25.08.2017 Interview on KRSchannel of Kapiel Raaj
Transcribed by Natalia Fedorova Наталья Федорова

Kapiel Raaj: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, he is back, he was a blockbuster head on KRSchannel so we are bringing the sequel because the blockbuster head movie needs the sequels. Please help me welcome Shri Sanjay Rath ji. Welcome, you are in huge hit.

Sanjay Rath: Thank you Kapiel, thank you very much.

KR: Today you are going to cover my favorite subject ‘Nakshatras’, as you promised.

SR: That’s right. In fact, what we were talking initially was – I wanted to go into a concept of Nakshatras before I get into anything else. And the concept of the Nakshatras is very important. Unless we understand these Nakshatras and have a clear idea about what we are talking, getting into an integrity of individual Nakshatras will be pointless, because we need to get a broad picture first before we are going into more detail picture. For example, often people ask me, what exactly are Nakshatras. When you look up at the skies, there are thousands and thousands of stars over there. So what exactly is the Nakshatra? And why are these Nakshatras exactly of equal sizes? Right? That is very important question. If you take the Lunar motion around the Earth, it is about 27 days and about 7 hours, – roughly, 7 and 3 quarters, – there are two ways, we can round off this number. We can round off it to a lower portion, 27, or we can round off it to upper portion, 28. So, basically, there are two types of Nakshatras, one, which is 27 Nakshatra breadth, and one, which is 28 Nakshatra breadth. Now, if I take a Zodiac of 360° and divide into 27 parts, I am getting each of 13°20’. What am I assuming out here? I am assuming that the motion is uniform, that the motion of the Moon around the Zodiac is uniform and that it is passing through each of these mansions, called Nakshatras (Nakshatras are mansions, that is why we called them Lunar mansions), of 13°20’ in approximately 1 day. Approximately. But actually, it is slightly more time to pass. So, that is the reason why we are cutting it into equal portions. But in the Vedic Time they realized that the motion of the Moon is not uniform. It accelerates and decelerates, something like that. So, if we are going to Vedic Nakshatras, which is far more intricate system of Nakshatras, the length of each Nakshatras is actually different. This is something nobody talks about, because a very few people even know such a things exist. If, for example, we take the first Nakshatra, which we all know as Ashvini. We know that it is from 0° Aries to 13°20’ of Aries. But, according to Brahma, the Creator, this is not true, because actually the speed of the Moon is different. So, we has assigned different length for each Nakshatra. But that is called the Creation Nakshatras.

KR: That is how Moon is slowing down in Rohini and that is why it is favorite Nakshatra.

SR: You’ve got it. That is the reason why, that is why we say – it is favorite Nakshatra. Because it slows down over there. It hangs on over there more. It means it is favorite, it is being biased. And who is the Deity of these Nakshatra? It is Brahma, Prajapati. That is why Brahma says: ‘Hey, there is different times assigned for different Nakshatras. And so, that is the Vedic Nakshatra system. But what we call the Shrishti, the Creation Nakshatras, are different from Sustenance. In the Sustenance they are all the equal sizes of 13°20’ each. And each of them has got four legs like animal, like four legged animal. So, each Nakshatra is like a cow. Think of Nakshatra like a cow.

KR: I always asked this and I never been able to really find the true answer for it. We know, that Nakshatra has four padas and those padas land a planet in certain sign in Navamsha, but is there actual meaning of a planet being in the first pada versus second pada versus third pada… Can we just say: “Oh, you have Sun in third pada, OK, this is supposed to happen.” Is there something like that? Whether pada itself has some meaning of why it is in third pada?

SR: See, these padas are not just about tattvas. The first pada has been known as Agni, because it is always mapped to Agni Navamsha. The second pada is Prithvi, it is always mapped to Prithvi. Third is Vayu and the fourth is Jala. And based upon these four padas we are getting Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. And these four padas are like four legs of the Bull. Because the Moon in the end of the day is representing the Bull. So, the Bull is going to visit each of these cows, one by one. Ashvini Nakshatra is a cow, the Moon, which is the Bull, is going to visit her. And first pada, second pada, third pada and fourth pada are four legs of the Bull, the four legs of the cow. And these are four legs of Dharma actually, if we’ll see. During Satya Yuga all the four legs are very strong. During Dvapara Yuga three are strong. In Treta two are strong. And Kali Yuga only one is strong. What does that mean? That means that during Kali Yuga it is not only quite to see [Moon’s] Nakshatra, but we also have to see Nakshatra pada, because only that Nakshatra pada is strong. The rest of them are going to be weak.

KR: OK. So, if Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra in the first pada of Agni, that means that Dharma of that Nakshatra is much stronger.

SR: Exactly. That means this person is focused on Dharma. That is only thing which has got strength in it. If it is in the second pada, then the Artha pada is strong, the others are weak. Earlier, in Satya Yuga, the Moon had so much strength, then when he was in Rohini, all the four padas would be strong. Therefore, that is the importance of the understanding the padas in the Nakshatra. Further, we realized that, look, every Nakshatra which has a pada, is basically going to map into certain kind of destiny. For example, if my Moon, let us say, in Agni pada, that means, that Agni rashis are strong in my chart, that leg of Dharma Bull is strong. So, planets, which are placed in Agni rashis are going to be enjoying a lot of Moon light. Because you mind has only got the capacity to focus on one thing. It does not have the capacity to focus on all the four things. That is why only one thing is going to be strong. Let us say, in my chart I find the Moon to be in the fourth pada of Satabhisha. Forth pada is being known as Moksha pada, which has to do with a Jala rashis. So, all the planets in the Jala rashis – my mind is going to dwell on them. So, naturally they are going to be strong. The remaining planets will not be as strong, that is the point of having the Moon’s pada.

KR: Wow. OK. So, like even mine is in the Moksha pada, that means – this is why my mind always to know what is beyond this plain, is this why I dwell: ‘why am I here, in this place?”

SR: You and me are searchers, we are searching. Look at the Moksha pada – here are the 4th house, 8th house and 12th house. It is all about life after death, 12th house, all about transformations, 8th house: ‘why am I born? Why am I passing through the transformation?’ And the 4th house is about home, about relationships. What are these karmas that are associated with relationships? That is more important, that this why we connect.

KR: And at the same time you have desire: ‘Oh, I want to eat, I want to buy a nice shirt and I want to buy a nice car.’ How does that also play because we have so many different desires… sometimes we have Kama desires, sometimes we have Artha desires, ‘I want to have a good career.’ So, how is that playing at the same time?

SR: The thing is we are not as good in that as we are in this. The mind, ultimately, it is the mind that matters. The mind tends to focus more on the Moksha area. So, if next couple of years you have to go to buy your shirt, then I will at least need one planet in let us say Agni pada for you to care for yourself. That planets, which are in Agni padas, – you end up caring for yourself. Planets, which are in Prithvi pada, will make you care for your work and money. Planets in Vayu padas will deal with your travel and your relationships and things like that.

KR: And in the end I have all four happening. First, second, third, fourth. They all help me in the certain areas of my life.

SR: Exactly. So, every planet will be in the certain pada and that planet will be only able to focus better on the pada, in which it is placed. Whereas it will be unfit in the other padas. A Venus, which is placed in a Vayu pada, will be super with relationships.

KR: And that is what I have, Vayu pada.

SR: That is why you are super, you are smiling all the time, you are so good to interact people. How old is your channel?

KR: 7 years by now.

SR: And I think you are number one. That is your Venus in Vayu. You see? You are able to interact, because, end of the day, if planets are not in Vayu pada, you cannot go out there. You are friendly, you are interacting and you can easily see how it is going. And beauty is – because Venus is the Lord of pada therefore it will go global.

KR: It is landed in Libra in Navamsha with Mercury.

SR: That is awesome, you see.

KR: And it is opposite Sun and Mars in Aries.

SR: Awesome. Normally, I found Mars – Venus opposition in the Navamsha to be good for Astrologers. Very interesting. It is something to do with the Gandanta point of Fire and Water. Mars rules the Fire and Venus rules the Water.

KR: My Mars is in the Gandanta between Leo and Cancer, it is nearly, less than 1 degree of Magha Nakshatra. And Moon landed itself in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn, as we have discussed it in New-York, for Navamsha.

SR: Very good karma. So we come back to the Nakshatras. Now, the questions is since we have 27 Nakshatras, where does the counting start from? There are seven planets, like the Saptarishi, who are sitting around Parvati, who is the Moon. And normally they reckoning all the stars from the Sun. But the Moon said: ‘No, I am the Lord of the Nakshatras.’ And therefore the reckoning will start from where the Moon gets exalted. And the Moon gets exalted in the 2 degree of Taurus, which is in Krittika Nakshatra. That is the reason why Nakshatra counting is always done from Krittika. It is very basic thing – why from there?

KR: Why it is also starting from Ashvini?

SR: We will come to that. We will see the dominance of the Sun. The Sun is the Boss of the System, right? So, naturally, when it comes to talking about Nakshatras, the reckoning always starts from Krittika. But the Sun says: ‘Hey, I am the Boss of the whole Zodiac.’ Therefore, where does the Zodiac reckoning start from? From where the Sun gets exalted. The Sun is exalted the 10 degrees of Aries, that is the reason why among the Rashis Aries, or Mesha is the first Rashi. And Ashvini is the first Nakshatra of the Kalapurusha. That is why. The question is: ‘Why am I starting from Ashvini?’ Because that is the exaltation of the Sun. So, the Sun elevates to himself, all Nakshatras start from Ashvini as far as Manushya Jataka is concerned. And human beings will be made on basis of Aries. Aries will be the head, Taurus will be the face and so on. Similarly we have something calling Nakshatra Purusha. And then again we are start counting from Ashvini. To understand the Nakshatra schema.

