Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy

Don’t count the years you want to live. Ask yourself how much you have done for society at large with whatever opportunities the Almighty has provided you
– Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy
Dr. Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy, popularly known as YSR, was an astute politician and a charismatic mass leader. He was born to a Christian middle class family on July 8, 1949 in Pulivendula, AP (78E24′ 14N50′), in the month of Āsāḍha śukla caturdasī tithi (S14 – Venus lord) in Mūlā nakṣatra (gaṇḍānta tārā) in Brahma yoga, Garija karaṇa. The birth time is stated as either 8pm or 10pm by two sources and we shall examine this in the next issue. At present we examine the swearing-in charts which are by far, the most important political charts. Video gives an overview

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Chief Minister Andhra

[Swearing-in chart, 2004]

At 1.39’pm[1] IST on Friday, 14 May 2004 YSR was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh by Governor S.S.Barnala. Leo lagna shows that the government will be strong and with the fifth lord Jupiter placed in it, promises fame, protection and return to power. Weekday and horā lord is Venus carrying the fire and light of agni devatā, its placement in a friendly sign in the 11th house is considered extremely auspicious. The government will have the energy (agni) to fulfill its commitments (Venus is 10th lord of commitments) and will show great enterprise (3rd house lordship of Venus). The ekādaśī tithi ruler Mars is a yogakāraka forming dharma-karmādhipati yoga with Venus in the 11th house. It shows that YSR government will use very strong methods to establish the rule of law and will also intervene in matters pertaining to religious establishments, some of which may not be taken very well (Mars). However, there will be good discipline, which is something India really needs. In simple words, YSR government would be strong in the face of criticism in all matters and will not hesitate to use strong arm methods to establish the rule of law. It is noteworthy that during this tenure YSR saw to it that the murderers of his fathers were brought to court. He preferred to follow the rule of law rather than use thugs and gangsters, a lesson for many other politicians to learn.
The conjunction of Saturn with the dharma-karmādhipati yoga in the 11th house involving the vāreśa Venus and tithi-lord Mars shows that this yoga would be focused at the poorer sections of the people. Even Saturn becomes positive and its 11th house placement promises long life (completion of tenure), stability among the people (Saturn dṛṣṭi – 5th house) and very hardworking leader (Saturn dṛṣṭi – lagna) who through sheer hard work and diligence will accomplish great goals.

Elections 2009

Even his detractors will agree that during this first tenure YSR outperformed every expectation and returned to power in the next election in 2009 with an overwhelming majority. In the swearing-in chart, the lagna shows the government while the 6th house shows the enemies and 7th house in general stands for the opposition which is the check and balance.
Many things happen in an election of which two important factors are (1) general mood of the people as being anti-incumbency or otherwise or simply neutral and (2) party politics including partnerships. In the elections of 2009, the Indian public was in a very angry mood against ‘partners of any kind’, particularly after the Left Bloc (CPI, CPIM etc) was seen as having blackmailed the Congress for many years and then when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh refused to budge any further, they took the nation to ransom by trying to topple the government in Delhi. What peeved the public mood even further was the manner in which the new supporters were also seen as vultures trying to prey on a weak government when comments from some politicians, like “ām chakhoge” (are you ready to taste mangoes), were published showing that the only reason for supporting the Congress was to make a quick buck. What was most surprising was that none of the political pundits could see this seething anger in the Indian public already boiling with rage after the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack. The only thing the people understood was that all these political tie-ups and horse trading only makes the government weak and in the process the security and wealth of India is compromised. We must give credit to the brilliant Rahul Gandhi as being the only person who was able to see this and gave the clarion call for the Congress to fight the elections alone without any minor alliances (only major state level alliances in a few states). A man who can feel the pulse of the people deserves to lead them and Rahul Gandhi will surely make a great leader for India one day when he becomes the Prime Minister.
In the swearing-in chart the 6th lord Saturn is placed in the 11th house and is conjoined bādhakeśa Mars which damages the 6th lord considerably as Mars will always exalt over Saturn. Saturn is also the 7th lord showing that the otherwise responsible opposition will try to array with the enemies. This will be in stark opposite to the Sun who will lead alone (Sun is always a loner). Truly YSR led the Congress party alone without major alliances whereas Chandrababu Naidu (responsible opposition) was misled by his advisers to form the Mahakutami which was nothing but a congregation of otherwise bitter enemies of completely divergent political views. Till yesterday Chandrababu (TDP) was seen as opposing any further division of Andhra Pradesh and now he had joined hands with his bitter opponent Chandrasekhara Rao of TRS who has just one major objective of carving his state of Telengana out of Andhra Pradesh. The Communists (enemies of Congress during the elections and after – 6th house), who had lost their locus standii were able to wriggle their way into this grand union and saw a weak TDP to extract maximum seats for sharing. In all this pandemonium, many TDP leaders who had suddenly lost their local berths to their erstwhile bitter enemies – TRS and Left Bloc felt that if they did not battle then now, their future in politics was doomed. The result was large scale dissidence. This was even worse with the TRS where the ‘final list’ was finalised nine times! The dissidence among the leaders in the parties reached alarming proportions.
YSR capitalised on this disarray, particularly because Saturn was transiting Leo. The opposition tried to unite but Saturn only exposed them as being crafty or greedy or simply confused in the eyes of the people. The net result was their rout in the elections.

