Curse of Jupiter in Sagittarius!

On 31 Dec, 2019 China alerts WHO of several pneumonia cases. It was actually COVID-19 taking roots. Later Jan 7, 2020 France confirmed its first case, but by then Wuhan city had already been reeling under the coronavirus.

Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius and is very strong at the tattva level. But Jupiter was conjoined Saturn, Sun and Ketu and aspected by Rāhu. That’s 80% malefic hit on Jupiter confirming the activation of curse of Guru. Mars was not in the picture and instead Mercury was playing miscommunication, misdiagnosis and such games.

By 15 Jan 2020, the picture completely changed with Jupiter conjoining Saturn, Ketu aspected by Rāhu and pāpa kartari (scissor cut) of Mars and Sun. With five malefic planets hit (100%), Jupiter falls, and that too from the sky (tattva level in own sign) and Sagittarius, the natural house of protection for human beings, takes a huge hit. Covid-19 has taken firm roots and deaths are happening.

January ends with the 100% malefic hit on Jupiter continuing but now Saturn (disease) conjoins Sun in the pāpa kartari while the nodes keep Jupiter in check. Panic grips people and governments are also very confused due to Sun-Saturn conjunction.

On 14 Feb 2020 the Sun moves away and the malefic hit on Jupiter reduces to 60% but is of a piśāca nature – panic and fear, lockdowns and closures. Governments (Sun) have started fighting back. Saturn is doing a blockage on Jupiter being in 2nd house from it while the Sun reinforces it being in 2nd from 2nd house reckoned from Jupiter – positive results not forthcoming yet.

Even today, nothing has changed in the skies – the piśāca yoga (Mars +Ketu) hits Jupiter with Rāhu dṛṣṭi. Saturn and Sun are still blocked.

Sun is moving away from the blockage on 15 March 2020 – expect some very good news from the Governments. World scientists are going to find a solution soon. We have a small window of hope between 15-29 March 2020 – 15 days. Is WHO willing to take the risk of using medicine that has not been fully tested in clinical trials? If we do not take the risk, then what is to follow is another story.

On 30 Mar 2020 Jupiter moves into debility in Capricorn, the graveyard with Saturn and Mars (Yama, god of death) waiting for him with the sickle. This terrible phase is from 30 March to 4 May, 2020. This is the climax of the pandemic.

May the world have the protection of Śiva – om juṁ saḥ

19 thoughts on “Curse of Jupiter in Sagittarius!

  1. Sir, Thanks for the details. The closest untested medicine is from Oxford which is expected between Oct / Dec 2020. Here in Europe there is a concept of Flu jab for hospitality in order to prevent the seasonal flu.. The second wave is expected around September… hopefully we will just learn to live with the virus than expecting a magic cure which may not occur until September 2021 on global scale ? … Jupiter to be ahead of Saturn logic?

  2. In kaliyuga dharma, kama and moksha motivation of humans completly destroyed. Humans are now work for artha only. If u see around u this situation and fear created only for vaccine.One vaccine for one virus completly break vedic culture of ayurveda of dosha, dhatu, agni, tejas and ojas. Jupiter Curse is impacted human mentality. There is no pandamic or epidemic by virus. Thus is human cruelty for artha. If u see in 5 month 200000 death is not much for india, in same time more than this died by other bacterial and virus dueases. This situation created for bussiness and will be end after target achieved. God bless world by true wisdom.

  3. Namaste,

    Great article! Even after May 4, Mars moves into Aquarius. Wouldnt Mars and Ket still create a Paap Katri Yoga on Jupiter after May 4 still causing furhter problems or would it still get reduced since Jupiter is only dealing with Saturn?

  4. आपके विचार अत्यन्त महत्वपूर्ण,जानकारियाँ बेहद उपयोगी है।इसी प्रकार मार्गदर्शन देते रहे ।अभिनन्दन

  5. Jupiter goes retrogate in May and goes back to saggitarius in jul and again to re-enter capricon in Oct. Won’t issues repeat again. Also from jul will be starting of dakshinayan. Can you please help analyse the retrogate effect.

  6. Was it related to Ketu in Mula Nakshatra and troubling planets who are conjoining it (Sun, then Saturn, then Mars, then Jupiter)?

  7. Is it a matter of concern for gemini ascendant people who will have jupiter debilitated in 8th house?

  8. How about the conspiracy theory? To get rid of Western investors, this was an preplanned scare tactic by China.

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