Since the Moon is from Krittika therefore all Dasha allocations, like Vimshottari Dasha and all, will be from Krittika. You see the shlokas, they always start with Krittika as the first Nakshatra and since the Sun is the King, the chain will be allocated to the Sun, as a Dasha. That is how we have two different reckonings of Nakshatras – one from Ashvini and one from Krittika. But there is one which is called the Night System. And the Night System says: ‘ ‘Hey, I do not agree with both of you. I am different. And I will start from Ardra.’ So, technically, we have three different Nakshatra schemes: one, that starts from Krittika; one, that starts from Ashvini, and one, that starts from Ardra. That is called Ardradi. That means ‘from Ardra and others’. Krittika – Krittikadi, ’from Krittika and others’. Ashvinadi – ‘Ashvini and others.’ So, we have three Nakshatra schemes, not one.

KR: Who controls that Ardra scheme? Because we know Sun is exalted here, Moon is exalted here..

SR: Must be another planet that gets exalted. You see? So, when people asked me: ‘Who gets exalted there?’ I said: ‘I guess, the only one left is Rahu, is not it?’ Who is the one that is going dissolve the Sun and the Moon? Only Rahu. There you go. So, therefore we have creation, that is happening from Ashvini; we have a sustenance, which is happening from Krittika; and we have a destruction, which is happening from Ardra. That is why we have Shrishti (or creation) from Ashvini, Sthiti (or sustenance) from Krittika and Samhara (or destruction) from Ardra. So, let us say, we are using Vimshottari Dasha. What are we going to do with Vimshottari Dasha? We are going to use it see, how the native or any being is being sustained in the Planet. Since it is for sustenance, that is why Vimshottari Dasha reckoning must be from Krittika.

KR: But Vimshottari is based on the position of the Moon.

SR: Exactly. But when we say that the Moon is the certain Nakshatra, where are we counting Nakshatras from? Because the order is Navatara System. And Navatara order is Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Rahu, Brihaspati, Shani, Budha, Ketu, Shukra. So, the starting point is Surya. Therefore the starting point is Krittika [Moon is Lord], and then, three times nine they go around the Zodiac. And then we see where exactly the Moon is. And from there we get the Vimshottari Dasha. So, the System that is being used, is the Krittikadi System. Although the Creation is from Ashvini, the Sustenance is happening from Krittika. So, he Dashas are all running from Krittika.

KR: Is there Dasha that also will give some importance to Ardradi?

SR: Of course, if I have Dasha System only to find out death, how is death coming towards, it is reverse, it is retrograde. Death is always there and he is walking towards you. The point when you and Death will cross the paths, we call Samnas.

KR: That make sense because you come close  and that is why death happens.

SR: So, the death’s time is actually retrograding from some point, let us say, 144 years. From 144 year it is retrograding. And here you are going forward. It is very interesting, you know. So, there must be a whole system of Dashas, which is associated with Death only. OK, we will leave that for now because right now we just need to understand the foundation of the Nakshatras. Right?

KR: Right.

SR: So you got these three schemes of Nakshatras very clearly. Good. And then, what we have, something called Sabhya Apasabhya Nakshatras. That means some Nakshatras are going forward and some Nakshatras are retrograding. This is based upon three steps of Vishnu, because Vishnu takes three steps forward and three steps backward, then three steps forward and three steps backward. And it does this with Rashis and it does this with Nakshatras. This is very advance concept. For example, you will see, Aries, Taurus and Gemini are walking forward, whereas Cancer, Leo and Virgo are walking backwards. So, they are called Sabhya Rashi – walking forward; Apasabhya Rashi – walking backwards. Similarly, Nakshatras. From Ashvini you can count: Ashvini, Bharani, Krittika are walking forward, Sabhya Nakshatra; then after that Rohini, Mrigashira and Ardra are walking backward, Apasabhya, like that, Every three Nakshatras are walking forward or walking backward.

KR: And what is the significance of that walking backwards versus forward? If a planet is in walking backward Nakshatra, will it behave any non-commensal way or how does that scheme play out?

SR: See, the forward and backward Nakshatras we use in multiple ways. We have a lot of Nakshatras and sometimes we count from one Nakshatra to another Nakshatra -how far away it is from this Nakshatra. Just as we have Signs and planets from Signs. Let us say, you have Mars in Leo. From Aries Mars is in the 5th sign because I am counting forward. From Scorpio I am again counting forward, because both signs of Mars are forward counting signs. Now, let us say, I would talk about Nakshatra Mrigashira. From Mrigashira how far is Mars? From Mrigashira I will not count forward, I will have to count in the reverse.

KR: OK, so, it is 11th from itself?

SR: Exactly. Mrigashira is looking at Mars as it is in 11th house from it.

KR: OK… Because my Moon is here…

SR: How interesting, right? So, you observe that from Mrigashira he is looking at Mangal as in 11th house, so he is friendly to Mangal and he is happy with the position of Mangal. But I have to count the exact number of Nakshatras and see exactly what that means. OK, these are advanced concepts, but there are much more simple concepts, like Navatara. Everybody talks about Navatara.

Think about Navatara latency. Every human being is passing through 9 stages of life. Ketu, who rules Ashvini Nakshatra is indicating a stage of headless. Ketu is headless. Who is headless? A baby or child is headless. Have you seen a little two-year-olds running around? That is complete Ketu situation. You cannot get angry with them because you know, that are kids over there, they do not understand. Everybody knows that the kid does not understand because he is headless. After that, he grows up. Venus. What is Venus? The hormones are jumping around. The teenager is fighting, angry. He does not know why he is angry. Second Nakshatra is the second stage of your life. Then the Sun. I have got to work. I have got to be timed. It has got to be a discipline. I have got to take responsibility, to settle down in my career. So, what does the third Nakshatra do? Ruled by the Sun. And the Sun is one who takes everyone to work. Then the Moon. My family. It means I must marry, I must settle down, I must have kids. Who wants that? The fourth Nakshatra. Then the 5th Nakshatra. Mars, power, position, authority. You have been working for such a long time, now you have got a wife, she would like to know why the hell you stay in your career. Till then you were just happy, like ‘OK, I have got a job my boss told me I got to do certain things’. But suddenly now you need your power position, your authority, all these things. So, that is 5th Nakshatra. Then Rahu, the Nakshatra of doubts, the 6th Nakshatra. You go through your period of doubts, that ‘what the hell, what power, what the meaning of this power, what did I achieve?’ It is all about reflecting, thinking, thinking, thinking… And then realizing that may be this whole thing is a dream, this may be all false. ‘What am I doing wasting my time in this? I should be doing something better for myself.’ All those questions come up. Then the 7th Nakshatra, Jupiter. ‘I need to have a spiritual path. I may die now.’ And then the 8th Nakshatra, Saturn. Disease, old age. Then the last Nakshatra, Mercury. You become like a child. When you real become old you are like a child. You cannot do anything, you are dependent completely, like a child.

So, keeping that order in your head, wherever the Moon is, from the Moon we make Navataras. And, no matter what dasha you are running, what you need to count is which dasha are you in? In the 1st dasha, 2nd dasha, 3rd dasha, 4th dasha…? Because the 1st dasha for everybody, you and me, is like a Ketu dasha, irrespective what planet there. See, there are two things in the dasha. One is planet, that is running the dasha, two is governor of the dasha. Let us say, your Moon is in Mrigashira, your Janma Tara. So, Naturally you first dasha is going to be Mars. But Mars is there like a Lord. He is a Lord of dasha. But who is the Karaka for that dasha?

KR: Ketu.

SR: Exactly.

KR: OK. And how do we relate all? Because the first dasha would be like a headless dasha, you are just running around.

SR: Exactly. So, I have to study the relationships between Ketu and Mars in your chart to figure out what exactly happen in your childhood. Just from Mars I cannot make out. Mars alone may not be sufficient.

Then we go to your second dasha. That means ‘Hey, how long did it take to mature?’ Did you mature quickly? So, people born in 4th pada mature very quickly, because that is not much of the first dasha left. Interesting? You are not given too much time for being headless. Imaging somebody, who is born in, let us say, Pushya Nakshatra, right at the beginning. 19 years of heedlessness! That whole Saturn dasha is like Ketu. He is really not growing up. Late starters, late bloomers. It is a mind, the mind is maturing late.

Your second dasha will be that of Rahu, but the governor, the controller of the dasha is Venus. You third dasha is that of Jupiter, but the governor of that is the Sun.

KR: So, you always look at the position of the Lord and the Karaka.

SR: Karaka is very important. If the Karaka is negative, even if the Lord is exalted, you will not get super results. Because Karaka is the hand of God, is the hand of Nature.

KR: And this is why we have 9-9-9 scheme: Brahma – Vishnu – Maheshwara?

SR: Exactly. Totally. Navatara is very-very advanced concept in Nakshatras. It is not as simple as people talk about. This is one of the ways to understand Navatara, the Karaka system of understanding Navatara. Another way of understanding Navatara is – where you have a Lagna in Nakshatra – from your Lagna Nakshatra where is the Moon? From the Lagna Nakshatra I can have Navataras. Look at your Lagna. Your Lagna is Cancer. So, from Cancer, if I start counting the Navataras, I can say that it is not in the first group, it is not in the second group, it is in the third group. Your Moon is in the third Navatara group counting from Lagna. From Lagna till the 4th house childhood. Basically, it we call Vartamana, ‘right now’. From Lagna to the 4th house Moon will be very conscious of Now, mind is always dwelling in Now. From the 5th house to the 8th house Moon will always be in Future, you always think of Future. From the 9th house to the 12th house roughly – I am not taking Nakshatras, OK? – roughly, you see, it will be about Past. Studying History, studying Astrology, studying Cosmology, going into depth of Time. Life before birth and after death, those things.

