Principles of Divisional Charts

Primary Divisions
We must not forget that it was the Hindus who discovered what is known as the precession of the Equinoxes, and in their calculation such an occurrence takes place every 25,827 years. Our modern science, after labors of hundreds of years has simply proved them to be correct….Count Viscount Cheiro
1.1 Time and Space

Time and space are like endless rings without a beginning and without an end.

Medical Astrology I

Lesson prepared by Anshu Sood: Ansumalee Sood is an engineer and an ardent exponent of Vedic Astrology. He has authored a number of articles in Jyotish and is known for his expertise in estimating stock market turns. He is a regular at the Sunday classes at SJC, New Delhi (Guru: Sanjay Rath)
Medical Astrology is but one of the branches of the divine science Jyotisha, that has perhaps tremendous practical utility in our lives.

Shula Dasha

Shoola Dasa is an Ayur (Longevity) Dasa meant for determining the period of death of the self, spouse and other relations. It is amongst the most accurate dasa for longevity and health and can be used to accurately time the occurance of all events pertaining to the state of one’s physical body. Since 75% of our bodies are made up of fluids and water, the Moon becomes the most important planet for matters of health and longevity.

Nakśatras in Disease

Paper on Role of Nakshatra in Disease by Sanjay Rath
Weekend Workshop VI | 4-5 October 2003 | Sri Jagannātha Center, USA
Sri Krishna’s teachings
Disease and Nakśatras
Sri Kŕśńa was teaching Yudhiśŧhira and narrated the discussion between Agnihotra Kauśika Muni and Mahaŕśi Garga (Bhaviśya Pūrāńa). Mahaŕśi Garga inquired “Brahma! How can any person be realized from such suffering like bondage, imprisonment, being tied down under adverse conditions, slavery or under attack/seige from enemies or wild animals and diseases.

Gaurī mantra

Six akṣara Gourī mantra – Agni Purāṇa

ॐ ह्रीं गौर्यै नमः।
om hrīṁ gauryai namaḥ
Śaktī Shrines of Orissa

Adi Śaktī Tārā Tārini Hill Shrine (stana pīṭha – breasts of the Goddess) – Purnagiri, Ganjam District
Ambikā – Baripada
Baralā Devī – Kandhmal
Bhadrakālī – Bhadrak
Bhagavati – Banpur, Sonepur
Bhairavī Temple – Ganjam
Birajā – Jajpur
Budhi Samalei (Samaleśvarī) – Sambalpur
Caṇḍī – Cuttack
Gourī – Bhubaneswar
Hinguli – Talcher
Kali – Kalijai Island, Chilika lake
Kanta Devī – Sanjal village of Bonai
Kichakeśvarī – Khiching
Lankeśvarī – Junagarh
Mahāmāyī – Berhampur
Majhighariani – Rayagada
Maṅgala – Kakatpur