Sapta Loka & Tala

SJC USA Annual Conference, 2003 | Venue: West Coast, San Jose, CA, USA
Date: August 20, 2003
There were three handouts and CDs for this workshop. Please feel free to download everything that I share today on Janmastami – in the sweet memory of my Lord Jagannāth Mahāprabhu

CD01: Various Definitions
Kāla means time and the word puruṣa refers to the personification of God. Any personification needs the definition of space that is to be occupied by the body. The body of Kālapuruṣa is called Virāṭ (literally meaning huge) and refers to the entire manifested universe. Thus, Kālapuruṣa refers to the personification of God (Viṣṇu) in the fourth dimension (time) using the three dimensions of space where the body is the entire manifested universe… read on to know about the Loka & Tala in the chart, the Seven Chakra, the Illusion and its effect, sapta-loka in the body. Some charts have been discussed. It is better for you to make and view these charts while listening to the audio.
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CD02: Charts and Case Studies
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CD03: CASE Studies: Death Charts
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  1. Dear Guruji. Thanks a lot for this super webinar again . It is interesting indeed to go Narka first and then Indra loka when less papa. And indeed we are here all now. Namaskaram.

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