So, basically, you can clearly see that this is Navatara. What is Navatara? Navatara is nothing but 4 Signs. You can clearly see that these people like to dwell into past, like to think about the past, like to wonder about past and deep past – History, Anthropology, Jyotish, all those things. That is how the mind is.

KR: And that is only for the Moon you are looking for, irrespective of the Ascendant? It could be Sagittarius Ascendant, but Moon in the 11th house that 3rd stage.

SR: Exactly. Then we are going into individual Nakshatras. And then we get more details. So, like that there are multiple kinds of things that we learn about the Nakshatra schemes. Then we have various Chakras like Surya Kalanala Chakra, Chandra Kalanala Chakra, Mangala Kalanala Chakra, that different-different Kalanala Chakras for each Nakshatra to understand to what extend that planet is giving good results or bad results. Because end of the day there one dictum, which says: if the Moon does not agree with Rajayoga, that Rajayoga cannot manifest. Id the Moon is giving Rajayoga, then even all the negative Yogas will get destroyed. So, both ways it is the Moon that gets to decide. He is deciding. It is like the mind. The mind gets to decide. So therefore, even if a planet is giving Rajayoga, we need to do certain calculation just to find out whether this planet is actually being favored or not? If it is not being favored by the Moon, by the mind, then it is not going to function. So, you can see, Nakshatras Jyotish is a very-very deep Jyotish. After studying and finishing the Rashi you go back to Nakshatras to understand, what will work and what will not work. OK. I want to give you a deep idea about basics of the Nakshatras plus how deep is this.

But, you know, Navatara is just one scheme, there are other schemes. For example, everybody says that the 22nd Nakshatra is Vainashika Nakshatra; it destroys you. And how do we use it? For example, the 22nd Nakshatra will exactly map to the 10th house, it is roughly the middle Nakshatra in the 10th house. Why should the planet in the 10th house in the 22nd Nakshatra be a destroyer? So therefore, the question I ask – is it a destroyer or is it one who prevents destruction. Because that Nakshatra can destroy. The planet over there can prevent the destruction. So, he can protect you.

KR: OK. So, the Nakshatra can destroy, but the planet can actually step on and say: ‘No, you are not going to destroy.’

SR: Exactly. And so, you see, they say some of the highest mantras for protection are 22 syllables mantras.

KR: And did you say about 22nd Nakshatra from Ashvini or where the Moon is placed?

SR: 22 from the Moon. Vainashika Nakshatra. Because that Nakshatra is supposed to destroy you. And when does it destroy you? When you finish your karmas. That is why 10th house has to do with karmas. That this why 10th house is also important house for longevity. Lagna is important for longevity, 10th house is important for longevity, because it decides whether your karma iss done or not. If that is done, what are you doing out here? So, longevity component that is coming from 10th house is basically from 22nd Nakshatra and that is giving you the karma, that you have to do in this planet. Similarly, there are many special Nakshatras like this and we need all the special Nakshatras.

And then we have talked about Gandanta, your Mars is being in Gandanta. And it is very interesting thing to know, that for men and women Gandantas work completely differently. For example, to give you a rough idea, take Magha Nakshatra, since you are interested in Magha. First pada of Magha is Agni dosha, second pada is Jala dosha. You see, the second pada is actually Prithvi, but the dosha is Jala for men. The third pada is Prithvi dosha and the fourth is Vayu dosha. So, the doshas of the Gandanta Nakshatras are different from the Tattvas. In the first case, it was Agni-Agni, in the second pada it is Prithvi, but the dosha is Jala, the third pada is Vayu, but the dosha is Prithvi, the fourth pada is Jala, and the dosha is Vayu. For example, let us say, the Moon is in first pada, then we can say, that is there danger to father. That Moon will destroy the father when his dasha will come. If it was in the second pada, it is not the father, but the mother who is in danger. In the third pada, neither father no mother but your finance is in trouble. The fourth pada could be dangerous for siblings and other things. Whereas for a woman it is very different. The first pada of Magha has Prithvi dosha, second has Agni dosha, third has Jala dosha and the fourth has Vayu. You see, so the doshas of Nakshatra padas from the padas themselves. For example, if I say, that Mars is in Gandanta in first pada, then it is not your father, but whomever Mangal will represent, Mangal is having the problem of Gandanta. Particularly, Mangal. May that could be a sudden change in career. A sudden disruption in career. Mars will sudden wake up one day and say: ‘what the hell career you were doing, enjoy leave and get back in my job.’ And then Mangal will say: ‘OK, what job shall I give him?’ Then, depending on aspects and this and that, Mangal will say: ‘OK, why not the highest job, that I can give?’ What is the highest job of Mangal? Vedanga. What Vedanga does Mangal do? He is Agni and that is Jyotish.

KR: That is so true, I just was laid off from the job, back in 2010 and from that point I said ‘That is it, I have done with this, I do not want to do 9×5 job, I want to do something different.’ And from that transition happened, happened and here I am.

SR: There you go. See, if Moon was there, it would be absolutely different. It is more personal, more about the blood. That is why father, mother… Who are mother and father? They are linked to you through your blood. That is why Moon in Gandanta is considered more dangerous. Mars in Gandanta would hit what it can hit. How can Mars hit something which is related to you through blood? It cannot hit your dad or your mom. Moon has to do with blood. That is why the Moon being there is very sensitive.

Good. So now, basically, we have talked about certain important points. What else should we talk about Nakshatras?

KR: Do we still use Abhijit in some way? And where 28th Nakshatra is placed in our life, what way?

SR: Very good question. As I said, there are two Nakshatra schemes. One is the 27 Nakshatra scheme and one is the 28 Nakshatra scheme. In 27 Nakshatra what did we do? We did 3 Navataras, right? 9 Starts, then 9 Stars and then 9 Stars. So, if I put 9 Stars in one line, I get one side of triangle. 9 Stars – another side… So basically, Navatara is diving the whole Zodiac into three parts. If I joint these 3 points, I get a triangle. And do you know what does this triangle represent? It represents Bhūr, Bhuvaḥ, Svaḥ. The first 9 Stars are Bhu-loka. So, from your Lagna – your Lagna is Pushya? – from Pushya the first 9 Starts will represent Bhu-loka. The next 9 Stars are Bhuva-loka and the last 9 Stars are Svarga-loka. But these are three manifested worlds. They are not the spiritual worlds. The spiritual worlds are Mahar-loka, Janar-loka, Tapar-loka and Satya-loka. How do we represent these four spiritual world? We have to use then 28 Nakshatra. When we use 28 Nakshatras we get 7 x 4. So, each side of a square is 7. This square is called Jagannath or Chouka. In Orissi dance – somebody who knows and understand the Orissi dance, it is a very spiritual dance, because it is based upon the Chouka, the square the Jagannath, in which each side of a square has 7 Stars. From your Lagna Nakshatra to Nakshatra 14 will be Mahar-loka, then from 15 onwards the next 7 Stars will be Janar-loka, then next 7 Stars will be Tapar-loka and the last 7 Stars are Satya-loka. So, basically, there is one Zodiac map that you are seeing. Actually, there are two Zodiacs, two Lunar Zodiacs, super imposed on each other inside the Zodiac.

RK: Is there way to determine what Loka you are coming from or going to? Is that map about?

SR: The starting point for is the Dreshkana. So for that you really need to know whether Moon is stronger or Sun is stronger. And once I know that, I need to know in which dreshkana it is placed. And the Lord of that Dreshkana gives me an idea. Your Moon is in Mrigashira. Now, which Dreshkana System am I using? I cannot use Parashara, because Parashara Dreshkana has to do with brothers and sisters. I have to use Jagannath Dreshkana or the Nādi Dreshkana. In the Nādi Dreshkana the first Dreshkana of every Rashi will go to the movable sign. So, the Moon is in Libra. From where you came – I am assuming Moon is stronger, Venus will tell me from where you came. From there I will get the idea. Let us say you came from higher spiritual world, I assume so, otherwise why would you be so much interested in spirituality? Remember the last interview I was looking at. So, basically we found out that from your Lagna the first 7 Nakshatras are finishing in the Nakshatra 14. So, you are in the second. If I assume that you have come from spiritual plain that is why you are spiritual person. Then I will say: ‘Oh, he has come from Janar-loka.’ And which planet is the governor of Janar-loka? According to that I will know that this planet must have a profound say in your life.

KR: This course is really deep like a Black hole.

SR: Yes, Nakshatras are absolutely fantastic. And you know, the entire concept of Nakshatras is so deep. We were talking about Ashvini today. May be we can take it up next time. The idea today is to really get some idea. Nakshatra has a Devata. They say that the Devata awake us, when the Sun passes through Nakshatra. Because the Sun passes burning the Nakshatra. Whichever the Nakshatra the Sun is in, that Nakshatra is combusted. We only talk about combustion of planets, people do not talk about combustion of Nakshatras. That Nakshatra is called Astangata Nakshatra. That Nakshatra is in pain. It is in pain, it is burning, it is hurting. So, whichever part of your mind that rules, that part will hurt. And if it has to do with your consciousness, the guy can lose his sanity. Do you know that the 24th Nakshatra (in 27 Nakshatra schema; and in 28 Nakshatra scheme – 25th) is called Manasa Nakshatra. And if the Sun is in that Nakshatra, it is very dangerous. It can cause insanity. Because your head is burning, it is heated up. You are not able to take it, as an anger. You do not know why does anger is in your head. Does it get a lot of chili all the time? Like that, each Nakshatra is a part of the mind. So, unless we know the Devata of Nakshatra we cannot really heal that Nakshatra. Because the Devata is healing that part of the brain.

