuring and harassing everyone but i didnot get hurt. dream between 5 to 6 am. i sleep around 3 am. is there any significant meaning of it because i generaly dont remember dreams but i cant forget this.

  10. Namaskaram Pt. Sanjay Rath ji.
    Few days back I found a grey bird feature in my navel (not in a dream).What does these omens mean. Please can you tell me the meaning of it.

  11. Sir, plz help me.

    I see in dream my sadguru on gurupurnima, khanji on janmastami, mansarovar on mahashivatri, Durgamaa in navratri, ganeshji on choth.
    I am seeing auspicious dream’s since last three years, lately it’s happening a lot, specially on auspicious days I see gods and goddesses. It has not made any changes in my self or it has not changed my life. Usually it happens 2 to 3 times a week.

  12. Sanjay ji, every time I sleep again after awakening from a nightmare, the nightmares continue or new ones start… What is meant by this verse?

    What kind of remedies can be done for bad dreams?s Th is phenomenal but where can I learn more?

    Seeing smoke emanating from the beak of a grey-stone statue signify?

  13. Namasthe sir. I had a dream that i was taking arthi at shiv mandir. I saw shiv ling early in the morning between 4-5 a.m. and again two shiv temples only after few days and it was monday. I dont remember whether again i slept or not. On the same day monday night i shared this dream story with my mother. So whether the dream becomes futile.?

    Please please do reply sir

  14. hi sir im from srilanka .i have been worshiping ganesh and god saraswati for about 10 years with their mantras , flowers and with a pot filled with water and Jasminum grandiflorum. recently i broke up with my boyfriend he and i are both madly in love we had to break up because of his parents . his parents want him to focus more on studies but we still like if we can get back together . everyday when i worship ganesh and god saraswati i tell them to help us get back together . and i told the gods if we are getting back together as time passes to show me in my dreams so i can make up my mind . yesterday i saw the pigeonwings plant in our garden filled with dark bright pink roses instead of pigeonwings flowers in my dreams . what does this dreams means ? what this symbalises ?

    looking forward for your help sir !!!

  15. Hello sir,
    Excuse my English. Today at sometime near 4:00 am I woke up and slept again. And had this dream, where I saw a bear at a cross road near my home. I was in the same cross road playing with some people I know. The bear seemed like it came out of a home. It seemed calm. But then it got aggressive came charging a couple mtrs and then stopped. We hid in a near by house compound. All were calm. I was afraid. I heard it chasing some people. And then it started coming near the place we were hiding. Some people tried calming it when I tried to hide in a near by gatar and also tried to cover my smell. Bear then got calm. That’s all I remember. As soon as a woke up I looked at the time. It was 5:35. I think I was half awake. And I should also tell that I am a little anxious. I tend to over think. What do you suggest?

  16. if dreamer is Female ,Is the meaning is same for her dreams ? If dreamer is Kasyapa, can he or she say about their dream to family person ?

  17. swamiji ! once I went to a vacation along with my friends to madras, over ther our car got stopped in the middle of forest due to technical issue. My friends and me were alone in searching of mechanic, we were so feared, So one of my friends asked me to chant Goddess durga mantra and everything will be all right. And finally we reached our venu spot very soon. Thanks to Durga maa…

  18. pranam guruji,

    I dreamed of drinking my own urine early morning with chanting lord shivas mantra. can somebody please interpretate for me, what does it mean. As 4 days before also i dreamed of shiva linga.

    jai shri krishna

    1. Deergha Ayus swapna! It is a dream in which you have been initiated into yoga shastra which gives very long life of 100 years and excellent health. This is a blessing of महाकालेश्वर (mahākāleśvara). You should practice yoga and the secrets that give long life. It’s called Amaroli
      Swami Satyananda Saraswati describes Amaroli “Amaroli is an important technique of yoga which was first used in conjunction with many of the advanced practices. Today, however, amaroli is better known as a therapeutic process and people everywhere are asking how it can be used.” Please read the full article before starting it and it must be from a Yoga Guru. Wealthy French women bathed in it and Chinese doctors also used it to soothe sore throats. Swami Vivekananda’s first book, Damaru Tantra, is a translation and commentary of the ancient text describing the benefits of urine therapy for therapeutic as well as spiritual results.
      जय कालेश्वर श्री कालेश्वर महाकालेश्वर पाहिमाम्
      jaya kāleśvara śrī kāleśvara mahākāleśvara pāhimām

  19. 4 years back I saw a dream and after that i was completely bankcrupt . This dream happned to me continusly 4 time.
    This is absolutly true ” One suffers from financial loss or gets physical diseases as a result of losing teeth or hair in dream..”

    Thursday morning i saw a dream that a Dog attcking to me on read, he did n’t but running behind me. He cannot caught me. Is this dream is bad?

    Everyday i used to feed street dogs is this bad?

  20. Guruji,I dreamt of a haunted house,I went with my parents.then I was chanting gods name,wore some red china rose garland.my mother later removed that one.n told me to perform pooja by offering agarbati

  21. Sir please tell me what does it signifies if someone watches a crow dying in his dream.I’ve seen such a dream in morning around 7.00 am.
    Also sir please suggest me if I have to do any remedies for that

  22. i saw lord durga in temple her keeritha is fell down but priest put on her head i get pongal as prasadam i give a rich bramin lady turmeric , beetal nut,beetal leaves banana what is it means

  23. Guruji, I saw dream of Krisna with Radarani smiling on me and i am with hundred of devotee chanting and dancing in joy, I didn’t disclosed this dream to others and I Google it and found this post. but this post does not helped me to find-out the answer. In morning I went to Shiva temple and when I returned I had a quarrel with my wife very badly. So do tell me is this a auspicious dream ?

  24. Namaste, respected Sri, where can i Find full teachings of lord Krishna about dreams? and where can i find full version of Brahma Vaivarta purana? last days i found some resume of BrahmaVaivartha purana but not the full English version, please Help.
    Thank you Sir your web site is wonderfull

  25. OM Guruvae Namah.
    Guruji Pranam!

    Why Lord has asked not to disclose dreams to person of Kashyap lineage? This means if the astrologer is of Kashyap gotra one should not put the prashna for dreams to astrologer.


    1. It has to do with Maharṣi Kaśyapa (कश्यप) who is the first of the saptarṣi in the present manvatara and is the root of the blood-line of Surya. His sons from Aditi or Adityas (Sons of Aditi) were, Aṃśa, Aryaman, Bhaga, Dhatr, Mitra, Pūṣan, a daughter Bhumidevi, Śakra, Savitṛ, Tvaṣṭṛ, Varuṇa, Viṣṇu, and Vivasvat or Vivasvan,[3] who went on to start the Solar Dynasty (Suryavansha), which later came to be known as Ikshvaku dynasty, after his great grandson, King Ikshvaku, whose subsequent kings were, Kukshi, Vikukshi, Bana, Anaranya, Prithu, Trishanku, and finally King Raghu, who gave it the name, Raghuvansh (Dynasty of Raghu), and then further leading up to Lord Ram, the son of Dashrath.
      Now, the Sun is the ruler of the day and banishes night/darkness. Dreams are associated with the night/darkness. If dreams are disclosed to one belonging to Kaśyapa gotra, then they will be destroyed just as the Sun destroys the night.
      A clever person will surely disclose a bad dream to one of Kaśyapa gotra.

      1. OM Guruvae Namah.
        Guruji Pranam.
        Thanks for the wonderful explanation. So this also means telling the bad dreams to Lord Rama will destroy the bad results


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