Chief Minister Andhra IInd Term

Chief Minister Andhra [Swearing-in chart -2, 2009]

Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the second time when he was sworn in by Governor N.D.Tiwari on May 20, 2009 at 6:32 pm at the stadium in Hyderabad, India (78 E 28′, 17 N 23′). Unlike the previous time when he had correctly chosen the vāra of the 10th lord and yogakāraka Venus (Friday), this time he choose the weekday of Mercury which is placed in the 6th house with the 8th lord Sun. This combination in his natal chart, when weak, is favorable as it constitutes the viparīta rājayoga. However by energizing it in choosing the swearing-in to be on Wednesday, he was going to make the inimical forces (6th house) and dangers (8thhouse) much stronger. The time chosen for the swearing in was extremely inauspicious to say the least. If he had consulted any astrologer, we wonder on what basis could the vāra of the lord of the 8thhouse have been chosen for such an important occasion. Furthermore, when vāreśa Mercury as lord of longevity, was in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 7th house conjoining the 10th lord Sun (which shows the leader or Chief Minister being afflicted by the maraṇa yoga). This sunset yoga[2] is most terrible and clearly threatens the life of YSR as he was going to be the CM.
Since this is raja abhiśeka, the kāraka of raja being Sun (agni tattva), the vāreśa is of utmost importance. Mercury is in a very cursed state being afflicted by conjunction with Sun and having the aspect of Saturn (in Leo – ruled by Sun) and Rāhu.
To add to the woes of this terrible muhurta, the tithi was kṛṣṇa pakṣa ekādaśī (K11 ruled by Mars). He was born in ekādaśī tithi showing tithi doṣa at birth and the muhurta happening on the same tithi when Mars is involved in Rudra yoga with Moon and Venus is most undesirable. Jupiter in the 4thhouse will be incapable of protecting the native due to this tithi blemish.

Vimśottari Daśā [5 Year Compressed] Maha Daśā
Sat: 2008-10-16 – 2009-07-31
Merc: 2009-07-31 – 2010-04-13
Ket: 2010-04-13 – 2010-07-31
Ven: 2010-07-31 – 2011-05-30
Sun: 2011-05-30 – 2011-09-01
Moon: 2011-09-01 – 2012-01-29
Mars: 2012-01-29 – 2012-05-14
Rah: 2012-05-14 – 2013-02-12
Jup: 2013-02-12 – 2013-10-16
Antardaśā in Mercury Daśā
2009-07-31 – 2010-04-13
Merc: 2009-07-31 – 2009-09-07
Ket: 2009-09-07 – 2009-09-22
Ven: 2009-09-22 – 2009-11-04
Sun: 2009-11-04 – 2009-11-17
Moon: 2009-11-17 – 2009-12-08
Mars: 2009-12-08 – 2009-12-22
Rah: 2009-12-22 – 2010-01-29
Jup: 2010-01-29 – 2010-03-03
Sat: 2010-03-03 – 2010-04-13

Helicopter Accident

YSR died due to a helicopter crash in a storm when the chopper was hit by lightening [Mercury rules natural calamities]. Please note that in the swearing-in chart Mercury had chosen to do the misdeed. The helicopter crash (Mars) and death happened on 2ndSeptember 2009 at about 9.02 am on a Wednesday (ruled by Mercury). The journey was started in Virgo Lagna with exalted Mercury in it. What further confirmation can Mercury give? And, he was travelling in a direction (south-Mars) exactly opposite that ruled by the vāreśa Mercury (north). The accident occurred near Rudravaram.
May his soul rest in peace.
[1] Other sources give a time of 1.59’pm. The lagna does not change from Leo although the navāṁśa does change from Virgo to Scorpio, which is incorrect given the facts of his government’s continued popularity.
[2] swearing in was at sunset which was at 6:42:34 pm and which is normally prohibited. He should have waited for the evening or should have chosen the morning if he wanted a fixed sign.

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