KR: So, when you see somebody’s Sun in the birth chart, does it show that there is the Nakshatra that is going to be really burning and hurting you?

SR: Of course. That Nakshatra is burning you. Nakshatras have to do with the wind, Vayu. If you see the Panchanga, five elements the Panchanga, we have Vara – Vara is associated with Agni Tattva, then we Tithi, which has to do with Jala Tattva, and then we have Nakshatra, which has to do with Vayu Tattva. You see? Nakshatras are Vayu, so Saturn is very happy in Nakshatras, very-very happy. Saturn takes about 28 or 29 years to go around the Zodiac or he goes around one Nakshatra per year.

KR: Yes, he takes his time enjoying every Nakshatra.

SR: Exactly.

KR:  I thought that Saturn is Karma, so brings heavy karma to every Nakshatra, no?

SR: Saturn in any Nakshatra is the wind, Why would Saturn be bad in the Nakshatra? HE becomes unclean over there. He is unclean over there.

KR: If you look at somebody’s Saturn Nakshatra, what would it tell you, mentally, like, what is this person should do with this? Or what is that Saturn trying to do in that Nakshatra?

SR: He is polluted. Since he is polluted in that Nakshatra, whatever is indicated by that, could get polluted. Or, alternatively, it can give you a consciousness, that ‘I am polluted and I should become clean’. That is how it works in the brain. Brain realizes that this part is polluted, so ‘I need to clean it’. Saturn is a problem, but it is not as much problem as Sun or as Mars. Because that is Agni. Agni will burn out that Nakshatra. Because these are Lunar Mansions, these are water. And fire and water form Gandanta. That is why fire is not welcome in any Nakshatra. Wherever it is going to be it is going to create problems.

KR: Once you see that, what would you tell that person, looking at that Nakshatra? What should they do to may be cool that Nakshatra down? The Sun combusted Nakshatra?

SR: For the Sun there is only one solution. Whenever we talk of the Sun, go to the Pratyadi Devata. The Pratyadi Devata of the Sun is Rudra or Shiva. Go to the Shiva Temple and pour water.

KR: That is what I do every two weeks. It is religious thing.

SR: As simple like that. He is heater; give him some water. What do you do to yourself when heat is up to cool down? Go to swimming pool. So, it is simple like that. But, the worst is Ketu. Whichever Nakshatra Ketu is in, the day when the Moon shall pass on that Nakshatra, that is the day you need to take day off. No matter what – take a break. Because Ketu is the fire that does not die down with water. Among the three fires, – Hindu is having three types of fires, – Ketu is that fire, which is the worst. The Sun will come down with water. Oblations with water will calm down the Sun. Mars will need more than that. He will need honey, he will need other things, other offerings to cool down, lots of yogurt. What do you do when your stomach burns? Yogurt. But then there is a terrible fire, let us say you were talking to somebody and you got one of red chili, you know red, which is the worst chili in the planet. And we have one more chili from South Orissa, which is like a size of upper portion of your thumb, tiny like that. If you bite it, next seven days you’ve had it. That is the Ketu kind of burning. Your brain ceases to function, you cannot think any more, when you eat chili like that. What is the way out for that? Rice. Now you know why rice is called mahaprasad. Because rice can stop that burning, which neither milk no water cannot do.

KR: Does it mean that day you should eat rice?

SR: You must eat rice.

KR: You are also saying to take the day off, but let us say in this modern year and age if you do not work they will fair you. What can people do in real life on that day, when you know it is Monday and you are going to work and Moon is transiting that Ketu Nakshatra. Is there any solution?

SR: Let us say, I want to do daily remedy. I do not want to see the chart, I do not want to see the Panchanga, I do not know what happens, when dasha comes… I want to do daily remedy. From your Lagna start moving backwards at the rate of 4 minutes per degree. Come to Ketu. How long does it take for Lagna your moving backwards to Ketu? How long does it take? Every day, if you take rice at that time, you will never suffer because of that. That terrible burning by which you become headless, it has gone, it will never happen. Just eat little bit of rice or some form of rice. The best is white boiled rice. If it is offered to Krishna – Oh my God! It works like Wow! That is ultimate remedy.

KR: One thing else, I want to ask you: whenever people see – you have your Moon or Sun between 6 degrees to 11 degrees of Capricorn, meaning, that your Moon is also in Abhijit Nakshatra, is that concept true when people see that – like is not only Uttarashada but also Abhijit? That means it is doubled power you have…

SR: It is Abhijit for the Zodiac, it is not Abhijit for you. Abhijit is the last pada of Uttarashada and about degree of Shravana. Let us say, planet is there, that portion of Zodiac. Yes, it is in Abhijit Nakshatra. And Abhijit Nakshatra also has four padas, which means that you are supposed to break it into smaller parts. See, the point is not if planet over there is powerful or not. What means – what is he doing for you? It is in Abhijit for the Zodiac, not for you. Your Abhijit is in the different place. Your Abhijit is in the exact fourth house of your Sun. Tell me, where is your Sun in your horoscope. It is in the Vishakha Nakshatra.

SR: Vishakha Nakshatra. Then the 4th house from that I definitely Capricorn. But let us say somebody has the Sun in Cancer. Like me, I have Sun in Cancer. For me Abhijit is not in the Capricorn. For me Abhijit is in Libra.

KR: Why is that? I have never heard that.

SR: See, what is Abhijit? Abhijit is that, which has a maximum light. And when is the maximum light during the day? When the Sun is in the 10th house. So, if my Sun was in Cancer, that on that time, when the Lagna was in Libra, the Sun would be in the 10th house. So, the Abhijit would then be at that time. That is the midday. You know that Abhijit Muhurta? That is the midday. So, for me those special degrees should occur somewhere in Libra and not in Capricorn. For me a planet in Libra is super. Any planet. For you any planet in Capricorn will be super. They are playing critical role in your money matters, if you look up though all your life. The Lord of that sign (for you – Saturn) is very fortunate for you. He is very lucky for you as a symbol because he is going to ensure that you are succeeding and getting light all the time. You see my point. Kapiel? The way we need to study Dashas, we have to take all these into account, otherwise we miss out on the main points. Whereas you look at any planet in 10th from the Sun, he is horrible. The 4th from the Sun is Abhijit, or full of light. 10th from the Sun is zero light; it is like midnight.

KR: But 10th from the Sun should be the strong place, because it is 10th from the King, no?

SR: It is horrible. It is midnight. Midnight is not a good time. The Sun is like sunrise. 7th from the Sun is like sunset. 4th from the Sun is like midday. 10th from the Sun is like midnight. For the Moon it is reversed. Where the Moon is – it is moonrise, which is like evening. Opposite the Moon is like sunrise. Therefore 7th from the Moon is more important than the Moon, because that is like a sunrise. The 4th from the Moon is then become midnight and the 10th from the Moon is like full of light, midday. That is why the 10th Lord from the Moon takes you to work. He gives you jobs, he gives you everything. When the mind dwell Sun, he is giving full life. What is life? Life is nothing but light. And where is the light? 10th from the Moon has light like the 4th from the Sun.

KR: This is why Moon chart becomes important to look at the planetary positions from the Moon.

SR: Of course. Exactly, Totally. A single planet in the 4th from the Moon can kill you. Just like that any planet in the 10th from the Sun can make your finance go worst, unless it is a planet who does opposite things. How interesting, yes? This is just Abhijit concept.

KR: Yes, that is right, you are just talking about the Abhijit concept. But having the planet in the particular degree is only good for the Zodiac in this Uttarashada?

SR: That is why God is sitting over there. Jagannath sits over there. What is Makara Sankranti? Why are we celebrating Makara Sankranti? You know why? Not because Sun goes to Capricorn. Sun is going to Capricorn – there is nothing to celebrate. It is a house of Saturn, what is good about it? It is the Sun going to Abhijit Nakshatra. Because I told you, wherever the Sun, the Devata of that Nakshatra will awaken.

KR: So, when I say in the end of horoscope or whenever they want to declare some war, do something great, they look for Abhijit Muhurta. When this Abhijit muhurta operating and when the Moon is transiting in Abhijit, should they be doing there or should they be doing in the 4th from the Sun or 10th from the Moon?

SR: 4th from the Sun of course. But if you are doing something for a Country, that is not about individual. If you want to go to war, then of course you are not looking at Abhijit Muhurta. What is exactly Abhijit Nakshatra? Abhijit Nakshatra has a Devata, who is called Hari. Hari is Vishnu. Therefore, when the Sun enters Abhijit Nakshatra, Jagannath, Vishu, Hari is waking up. That means this is a very good time to start any kind of a spiritual practice, associated with Vishnu, with Krishna. So, obviously, that is why we celebrate that time. That is why we have a festival. That is why we worship Vishnu at that time. He awakes us.

KR: If you see also this one concept that Saturn is the enemy of the Moon, but if you look at trikona Nakshatra of Cancer Ascendant, Saturn rules that trikona Nakshatras of Bhagya and of Dharma. That is something I want to ask you, how is that? Because it sounds like Saturn actually gives you more than Jupiter, because Jupiter then goes and rules Moksha Nakshatras for the Cancer. Is that a concept we can really use to see how planet will give us good or bad results or take you to the right place?

SR: It is your Lagna Nakshatra. For you it is like Lagna Nakshatra. For somebody else Punarvasu may be Lagna Nakshatra. Where the Lagna is very critical because that Nakshatra is going to give you life. We will go into that. Let us call it a day today. Let us go to this in our next session, because to end this question I will have to explain to you the concept of Ashvini Nakshatra. Ashvini is not just a Nakshatra. It is a concept. Unless we understand the concept, we will never understand Lagna.

