Foundation Audio

Huge audio files download of the teachings on Foundations of Vedic Astrology. You can right-click on the link and download the audio files or left click on them and listen online. You are free to download, store and listen to these audio files. If you have questions, write in the forum.

CD01 Foundations of Jyotish

[listyofiles folder=”seminar/foundation/CD01″ options=”table,filesize,icon,wpaudio,wpaudiodownloadable”]

CD02 Foundations of Jyotish

[listyofiles folder=”seminar/foundation/CD02″ options=”table,filesize,icon,wpaudio,wpaudiodownloadable”]

CD03 Foundations of Jyotish

[listyofiles folder=”seminar/foundation/CD03″ options=”table,filesize,icon,wpaudio,wpaudiodownloadable”]

4 thoughts on “Foundation Audio

  1. I would love to get the learnings from sanjayji and its disciples. Plz ptovide a way to get hold of u r lectures online way

  2. It is wonderful to hear to Pt Sanjay Rath Ji. After hearing this difficult topics seem so simple. Thanks

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