Elizabeth Taylor Dies

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Goodbye Liz! We miss you

Elizabeth taylor died on 23 March 2011 at 1.28′ am PST at Los Angeles, CA. The death of actress Elizabeth Taylor on Wednesday marked the passing of another era, according to local film historian Robert Holladay. “As far as I’m concerned, she’s the last of the movie stars,” said Holladay, a retired high school English teacher who still teaches at McMurry University. “There are still movie stars but they don’t have anything to do with the old Hollywood. She was the last.”

Taylor, who died at age 79, was arguably better known for eight marriages, stormy romances and outspoken support of AIDS than she was for her body of work. However, Holladay said her legendary beauty overshadowed the fact that she was a great actress. “Actors like Paul Newman said that people would only talk about her beauty and they would ignore that she was a great actress,” he said. “She was also very funny.” Liz Taylor received two Oscars in her career, the first coming in 1960 after being nominated the three previous years but not winning. She won for her performance of call girl Gloria Wondrous in the movie “Butterfield 8.” Holladay said Taylor had better performances.

The Birth Chart [ Date: February 27, 1932; Time: 2:15 am; Place: 0 W 07′, 51 N 30′ London, United Kingdom]


Scorpio Lagna in the birth chart has two lords – Ketu and Mars. The Arudha Lagna generated from Mars is at Aquarius with Mars, Sun and Mercury showing success in the birth place (London) while the Arudha Lagna generated by Ketu is in the 9th house, which is also the badhaka rashi showing success in a foreign country (Hollywood, USA). It is evident that the powerful retrograde and exalted Jupiter supported by saturn in the 7th bhava from the Arudha in Cancer worked for her. This is more so because of the Moon which is the significaot rof arudha. Moon in the 12th bhava shows that the nativewill finally take up residence in this foreign country where her life is manifesting for her.

Exalted Jupiter which is also debilitated in the navamsha would not have given such undying fame and beauty if it wasnot retrograde. The rajabhanga yoga generated by Jupiter exalted in rashi and debilitated in navamsha gets reversed due to its retrogression generating a nicabhanga rajayoga. This forming the 9th bhava brings a grand fortune. It is estimated that what she has left behind is worth a billion dollars! Jupiter in the arudha gives undying fame, especially when it is alone. In addition, the Moon as the lord of this arudha is in the 12th bhava which shows her great attchment to the land she adopted as her home (Los Angeles, CA) besides hospitals and health care. She has encouraged her fans to spend mony in donating to health care instead of sending flowers to her grave … now who could have thought about Liz Taylor like that. Her heart has proved to be equally as beautiful as her. I mourn her death in that the most beautiful flower of this world has left us, but I shall continue to rejoice in all the beauty she has left for us to enjoy.

The death (Punya chart)


YEAR OF DEATH: The working arudha was Cancer and Saturn sits strong in Capricorn in the 7th bhava from AL. This triggers the death transits and will give disease towards the end of life (Saturn). Finally when Saturn transited over the Lagna Lord Ketu (in Virgo) which is also a trine to Capricorn, her last days came. This is in lines with Raths Rules for death in Crux of Vedic Astrology.

MONTH OF DEATH: The sidereal month of death is from the mrityu pada. This is in the sign Libra and its lord Venus is exalted and conjoined Rahu. Options are – an air sign or Pisces. The latter is more likely due to the Rahu affliction. She died in the sidereal Pisces month when the Sun passed through it.

DATE OF DEATH: The vedic date is the Tithi and the strongest among the 5th lord and planets aspects should decide this – Jupiter rules and this can be Tithi 5 (Panchami) or Tithi 13 (Trayodashi). She died on Krishna Panchami (Ttithi 5).

TIME OF DEATH: Finally the Lagna or the hour of death. This should be in trines to the arudha lagna and a water sign would be indicated by Cancer. She died at the fag end of Scorpio lagna [11.10 pm – 1.32 am] …she died at 1.23 am.

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