KR: OK, let us do that. Thank you very much Sanjayji. And guys, please, visit his web-site www.srath.com. Thank you so much, Sanjayji.

SR: Thank you.

In jyotiṣa there is a saying that when Jupiter protects there is none that can destroy. Jupiter brings in the great mantra powers into the fifth bhāva and dharma into the ninth bhāva. He is the ‘jīva graha’ responsible for bringing life into the various bodies. The Brahma Yamala lists various navagraha kavacha (protection) stotra which have the best eighteen names of each of the graha.

श्रीगणेशाय नमः।

अस्य श्रीबृहस्पतिकवचस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य
ईश्वर ऋषिः,
अनुष्टुप् छन्दः,
गं बीजं,
क्लीं कीलकं,
गुरुप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः।

अभीष्टफलदं देवं सर्वज्ञं सुरपूजितम्।
अक्षमालाधरं शान्तं प्रणमामि बृहस्पतिम्॥ १॥

बृहस्पतिः शिरः पातु ललाटं पातु मे गुरुः।
कर्णौ सुरगुरुः पातु नेत्रे मेऽभीष्टदायकः॥ २॥

जिह्वां पातु सुराचार्यो नासां मे वेदपारगः।
मुखं मे पातु सर्वज्ञो कण्ठं मे देवतागुरुः॥ ३॥

भुजावाङ्गिरसः पातु करौ पातु शुभप्रदः।
स्तनौ मे पातु वागीशः कुक्षिं मे शुभलक्षणः॥ ४॥

नाभिं देवगुरुः पातु मध्यं पातु सुखप्रदः।
कटिं पातु जगद्वन्द्य ऊरू मे पातु वाक्पतिः॥ ५॥

जानुजङ्घे सुराचार्यो पादौ विश्वात्मकस्तथा।
अन्यानि यानि चाङ्गानि रक्षेन्मे सर्वतो गुरुः॥ ६॥

इत्येतत्कवचं दिव्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं यः पठेन्नरः।
सर्वान्कामानवाप्नोति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत्॥ ७॥

॥ इति श्रीब्रह्मयामलोक्तं बृहस्पतिकवचं सम्पूर्णम्॥

śrīgaṇeśāya namaḥ |

asya śrībṛhaspatikavacastotramantrasya
īśvara ṛṣiḥ,
anuṣṭup chandaḥ,
gaṁ bījaṁ,
klīṁ kīlakaṁ,
guruprītyarthaṁ jape viniyogaḥ |

abhīṣṭaphaladaṁ devaṁ sarvajñaṁ surapūjitam |
akṣamālādharaṁ śāntaṁ praṇamāmi bṛhaspatim || 1||

bṛhaspatiḥ śiraḥ pātu lalāṭaṁ pātu me guruḥ |
karṇau suraguruḥ pātu netre me’bhīṣṭadāyakaḥ || 2||

jihvāṁ pātu surācāryo nāsāṁ me vedapāragaḥ |
mukhaṁ me pātu sarvajño kaṇṭhaṁ me devatāguruḥ || 3||

bhujāvāṅgirasaḥ pātu karau pātu śubhapradaḥ |
stanau me pātu vāgīśaḥ kukṣiṁ me śubhalakṣaṇaḥ || 4||

nābhiṁ devaguruḥ pātu madhyaṁ pātu sukhapradaḥ |
kaṭiṁ pātu jagadvandya ūrū me pātu vākpatiḥ || 5||

jānujaṅghe surācāryo pādau viśvātmakastathā |
anyāni yāni cāṅgāni rakṣenme sarvato guruḥ || 6||

ityetatkavacaṁ divyaṁ trisandhyaṁ yaḥ paṭhennaraḥ |
sarvānkāmānavāpnoti sarvatra vijayī bhavet || 7||

|| iti śrībrahmayāmaloktaṁ bṛhaspatikavacaṁ sampūrṇam ||

The eighteen names of Jupiter relate to eighteen body parts starting from the top of head (śiras). One method uses this formula: Each name associates with two drekkāṇa reckoned from lagna in the horoscope.

1 bṛhaspati
2 guru
3 suraguru
4 abhīṣṭadāyaka
5 surācārya
6 vedapāraga
7 sarvajña
8 devatāguru
9 aṅgirāsa
10 śubhaprada
11 vāgīśa
12 śubhalakṣaṇa
13 devaguru
14 sukhaprada
15 jagadvandya
16 vākpati
17 surācāryo
18 viśvātma

However, the stotra clearly spells out the importance of the second name ‘guru’ as this can be used all the time to protect every part. The simple mantra for protection from all evils is
ॐ गुरवे नमः | om gurave namaḥ

Illustration: Lagna 14° Pisces is in 2nd drekkāṇa – start count from here
Jupiter in 26° Pisces = 3rd drekkāṇa of Pisces
Counting from Lagna to Jupiter we have ‘2’ or Jupiter is in 2nd drekkāṇa. The name obtained from the list is the first name ‘bṛhaspati’. Native should do the mantra
ॐ गां श्रीं क्लीं बृहस्पतये नमः
om gāṁ śrīṁ klīṁ bṛhaspataye namaḥ

In our tradition we use the gaM bīja for Ganesa and gaaM for Guru and Gita.

The direction in which we sleep plays a vital role in automatically charging the body for the next day. Sleep is the natural means to rest and rejuvenate. It heals the mind and the body. In an average we sleep for a third part of our lives and this this activity decides how well we are living and enjoying life in this planet.

The Śiva Mahāpurāṇa has some vital pointers to the results we get when we sleep in the eight directions

East Āyus Longevity Sun
South-East Dveṣa Enmity Venus
South Maraṇa Death Mars
South-West Pāpa Sin Rāhu
West Bhāgya Destiny Saturn
North-West Vyādhi Disease Moon
North Puṣṭi Prosperity Mercury
North-East Śaktī Power Jupiter

Try it Yourself

Use a compass to determine the direction of the feet when you sleep on your bed. Sit on the bed and face the direction you normally place your feet. Now read the results from the table above.

  1. If the results are negative, and if you are under adverse transits and daśā, the negative will surely manifest.
  2. If the results are negative, and if you are under positive transits and daśā, the negative will be supressed and even if you are feeling weak and depressed, the negative is unlikely to manifest.
  3. If the results are positive, and if you are under adverse transits and daśā, the you will have the strength and forbearance to overcome the negative
  4. If the results are positive, and if you are under good transits and daśā, the good fortune promised will surely manifest

In view of the above, it would be wise to choose a favourable direction of sleep.

Jyotiṣa Understanding

It is difficult to understand the results ascribed by Lord Śiva from jyotiṣa view. If we consider the dig chakra (directions of the graha), we find that longevity is promised when we are awaking in the direction of Sūrya (E). Similarly, good results of prosperity (N) and power (NE) are promised when awaking in the directions of Mercury and Jupiter i.e. feet point these directions when we sleep. Now, if we consider ‘Lagna’ as the point of rejuvenation, then the three planets that are positive for this are (a) lagna kāraka Sun and (b) planets that get digbala in lagna – Mercury and Jupiter.

It is evident that the results are based on the ‘rising’ or awakening. Awakening or rising is associated with Janma Lagna which is the rising sign.

Future Experiments Required

Future experiments are required to ascertain the effect of lagneśa direction. For example, if a person is born in Cancer Lagna, the lagneśa is Moon and will always work to the benefit of the native. Question is “would the direction of the Moon (NW) be beneficial for sleeping (and awakening)?”

Similarly, planets placed in Lagna are beneficial and maybe their directions would turn out to be positive. All this needs some serious study and experiments.


For the present, we would recommend using the advice of Lord Śiva and stick to the direction of the kāraka and the digbala planets i.e. sun (E), Mercury (N) and Jupiter (NE). The western direction is quite ambiguous and the word ‘bhāgya’ can also mean durbhāgya i.e. misfortune. It causes a person to float in this world without direction – swayed by the winds of destiny.

Justice has its ways and in a case where the world thought that he may not be really guilty, we had actually pronounced him “Guilty of Murder”.
On Dec. 3, 2015, a South African appeals court changed Oscar Pistorius’ manslaughter verdict and found him guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Pistorius was under house arrest for the remainder of his five-year manslaughter term but will have to go to court again to be re-sentenced for murder. BBC News
Quick Look

August 2012: Merc-Sat-Moon Period
Competes in London Olympics and Paralympics, where he won a gold medal. Saturn is Lagnesha in the 11th house and Mercury is the 9th Lord in a powerful Rajayoga with Venus the 10th Lord in tenth house. Further, Saturn is in dhana bhava from Mercury and activates a yoga for fame success and great rise. Moon adds the flavour for fame being in the 7th house in own sign. He becomes the ‘favoured one’.

February 2013: Merc-Sat-Rahu Period
Shoots dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. What one does during the Rajayoga dasha-antara is seen in the pratyantara. Mercury-Saturn Dasha-Antara is the rajayoga backdrop but Rahu shows ‘power going to the head’. One believes that they can get away with everything. See notes about Rahu-Jupiter parivartana …is this a kind of Guru-Chandala (Murder Yoga) when the 3rd bhava and Mars are also involved? It did turn out to be one.

September 2014: Ketu-Ven-Jup
Judge finds Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide. While Ketu is hell bent on keeping him behind bars, Venus favours him and with the benign aspect of Jupiter does give him a long rope to get away. Under the law of culpable homicide, he becomes eligible for release under “correctional supervision”, after having served a sixth of his sentence. October 2014, he begins five-year sentence and in October 2015, he is transferred to house arrest.

