Shula Dasha


Shoola Dasa is an Ayur (Longevity) Dasa meant for determining the period of death of the self, spouse and other relations. It is amongst the most accurate dasa for longevity and health and can be used to accurately time the occurance of all events pertaining to the state of one’s physical body. Since 75% of our bodies are made up of fluids and water, the Moon becomes the most important planet for matters of health and longevity. Thus, for good health and longevity, Lord Shiva is worshipped on Mondays with the Mritunjaya mantra


The Shoola Dasa is named after the Trishula or Three headed spear carried by Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra or Maheswara.

The Shoola Dasa is a fixed period Dasa and will depend on the nature of animal etc. you are studying. Either (a) The period of gestation is equal to ONE ANTARDASA OR (b) the period of FULL LIFE (Purna Ayus) is equally divided by 12 for the dasa of the 12 signs and equally divided by 144 for each antardasa.
Example A: Determine the Shoola dasa periods for Human births. We know that the period of conception & pregnancy (gestation) is 9 months. Thus, each Shoola ANTARDASA equals 9 Months. Each Shoola Dasa is 9 Years (12×9 Months= 108 Months =9 Years). Purna Ayus of this Dasa is 108 years (144x9months =1296 Months= 108 years).
Example B: The US president is elected for a period of 4 years. This becomes the Purna Ayus of the Presidency and his ability to sustain during the 4 years will be seen from the Shoola Dasa of the swearing-in Chart. Since the Purna Ayus (Full Life) is for 4 years=48 Months, Each Shoola Dasa for the US Presidency is for 4 Months (48Months /12 =4 Months). Each Antardasa is for 10 Days (4 Months/12 = 120 Days/12 = 10 Days).

The Shoola Dasa starts from the Lagna or the 7th house whichever is stronger. Similarly for other relations. The stronger between the 3rd & 9th will start the shoola Dasa for Father, Paternal relatives & younger co-borns. The stronger between the 4th & 10th will start the shoola Dasa for Mother, Maternal relatives etc. The stronger between the 5th & 11th will start the shoola Dasa for Children, (Maharishi Jaimini adds younger sisters out here due to the pada of the third) & Elder co-borns. The stronger between the 6th & 12th will start the shoola Dasa for servants, pets etc. In this manner the Shoola Dasa for all can be determined.

The Shoola Dasa are always regular and zodiacal. This is because Saturn is the natural Ayushkaraka (significator for longevity) and the Jaimini Maharishi teaches “Sanau UcheTyeke”.

The stronger between the 2nd & 8th Lord is called the Rudra. If the weaker is more afflicted, then it becomes the Rudra. The sign occupied by the Rudra is called Shoola and its trines are called Trishula. Since Venus & Mars are the Lords of the natural 2nd (Taurus) and 8th (Scorpio) houses of the zodiac, if they are aspected/conjoined by the Moon (Significator of the mind/health) generate Rudra Yoga.

Death is to occur in the TriShoola, Rudra Yoga or other malefic yoga. Death can also occur in the sign of the Arudha Lagna (for self and other Arudha for other relations). Death can also occur in the signs aspecting the third (place of death) from Arudha Lagna. Other details from Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutra.

Example: Mahatma Gandhi

Shoola dasa (troubles and death):
Maha Dasas:
Li: 1869-10-02 (7:31:00 am) – 1878-10-02 (2:41:40 pm)
Sc: 1878-10-02 (2:41:40 pm) – 1887-10-02 (10:10:13 pm)
Sg: 1887-10-02 (10:10:13 pm) – 1896-10-02 (5:32:43 am)
Cp: 1896-10-02 (5:32:43 am) – 1905-10-03 (12:49:26 pm)
Aq: 1905-10-03 (12:49:26 pm) – 1914-10-03 (8:11:30 pm)
Pi: 1914-10-03 (8:11:30 pm) – 1923-10-04 (3:42:20 am)
Ar: 1923-10-04 (3:42:20 am) – 1932-10-03 (10:55:15 am)
Ta: 1932-10-03 (10:55:15 am) – 1941-10-03 (6:19:54 pm)
Ge: 1941-10-03 (6:19:54 pm) – 1950-10-04 (1:41:22 am)
Cn: 1950-10-04 (1:41:22 am) – 1959-10-04 (9:03:30 am)
Le: 1959-10-04 (9:03:30 am) – 1968-10-03 (4:25:46 pm)
Vi: 1968-10-03 (4:25:46 pm) – 1977-10-03 (11:44:03 pm)

Ge MD: Antardasas in this MD:
Sg: 1941-10-03 (6:19:54 pm) – 1942-07-02 (4:35:12 pm)
Cp: 1942-07-02 (4:35:12 pm) – 1943-03-31 (6:20:43 pm)
Aq: 1943-03-31 (6:20:43 pm) – 1944-01-01 (5:01:27 pm)
Pi: 1944-01-01 (5:01:27 pm) – 1944-10-03 (12:47:11 pm)
Ar: 1944-10-03 (12:47:11 pm) – 1945-07-02 (11:10:38 am)
Ta: 1945-07-02 (11:10:38 am) – 1946-03-31 (12:46:32 pm)
Ge: 1946-03-31 (12:46:32 pm) – 1947-01-01 (11:25:28 am)
Cn: 1947-01-01 (11:25:28 am) – 1947-10-04 (7:18:50 am)
Le: 1947-10-04 (7:18:50 am) – 1948-07-02 (5:33:54 am)
Vi: 1948-07-02 (5:33:54 am) – 1949-03-31 (7:04:03 am)
Li: 1949-03-31 (7:04:03 am) – 1950-01-01 (6:01:42 am)
Sc: 1950-01-01 (6:01:42 am) – 1950-10-04 (1:41:22 am)

In the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, the arudha lagna is in Cancer and the third from it is Virgo (Garden) with the Sun (light fire arm) in it. Jaimini teaches that the third from the AL is to be seen for the place of death. Virgo is aspected by Gemini and is likely to give death as it is the first dasa in the long-life compartment. The shoola dasa indicates Rudra or the lagna of the person who shall come to kill the native.

On the 30 January 1948 Mahatma Gandhi was shot to death at point blank range by Nathuram Godse. The lagna of Nathuram was Gemini!! See how the shoola dasa showed the lagna of the person who is coming to kill.

The shoola antardasa has to be of a dusthana from the dasa rasi and should have ample factors to indicate the death. leo is in the third from gemini and is also owned by the sun which is in the third from Arudha Lagna.

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