December 2015: Ketu-Moon-Ketu
Appeal court changes verdict to MURDER. The bulldog (Ketu) bites and refuses to let go. Pistorius can challenge the ruling in the constitutional court but only if his lawyers can argue that his constitutional rights have been violated. But there seems to be little chance of this.

a human tragedy of Shakespearean proportions…that having armed himself with a high-calibre weapon, Pistorius must have foreseen that whoever was behind the door might die, especially given his firearms training.As a matter of common sense at the time the fatal shots were fired, the possibility of the death of the person behind the door was clearly an obvious result, and in firing not one but four shots, such a result became even more likely.
Justice Lorimer Eric Leach, Supreme Court of Appeal, South Africa
Justice Lorimer Eric Leach

carnelianThe Agni Purāṇa recommends thirty-six gemstones for activation of rājayoga for the kings. I guess ordinary mortals can also make good use of these recommendations. The Sanskrit recommendation and our translation is given below.

वज्रं मरकतं रत्नं पद्मरागं च मोक्तिकम्॥
vajraṁ marakataṁ ratnaṁ padmarāgaṁ ca mouktikam||
(1) Diamond (2) Emerald (3) Ruby (4) Pearl

इन्द्रनीलं महानीलं वैदूर्यं गन्धशस्यकम्।
indranīlaṁ mahānīlaṁ vaidūryaṁ gandhaśasyakam|
(5) Aquamarine (6) Blue Sapphire (7) Vaidūrya [Scapolite?]

चन्द्राकान्तं सूर्यकान्तं स्फटिकं पुलकं तथा॥
candrākāntaṁ sūryakāntaṁ sphaṭikaṁ pulakaṁ tathā||
(8) Moonstone (9) Sunstone (10) Sapphire Crystal (11) Pulaka [green tourmaline]

कर्केतनं पुष्परागं तथा ज्योतिरसं द्विज।
karketanaṁ puṣparāgaṁ tathā jyotirasaṁ dvija|
(12) Quartz (13) Yellow Sapphire (14) star-gems [star-ruby etc.]

स्फटिकं राजपट्टं च तथा राजमयं शुभम्॥
sphaṭikaṁ rājapaṭṭaṁ ca tathā rājamayaṁ śubham||
(15) Sapphire Crystal (16) rājapaṭṭa [natural diamond] (17) rājamaya

सौगन्धिकं तथा गञ्जं सङ्खब्रह्ममयं तथा।
saugandhikaṁ tathā gañjaṁ saṅkhabrahmamayaṁ tathā|
(18) Sulphur [Golden Topaz] (19) gañja (20) Conch-Shell

गोमेदं रुधिराक्षं च तथा भल्लातकं द्विज॥
gomedaṁ rudhirākṣaṁ ca tathā bhallātakaṁ dvija||
(21) Gomeda [Dolomite, Hessonite – 4 sorts , white , pale yellow , red , and dark blue] (22) rudhirākṣa [like rudrākṣa -] (23) Marking-nut [Rhodolite Garnet or similar reddish gemstone]

धूलिं मरकतं चैव तुत्थकं सीसमेव च।
dhūliṁ marakataṁ caiva tutthakaṁ sīsameva ca|
(24) copper nitrate (25) Emerald (26) Blue vitriol (27) lead

पीलुं प्रवालकं चैव गिरिवज्रं द्विजोत्तम॥
pīluṁ pravālakaṁ caiva girivajraṁ dvijottama||
(28) Ivory (29) Coral (30) mountain-diamond ?

भुजङ्गमणिं चैव तथा वज्रमणिं शुभं।
bhujaṅgamaṇiṁ caiva tathā vajramaṇiṁ śubhaṁ|
(31) nāga-maṇi [snake-gem] (32) diamond-like gemstone

टिट्टिभं च तथा पिण्डं ब्रामरं च तथोत्पलम्॥
ṭiṭṭibhaṁ ca tathā piṇḍaṁ brāmaraṁ ca tathotpalam||
(33) Rhodochrosite (34) Pyrite (35) Black onyx [black pearl] (36) Amethyst

Vaidūrya Correction

Normally Used but Wrong gemstone. This is not Vaidurya
Normally Used but Wrong gemstone. This is not Vaidurya

It is very interesting to note that ‘vaidūrya’ which was suspected to be cat’s eye gemstone by astrologers for such a long time seems to be quite different. Vedavyāsa specifically uses the word ‘nīla-rakta’ indicating that it is bluish-red in colour. Cat’s-Eye is a feature that can apply to many gemstones including Cat’s Eye Apatite, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine, Cat’s Eye Diaspore, Cat’s Eye Scapolite, Cat’s Eye Tourmaline. Cat’s-Eye simply means a line of light that tilts with the stone. Don’t get carried away with that. What we are looking for is a gemstone which has the blue and red colours blended together.


These thirty-six gemstones are recommended based on the 36 drekkāṇa. For many thousand years the Indians, Persians and the Egyptians have used the drekkāṇa for timing political events and it is evident that this recommendation could be on these lines.

I am not any BJP member or supporter as in principle I am not inclined to politics or politicians. If I had my way, it would be Ram Rājya with just one divine incarnation ruling the land for life and there would be no need for any corruption of any sort. But that’s just day-dreaming and will not happen for many centuries in India.

The Candidates

Coming back to elections in New Delhi, we have three Chief Minister hopefuls –

Kiran BediKejriwalAjay Maken

Kiran Bedi b. June 9, 1949 at 2:10 pm in Amritsar, India (74 E 51′, 31 N 37′). She is under Saturn daśā Venus antardaśā Saturn pratyantara in Utpanna Vimśottari daśā. This modified Vimśottari daśā is used as Moon is in the third house in her chart. Saturn is a yogakāraka planet generating a powerful Vimala viparīta yoga. In addition, it is the lord of 5th house (power) in dasāṁśa exalted in lagna. This exalted śani will bring her to power just as it has already propelled her as the face of the BJP to head the Delhi Elections.


Arvind Kejriwal b. August 16, 1968 at 11:46 pm in Hissar, India (75 E 43′, 29 N 10′). He is under Jupiter daśā Venus antardaśā and the worst Ketu Pratyantara. Ketu is māraka for the chart and is debilitated in 5th house in navāṁśa afflicting Mercury which is the giver of power. Ketu shows mistakes and impulsive decisions that will prove to be very costly in the political arena.
As indicated in my previous article, his star will shine only till this Venus antardaśā i.e. 23 Feb 2015. Thereafter, Sun antardaśā will come and this saṅkrānti doṣa will catch him and force him to change his clothes – कपडा बदलना पडेगा.


Ajay Maken b. Jan 12, 1964 at 10:30 am (speculative, see notes below) in New Delhi, India (77 E 12′, 28 N 36′). He is under Mars daśā Venus antara Jupiter pratyantara. Mars is a rājayoga giver in this chart as it is exalted malefic in the 12th house. His wife is very lucky for him as the upapada is in the house of luck (9th bhāva) and yogakāraka Venus is in lagna. There is no doubt that the Congress party has done well to choose him as their leader for Delhi. With a strong Saturn as lagneśa in the 12th house he has the capacity to rout his challengers but the time does not favour him very much. Given the storm that is propelling the BJP he will do well to improve the figures of the Congress from the dismal showing in the previous elections to a double digit figure … say 12 seats.
A praśna chart was used to determine approximate birth time. Praśna Data: Jan 23, 2015, Time: 12:10 pm, New Delhi, India.
Janma Tithi = (a) Sun 8°52’ = 9 Navamī or (b) Sun + Prāṇa Tithi = 9 + 4 (caturthī) = 13 (trayodaśī) à Ajay Maken was born on Kṛṣṇa Trayodaśī (K13) … praśna seems to be working
Janma Rāśi : Praśna Navāṁśa Rāśi = Mīna, trines to Janma Rāśi Vṛścika … praśna is working
Janma Lagna Determination
Praśna navāṁśa lagna = Siṁha (Janma Lagna can be agni rāśi or kumbha); Praśna navāṁśa lagneśa Sun in Mīna (Janma Lagna can be Pisces).
Praśna Lagna = Meṣa (rātri bala rāśi) à birth is in daytime thereby eliminating Siṁha Lagna as that would be a night birth. Similarly Pisces lagna chart, which is all over the internet, is quite absurd as that would have given him a head full of hair and strong kapha prākṛti. Meṣa lagna would have made him travel all over the country for education and abroad for work. Of the two remaining options of Dhanus and Kumbha, we have preferred Kumbha lagna making him a very good man and an able fighter. He is married to Radhika Sehgal and has three children, Aarushi, Ahana and Aujaswi as a Leo saptāṁśa would indicate.

Numbers Nimitta (Omens)

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, which is responsible for the conduct of the February 7 assembly polls in the national capital has rejected the nominations of 230 candidates and approved the nomination papers of 693 after scrutiny. See the number ‘9’ [6+9+3 = 18, 1+8 =9] which belongs to Mars, the god of war who also rules the police and military.

After scrutiny, the highest number of valid nominations was 18 from the Burari Assembly seat and the lowest was four in the Ambedkar Nagar constituency. Mars is agin leading the numbers game as the number 18 indicates. [1+8=9]

Madness has Begun

A total of 121 first information reports have been lodged against various political parties in connection with the violation of the Model Code of Conduct in Delhi till now. According to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, the highest is against AAP. The AAP party which has openly said that it does not follow rules and regulations – they are ‘anarchists’ – Kejriwal’s words, takes the lead in disobedience of laws.

54 FIR’s have been lodged against AAP → 5+4 =9 (Mars is negative)
24 against the BJP → 2+4 = 6 (Venus is negative)
26 against the Congress → 2+6 =8 (Saturn is negative)
10 against the BSP → 1+0 = 1 (Sun is negative)

The Results

Delhi Assembly Elections 70 Seats
2013 Hung Assembly 2015 Predictions
Party Won Party Win A Win B Win C Win D
Cong 8 Cong 8 8 12↑ 17↑
BJP 31 BJP 44↑ 35↑ 35↑ 35↑
AAP 28 AAP 16↓ 25↓ 21↓ 16↓
Others 3 Others 2 2 2 2

My calculations show four scenario’s. These are with four assumptions which we clarify below:

Win A
This situation will occur if Narendra Modi storm continues to blow and takes over the elections. He is the face of ‘Future Hope for India’ and people will not let go of this hope so easily. Given his work load as the Prime Minister and the fact that he is going to be in a few gatherings, this scenario is very unlikely.

Win B
This situation occurs if the people have not yet forgiven Manmohan Singh for sleeping over reforms and not retiring if his health was not good. But this scenario is unlikely as we Indians are very forgiving and forgetting by nature.

Win C
This is the most likely scenario as the Congress under Ajay Maken is bound to improve its showing while the AAP takes a little hit for its antics. Kiran Bedi will prove to be a very energetic fighter and she has the will to perform. She is a go-getter and people of Delhi need someone who will deliver then from (a) endless traffic jams (b) expensive parking (c) crime. Yes she is a police officer and she will deliver them. That’s the picture. AAP will still get some votes as we in Delhi continue to get absurd electricity bills. Looks like some people in the electric supply department are playing lottery. I had to visit my heart doctor when slapped with an electric bill of ₹85,000. I will take up the matter after the elections and a new government is in place.

Win D
This will occur if during this Ketu pratyantara Arvind Kejriwal does some more of his funny tricks like sleeping on the road or tearing down electric wires. But this is unlikely as it looks like he has matured some.

ABP News-Nielsen
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to emerge as the single largest party in the coming Delhi elections with 35 seats, one short of majority, an opinion poll conducted by ABP News-Nielsen has predicted. The BJP is projected to get 29 seats while Congress is expected to get six seats in the 70-member House.
AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal seems to be the most preferred candidate for chief minister of Delhi with 48%, followed by Kiran Bedi of BJP with 42%. AAP is likely to emerge as the largest party with 37% vote share, followed by BJP with 33% and Congress with 18%. As per the survey, Kejriwal is seen as more capable than Bedi in solving most problems faced by Delhiites. However, for “maintaining law and order and women’s safety”, respondents preferred Bedi over Kejriwal.
The survey found that AAP maintained its strong hold over economically weaker sections and Muslims. The party also had substantial support among voters living in slums with nearly every second voter in slums intending to vote for the party. The survey said AAP had huge support among Muslim with nearly every two in three Muslim voters intending to vote for the party in the coming elections.
The survey found that Bedi’s anointment as BJP’s CM candidate was not helping the saffron party pull in additional voters.
The survey said voters were firmly aligned to their parties with very few intending to switch sides. However, there could be some fence-sitters currently saying they “may not vote for BJP” but could change their mind later, it added.
Kejriwal marginally pipped Bedi when it came to who did more “tamasha” than work for development. The opinion poll was conducted with 6,396 respondents in 35 constituencies by ABP News-Nielsen from January 25 to January 31.
TNS for the Economic Times
AAP, led by tax-inspector-turned-activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal, could walk away with 36 to 40 seats in the 70-member legislative assembly, according to the latest findings from polling firm TNS for the Economic Times newspaper.
Let everyone lose and we shall be the happiest. No need to feed their ego, feed their spiritual growth
We admit that the prediction was completely wrong and the BJP has been defeated due to taking Kiran Bedi as their Chief Minister candidate at the last minute. One lesson we learn from this is not to take a chart at the face value without verifying the divisions. It is evident that Kiran Bedi’s dasamsa is wrong and the exalted Saturn is not her rajayoga-karaka but must be her enemy planet. D10 lagna could be either Virgo or Scorpio. Anyway, it is time she retired and allowed the regular BJP people to get back to their work. It was a 44 win situation until she entered the fray …now looks like they may just about get a double digit figure.

Happy Makara Saṅkrānti

Makara Saṅkrānti is the new ‘financial’ year when we celebrate the awakening of Jagannāth (Kṛṣṇa). Festivities related to the saṅkrānti would depend on the local traditions and their definition on which day to choose for Saṅkrānti. There are three options:

  1. Vāra: The entire day from sunrise to next sunrise is a jyotiṣa day and if saṅkrānti occurs any time between two sunrise, that day shall be taken as the saṅkrānti date. Saṅkrānti occurred at 6:57’ PM at New Delhi on 14 January, 2015. So yesterday would be considered saṅkrānti by those who follow the ‘vāra’ or day based pañcāṅga.
  2. Horā: This is based on the day-night divide where the day called ‘aho’ is treated differently from the night called ‘rātra’. The word horā comes from the last syllable of ‘ho’ from ‘aho’ and the first syllable ‘rā’ from ‘rātra’. Saṅkrānti occurred at 6:57’ PM at New Delhi on 14 January, 2015 but the sunset occurred at 5:45’ PM. Since saṅkrānti happened after sunset, the next day would be considered as the day for saṅkrānti celebrations which would be 15 January, 2015.
  3. Dvi-Prahara: A prahara is a time period of a quarter of the day which is ruled by the digpāla who control karma while dvi-prahara literally meaning two-prahara is a time of about 6 hours. There are four such periods that are defined by the four gāyatrī at sunrise, mid-day, sunset and mid-night. There periods are guarded by the four lokapāla devatā. Some traditions follow the midnight or turīya gāyatrī as the turning point and only if saṅkrānti occurs after midnight shall it be celebrated on the next day. Saṅkrānti occurred at 6:57’ PM at New Delhi on 14 January, 2015 which was after sunset (5:45’ PM) but much before midnight. Therefore, 14 January 2015 shall be taken as the saṅkrānti date.

Now that we have three systems, we say that they belong to the three vaiṣṇava, śaiva and śākta traditions respectively. Even a simple astrologer can easily understand which one maps to which tradition originally – sunrise would be the vaiṣṇava, sunset the śaiva and midnight would be śākta. You are welcome to follow whichever you like as all roads lead to the final destination – provided we actually stick to the path and keep walking.

Please enjoy this small sharing of a photograph of my Sūrya Yantra. This yantra was as old as me, a gift of my elders.


MH370picMalaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing over the South China Sea on Saturday morning (8 Mar, 2014). The Boeing 777-200 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at 12:41 a.m. Saturday. It was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 am the same day, after a 2,700-mile journey. Around 1:30 am, air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur, lost contact with the plane as it was flying over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. MH370 with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. It was cruising at 35,000 feet and the skies were clear. Besides, no distress signal was deployed.

First Post15 Mar
Even after three days there is no information on the missing flight MH370. In the age of information, not having answers instantly is feels horrible. But this is not the first time such a thing has happened. There are all sorts of stories afloat about terrorists but nothing of that sort seems to have happened. The vedic chart drawn for the moment of take-off for flight MH370 resembles another one – Air France Flight 447 (abbreviated AF447).

AF447 was a scheduled international flight from Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. On 1 Jun 2009, the Airbus A330-203 airliner serving the flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the deaths of all 216 passengers and 12 aircrew. The accident was the deadliest in the history of Air France. Details of AF447

Did not crash on water

Various Theories are doing the rounds, particularly about the flight falling into the ocean as tiny objects are found on the sea. Oil slicks, stretching for metres in the South China Sea, gave the first glimpse of hope followed by the spotting of an orange object and then a door! But one by one, all that has been dismissed.

Jyotiṣa Rules

For a natural disaster, the rajas planets Venus and Mercury must be afflicted by Mars. Further, for a flight (vehicle), chara rāśi (movable signs) are expected.

  • MH370: Venus and Mercury are together in Capricorn (chara rāśi) having the graha dṛṣṭi of Mars from Libra
  • AF447: Venus and Mercury are together in Aries (chara rāśi) with Mars

The violence comes from storm clouds or water elements (ruled by Venus) if Mars is in Venus navāṁśa, else it is from earth movement (ruled by Mercury) if in Mercury navāṁśa. Mars would need a solar trigger.

  • MH370: Mars is in Libra (Ve) navāṁśa aspected by exalted Sun in Aries navāṁśa
  • AF447: Mars is in Taurus (Ve) navāṁśa conjoined the Sun

Having confirmed that there was a natural disaster happening (of some sort), we need to check failure of the machine-energy system. For this, the Sun must be effectively blocked by a malefic. From Sūrya Lagna, Rāhu must be ill placed and also aspect the Sun. Rāhu is always looking to destroy the Sun by its conjunctions and aspects. Jupiter can intervene and save but then the negative must he higher to confirm that the machine-energy system failed.

  • MH370: Sun in Aquarius with Rāhu in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th house from it in Libra. Jupiter does aspect Rāhu to try to save the machine but the conjunction of Saturn and Mars shows that the evil is much greater.
  • AF447: Sun in Taurus with Rāhu in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th house from it in Capricorn. There is no saving grace of any benefic planet.

Now that we know that it was a natural disaster like a terrible electrical storm that demolished the aircraft, we need to check for survivors. For this we need to examine Jupiter, the saviour of the human race. We also need to see the position of Ketu, the significator of the vertical (aerial) direction. These should neither be ill placed, weak nor beaten up to save some lives.

  • MH370: Both Jupiter and Ketu in duṣthāna. Jupiter is in the 8th house while Ketu is in the 6th house. Involvement of 8th house shows few survivors or none at all.
  • AF447: Both Jupiter and Ketu in duṣthāna. Jupiter is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 3rd house while Ketu is in the 8th house. Involvement of 8th house shows few survivors or none at all.

No terrorist attack

Based on the unknown identities of two passengers, it was speculated that they were terrorists who had purchased ‘one-way’ tickets together for travel to Amsterdam, Europe via Beijing using stolen passports. This happens all the time in this part of the world. Even authorities in the airports are known to tear away visa pages from passports for the black market where these fetch good money from desperate immigrant seekers. People thought it was the ‘toothpaste’ bomb. Honestly, if toothpaste is going to be used for terror bombs, then most of us will have to go back to using dantoon (neem sticks that are chewed to create a brush at one end).

Finally, the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade (CMB for short) realised, a little too late, that it’s a good time for some media attention and claimed it did the terror job. The encrypted Hushmail message stated “you kill one of our clan – we kill 100 of yours as pay back” referring to a 29-people stabbing incident at the train station in Kunming, China. It is very unlikely that one of them could have jumped 35,000 feet in the air and stabbed the aircraft with his knife! Those things happen only in Chinese Kung-Fu movies.

Anyway, the chart does not indicate a terror attack although Mars is involved with two other malefics in the 12th house (foreign travel). Mars will protect his home, the ascendant which simply means that it would put up a good fight against Rāhu and Saturn.


Having ruled out terror and such things, the two options are whether (A) the natural disaster (Mras afflicts Mercury, Venus) like storm or some electric spark in the high altitude was the chief cause or (B) whether a mechanical fault (Sun-Rahu) was the chief cause.

Most reports are that the weather was good but that’s never sufficient to confirm local activity on the spot. While the natural trigger was minimal as Mars is also Lagna lord for MH370 Chart, it was the chief cause for AF470 as it was the 12th Lord. Either way, none seem to have survived (C) Ketu and Jupiter in dusthana

Praśna Mārga states that the disturbances in a journey are to be studied from the 7th bhāva.

The 7th house is Taurus and is vargottama indicating great strength, and that was the only thing which troubled me as a vargottama lagna has the power to protect. But the 7th bhāva has the rāśi dṛṣṭi of Saturn, Rāhu and Mars, all retrograde. Further, the 7th lord Venus (both rāśi and aṁśa) is placed in Capricorn and is involved in a parivartana yoga with Saturn. Therefore, instead of Venus, Saturn will be indicating the disturbances in the journey. Saturn is with Mars and Rāhu indicating the deaths of the passengers and a deadly end to the journey. That was the basis of the prediction made in the article. The exalted Moon in the 7th bhāva is also the bādhakeśa and under the aspect of Mars is going to form Rudra yoga.
A closer look at the navamśa shows a pāpa kartari yoga on the 7th bhāva caused by Sun, Saturn and a debilitated Ketu.

Recent Report on Flight Path
The latest reports on the flight path indicate a retrograde behaviour where, instead of flying north towards Beijing, the aircraft reversed and the final direction it chose to fly was South-West which is ruled by Rāhu. It is now clear that among the 3 planets – Saturn, Mars and Rāhu, the latter decided the flight path reversal. Saturn has the parivartana with Venus and planets conjoining are Mars and Rāhu. Among the two, Rāhu is the one afflicting as Mars is lagneśa. Besides, Rāhu has higher longitude.
Khareśa: Rāhu is Khareśa of the chart as it lords the 4th bhāva from navamśa lagna. It afflicts the lagneśa Mars as well as the functional controller of the journey viz. Saturn. Rāhu is also debilitated in Sagittarius navamśa which specifically indicates “fall from a height”.

The Guardian reports “According to two US officials who spoke to ABC News, the 777’s data reporting system was shut down at 1.07am, while the transponder – which sends back information to civilian radar regarding performance, location and altitude – was turned off at 1.21am.”
The scheduled journey was 5h49’ and the compressed Vimśottari daśā is given below:
Vimśottari Mahā Daśā (Using local Malaysia time)

Moon: 2014-03-08 (12:34:18 am) – 2014-03-08 (1:01:45 am)
Mars: 2014-03-08 (1:01:45 am) – 2014-03-08 (1:20:58 am) → Data Reporting system shut at 1:07’am
Rah: 2014-03-08 (1:20:58 am) – 2014-03-08 (2:10:22 am) → Transponder shut, flight turned SW
Jup: 2014-03-08 (2:10:22 am) – 2014-03-08 (2:54:17 am) → Flight seen in radar
Sat: 2014-03-08 (2:54:17 am) – 2014-03-08 (3:46:27 am) → Journey ends?
Merc: 2014-03-08 (3:46:27 am) – 2014-03-08 (4:33:07 am)
Ket: 2014-03-08 (4:33:07 am) – 2014-03-08 (4:52:20 am)
Ven: 2014-03-08 (4:52:20 am) – 2014-03-08 (5:47:14 am)
Sun: 2014-03-08 (5:47:14 am) – 2014-03-08 (6:03:42 am)
The last known position of MH370 was at 1.21am when the transponder was shut off at 35,000 feet roughly 90 miles off the east coast of Malaysia, as the Boeing MH370 with 239 people on board made its way towards Vietnam, en route to Beijing. This was a minute after the period of Rāhu started. It was during this period of Rāhu that the flight was turned in the South-Western direction.
From there, plot indications show the plane zigzagged towards the Thai island of Phuket and then, at 2.15am, when the period of Jupiter started, MH370 either (A) continued on northwest route which would lead it towards the Andaman Islands and perhaps onward to Europe OR (B) further south. Malaysian military officials have previously confirmed that an aircraft that could be MH370 was last seen on military radar at 2.15am some 200 miles off Malaysia’s west coast. It is noteworthy that the missing flight was suddenly seen when Jupiter’s period started.

Hand of Nature
We cannot ignore the natural elements indicated by Mercury and Venus in chara rāśi having the dṛṣṭi of Mars.
There is no further information at to the time of end of this journey. Where would the aircraft be between 2:54’am to 3:46’am? That’s the question which if answered, should be able to locate the flight.
What is most disturbing is the role of the Sun which is the lord of the tenth house showing the boss or controller of the flight. The Sun is in the 6th bhāva from Ārūḍha Lagna and is also in a navamśa ruled by Mars, which points a finger at the pilots. The 3rd and 8th bhāva from ārūḍha lagna is either ruled by Ketu or has Ketu in it showing the accident as the final report is likely to say.

  1. No. it’s not pilot suicide! Such theories are quite baseless.
  2. It could be a hijacking as is indicated by the malefic Saturn and Rahu and Mars
  3. But that is not why the disaster happened which is likely to have killed everyone. There was the hand of the elements and it was a watery grave. Honestly I don’t know why they are looking in the Andaman Islands. They should spend the time looking in the water.
  4. I have always maintained that the passengers were death (or at least unconscious) when the final end happened. So it was painless. Point is what caused this state – I don’t know as yet.

nido_toiI was horrified to read that a young student, a teenager kid, had died due to his hairstyle! Delhi has become a bad place, but this is the limit, the pits. People get killed every day for various reasons normally around the three W’s (wealth, women and wine or rather drugs these days) but to die due to hairstyle is unheard of, it’s the pits – shows the murky level to which our society has fallen. The planet ruling ‘hair’ is Ketu and Saturn normally indicates the dead or cut hair. Hairstyle or hair colour is definitely Ketu influenced by some other graha. Nido Tania, a first year (18-19 year old) student of Lovely Professional University, and son of Arunachal Pradesh MLA Nido Pavitra, was beaten to death by six to seven people led by a shopkeeper in New Delhi after a quarrel on January 29, 2014 at 1.30pm. Nido Tania died in AIIMS on Thursday or was brought dead.  His body had more than 40 injury marks although the Primary Pre-Medical report has ruled out death due to injuries.
A youth claiming to be Tania’s cousin alleged he saw an injury mark on his neck and his lips were torn. Let’s look at the chart of the crime chart. He was beaten with sticks and rods by the shopkeeper and his six associates and sustained several injuries including one in the neck. The quarrel began on Wednesday, when the shopkeeper of a sweet shop made fun of the hairstyle of Nido Tania, to which the youth and his friends objected. The altercation took place at a shop Rajasthan Paneer Bhandar, located at A-83 Lajpat Nagar. Some racist remarks were made at Nido Tania by the shopkeeper and his friends, after which Nido allegedly broke the glass at the shop.  Later, as Nido was walking alone in front of the shop, the shopkeeper and his friends attacked him with rods and sticks, and beat him badly.
Taurus Lagna with Venus in 8th house (danger) with the Moon in chandrāṣṭama doṣa (Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna) showing the danger of death. Mars aspecting this chandrāṣṭama Moon indicates the trigger – a glass top of the counter was shattered by the boy when he was teased by the shop assistants for his hairstyle. Ketu in the 12th house (final end) is aspected by Mars bringing in piśāca doṣa of sorts. Mars and Ketu jointly influencing the 8th or 12th house in rāśi chart can show danger of death. Enemy is in the 6th house – Libra showing the Market Place. Saturn shows a servant i.e. the shop assistant who is aided by many ‘Rāhu’. Some astrologers would say that this combination can indicate people of a different religious community as well. The malefic planets aspecting the chandrāṣṭama (intention of giving death) are Mars and Saturn showing that metal rods were used like a spear and sticks (clubs- Saturn).

The local police was called in, who took Nido Tania to the police station, and later released him, after the youth paid a fine of ₹ 7 or 10,000 as compensation. Jyotiṣa: Ketu which is placed in the 12th bhāva (expenses, losses) aspected by 12th Lord Mars by graha dṛṣṭi. Chandrāṣṭama with the lagneśa indicates instant death. Nido did leave the venue seeming fine but when he slept, he never woke up. He was admitted to AIIMS the next day when his roommates discovered that he was not awakening till 2.00pm. His heart was not beating. They took him to AIIMS but was declared dead.


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